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  1. Yep, i remember Pac-Land. If it's Mack, it has to be the Power Splash! EDIT: I've seen those documents on FB. The cat is pretty much out of the bag now.
  2. Some photos I took yesterday. I love these nostalgic banners on the construction fence around Aquaman. Looks like they're getting ready for something "Big and New" in 2020. Aquaman is now a pile of rubble The land is being cleared fast Cyrus Cosmo Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man Angus G Wynn Speelunkers Big Bend Anyone know what this is?
  3. You could pay one person to spray people with a firehose for the same experience with half the man hours. To be fair, I have no idea as to the current state of your Tidal Wave ride. I only know that it is, apparently, being refurbished. All I can say at this point is that parts salvaged from Aquaman are likely headed your way since they won't be needed here at Over Texas. I assume parts will be coming in from Over Georgia as soon they get around to it.
  4. Tidal Wave is currently waiting on parts salvaged from the defunct Splash Water Falls and Aquaman Splashdown rides at SFOG and SFOT, respectively. Demolition on Aquaman is nearing completion, so I'm sure whatever parts could be salvaged are already on the way. However, it appears that SFOG isn't in such a big hurry to tear theirs down. I suspect parts from Splash Water Falls won't be coming in until sometime in the fall/winter.
  5. ^I see... I have a feeling parts salvaged from both these Shoot The Chutes rides are headed for Six Flags St. Louis.
  6. Aquaman update! Demolition nearly complete. Loading station and queue now a pile of rubble Splash pool nearly gone Only the lift structure, upper trough and supports still remain I'm still not sure why this guy was cleaning the trough when the ride had been scheduled for demolition
  7. What makes you so sure? Do you work at the Dippin' Dot's stand? It’s not only not a free spin. It’s not a coaster at all. Am I to understand that you actually KNOW what the park is getting next year?
  8. Has any demolition been done yet on Splashwater Falls? I ask because, here at Over Texas, they've already begun tearing ours down. Supposedly, either OG or OT may receive a Mack Power Splash as a replacement, but it's still speculation at this point. Apparently, SF only has one MPS in it's possession, which was originally headed to Dubai, but will now go to either of these two parks.
  9. Aquaman update!!! Loading station completely demolished. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. SFOT is a possibility. I don't think Great Adventure would get one because they already have Kingda Ka. Maybe Over Georgia would be in the running though.
  11. SFMM just put in West Coast Racer, I don't think they'll be the next park to get a Maxx Force clone.
  12. What are the chances you guys might get an S&S Air Launch like Maxx Force.
  13. The photo below is of Riddler Revenge at SFOT. It should give you an idea of the footprint of a Giant Discovery.
  14. Some of the tables have cell phone charging stations. They will lone you a charging cable if you don't have one. The air conditioning in here is way better than any of the resteraunts. Ma Hunkle's Chicken is close to the lounge, so I go get my lunch and eat in the lounge and relax awhile. They refill your sports bottle right there in the lounge.
  15. ^The thing to watch for is construction fencing around Tidal Wave. They've already put fencing around Aquaman in preparation for it's deconstruction. If no fencing around Tidal Wave then it's probably just a refurbishment. If fencing does appear at some point, then it's a fair bet the ride is on it's way out.
  16. The thing to do now is watch for vehicles and/or representatives from whatever company is building the new ride.
  17. They're supposedly re-routing the train tracks in the area as well. Also, both Cloud Bouncer and the 3-Point Challenge are being removed and possibly relocated in order to make way for whatever's coming in.
  18. A park employee just posted on FB. He said that he knew what the park was getting in place of Aquaman. He also said it was going to be the biggest thing the park has ever had, and that we were going to love it. I pointed out to him that the "biggest" thing the park has had so far is Titan, and that nothing of that size would fit in Aquaman's old spot. He replied that by "biggest" he didn't mean size wise. I also pointed out to him that, in terms of popularity, a Mack Power Splash, an RMC Single Rail coaster or even an S&S Air Launch like the one SFGA is getting, would still not qualify as
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