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  1. ^They can mean only one thing, your "New For 2022" Tilt-O-Whirl is going in that spot.
  2. Work progresses on Aquaman PowerWave turntable installation! Flash Passes now available on your phone!
  3. Work being done on Aquaman PowerWave for the first time since the pandemic shutdown. We see track sections have been removed to make way for the turntable apparatus.
  4. "26 passenger boats" That means this ride will have an impressive rider capacity!! "State of the art" animatronics and wide screeen projection technology- with digital and physical sets!! Sounds like the Shanghai Disney version of Pirates Of The Caribbean meets the Speelunkers! Something tells me this is going to be a waaaay better ride than SFFT's Pirates Of The Deep Sea!
  5. Yes, as previously stated, Aquaman Powerwave is wating on parts for the new turntable apparatus. The park management apparently came to their senses and realized that a one train operation on this thing would be insane.
  6. Outstanding!!! I'll be down there next year when this bad boy opens!! Can't wait to review it for my YouTube channel!!
  7. This is what my 30th Anniversary Brick is going to look like at SFFT!! I've already purchased it!!!
  8. The amount is based on the type of membership (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Elite) and wether or not you paused during the months the park wasn't operating. I found out about it through word of mouth, no notification I'm aware of was sent by the park, although it may appear on the Member Benefits section of the app.
  9. Cheetah Hunt: Behind the scenes! 20210612_095056.mp4 20210612_095335.mp4
  10. Got this gift card for $205.92 for not pausing my DE membership during the pandemic!
  11. The Dancing Tamales and three Mexican Men on donkeys were indeed removed. They were the last remnants of the old Fiesta Train ride from the late 60's/early 70's era. It's possible they were removed for political reasons, they were racial stereotypes.
  12. At the park now! New Diamond Elite VIP Card!! Aquaman update! Turntable should be added just on the other side of the hill! New VIP cards look great! Diamond Elite Members who DID NOT pause their memberships at any time during the pandemic are automatically upgraded! I will follow the progress on Aquaman and post updates as they become available.
  13. ^This. Unfortunately, SFSTL seems to be of less importance to SF corporate than other parks in the chain.
  14. SFOT is pushing back Aquaman Power Wave until 2022 as well, even though the ride was basically complete except for the queue and loading station. The reason for this, however, seems perfectly understandable. The new park management has made what, in my opinion, is a wise decision. They're adding the turntable loading station as well as an extra ride vehicle to increase capacity. This involves removing that section of track along with the footers and replacing them with the turntable itself. The loading station also has to be re-designed to accommodate the turntable apparatus. None of this would have been possible if the loading station had already been completed. So yeah, 2022 it is for Aquaman. What doesn't seem perfectly understandable is the delay for Catwoman Whip. The area was already prepared for the ride and the ride parts were already at the park waiting to be installed. Surely this could be done in time for a 2021 opening. SFFT, by contrast, was able to complete Dare Devil Dive which will open this year, I've actually ridden it. I'm not really buying all this financial hardship and revenue flow business with regards to Catwoman Whip. I still believe this ride could have and should have been installed in time for a 2021 opening.
  15. Any word on Catwoman Whip? Specifically, when will they begin construction?
  16. Looks like Aquaman might be getting that turntable and extra car after all!
  17. That's interesting, signage and audio announcements in the park still indicate 2021.
  18. Here are some pics from the Texas Thrillseekers nighttime Cliff Top Tour!!
  19. Here are some pics of the Texas Thrillseekers Behind The Scenes tour of Poltergeist!
  20. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at SFFT! That's me in the front seat!
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