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  1. I am absolutely not mistaken. I rode the SFOT Mr. Freeze twice a week ago, once forward and once backward. Check out my post on the SFOT thread if you want proof. Here is my YouTube vlog.
  2. Hopefully they will eventually, it's working out great here at SFOT! My friends and I will now take two rides on Freeze, one forward and the other backward. It's like having two different coasters in one!
  3. I have a question. Here at SFOT our Mr. Freeze now has one train running forward and the other backwards. I was wondering if they were doing the same with SFSTL's Mr. Freeze.
  4. Mr. Freeze now running one train forward, the other backward! 20230722_121409.mp4
  5. Q&A With Richard (park president) and Chris (director of operations).
  6. Lone Star Coasterthon begins! With a special guest appearance by the Clown Prince Of Crime himself!
  7. Hopefully Pirates Of Speelunker Cave will be open by then, it's a great dark ride when it operates. Your in for a real treat with Aquaman Power Wave.
  8. Anyone planning to attend Lone Star Coasterthon in two weeks? I will be there.
  9. Obviously, the seatbelts are an added safety feature. I rode Superman TOP last weekend and I can tell you the seatbelts didn't change the ride experience one bit.
  10. Well, maybe you'll get a Mack Power Splash in Tidal Wave's old spot. The one here at SFOT seems to be a big hit with park guests.
  11. On the upside, you can look forward to your new Zamperla Giga Discovery.
  12. Aquaman Power Wave Grand Opening! https://youtu.be/DTFeQi1-jkg Quite a turnout of eager riders!Aquaman Power Wave dining tables!We bumped into Coaster Floyd!Met the Quirky Coaster Couple! Richard, the new park president is really nice!
  13. Yes! There are two areas that get splashed. One is to the left of the front entrance right near the fence. The other is across from Justice League's exit near the entrance to Pandemonium. Be forewarned.....the splashes coming off this new Mack Power Splash ride are much more forceful than the old Hopkins ride! Children can easily be knocked off their feet, even adults can be sent packing!
  14. Harley Quinn Spinsanity is now walled off!Two stands have been put up in front of Harley which may have something to do with the upcoming Scream Break.A big splash on Aquaman Power Wave!
  15. Pics from day 2 of the Aquaman Pass Holder Preview! I did pics of the water filtration system to show that this Mack Power Splash is more technically advanced than the previous Hopkins Shoot The Chutes ride. From the Oil Derrick The water filtration system should prevent water from getting dirty
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