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  1. No, the direction of the splash would be away from Pandy based on the position of the 2nd tower. OTOH, the train tracks run adjacent to the splash pool and well within range of the wave coming from the front as the ride vehicle hits the water. I'm guessing they're going to time the dispatches so as not to accidentally splash the train. Otherwise they're going to have one helluva mad train conductor on their hands.
  2. New pics from the park. Hand sanitizer stands popping up around the park amid Coronavirus concerns. New park map and Aquaman update. New 2020 park map! It's interesting to note that Gold River no longer appears on the map. Aquaman coming along. New location for the 3-point Challenge. Coronavirus response? Trolls are back in the Runaway Mountain station. Surfer Yeti inside the ride. Complete with surfboard. Work progresses on the new indoor air-conditioned area at JB's.
  3. ^ Yes, you go backwards up Tower 2 before heading back down into the splash pool-at 63mph!! Imagine Mr. Freeze with water!
  4. Aquaman update! Tower closed due to high winds, no photos from up there. Aquaman seen from inside All-American Cafe! Tower 2 now complete! Track now completed! This thing looks impressive in person! Tower 2 looks incredible! WOW! Tower 2 is really impressive! From behind Bucket Blasters! Tower 1! These hoses are part of the water filtration system! Side view of Tower 2! Park President Steve Martindale! Tower 2 from underneath Pandemonium! Looking towards Tower 1! Aquaman towers above the park! Seen from Mr. Freeze entrance! Seen f
  5. ^ Yes! We tried it this past weekend, it's much better than kiosk ordering! Only 3 resteraunts were available on the app- Johnny Rockets, All-American Cafe and Dry-Hole Charlie's- but others are soon coming. I love the fact that you can order your food whilst standing in line for a ride and have it waiting for you when you get there! All you have to do is indicate time of arrival on your order. I think it's the best thing they've ever done as far as dining options. And yes, your All-Season Dining Pass works perfectly!
  6. Most definitely invest in a Flash Pass if you can afford one. The wait times for Aquaman: Power Wave during opening weekend are likely going to be alarming. Care for a 2 hr wait?
  7. ^ No turntable! If your planning to visit SFOT to try this ride when it opens, I strongly recommend investing in a Flash Pass. Wait times are likely going to be horrible during the hot summer months.
  8. Latest Aquaman pics! Second tower has gone vertical! More track in place! Base of tower 2! Tower 2 is pretty damned close to the RR tracks! Another angle. From atop the tower! Aquaman really starting to take shape! Aquaman looks impressive from the walkway! Seen from behind Bucket Blasters. A better look at the track from the Hall Of Justice! This is where the splash pool will be located.
  9. Some additional pics I took today. 148ft tall! White LSM's Linear Synchronous Motors! Love those LSM's! 70mph baby! Airtime hill! Looks even taller in person! From atop the tower!
  10. ^They still have to build the queue line and loading station, as well as completing all theming aspects of the ride itself. Also, the splash pool and all other water aspects of the ride will take time to complete.
  11. I'll be down there later this year with TTS. We're doing ERT on Texas Stingray!
  12. Some pics I took taday. Aquaman: Power Wave construction is moving along nicely!
  13. Thanks guys!! I really appreciate the support! I'll be posting regularly with photo and video updates on Aquaman: Power Wave construction. I also plan to attend both VIP and Member preview days, you can look forward to my full review of this fine new addition to our park's coaster line up. And again, thanks for the support guys!!
  14. Yes! I posted some about 2 pages back. You literally posted some photos of some dirt being moved around... None of the photos actually show any vertical construction... unless I’m missing something... This is all I saw... And it shows nothing... Because that's all there was to show at the time this photo was taken. So far, no vertical construction has started, just underground pipes and footers. I'll be heading back out to the park soon to, hopefully, gets some shots of the ride actually going up, which I will post.
  15. ^ Mr. Freeze was running yesterday. The park is year-round on weekends now, so yes, most all coasters will be operating.
  16. ^ The Troika has been removed and is currently in storage. No word yet on what they intend to do with it.
  17. That signage doesn't exactly lend itself to a great deal of excitement. "Please be patient while we evaluate potential replacement rides"? That sign should read something like "Pardon our progress! We're making way for an exciting new attraction!" That's what the Aquaman signage read at SFOT.
  18. At the park now. Some photos I took of Aquaman Power Wave construction, as well as the cool Christmas decorations they've added to Runaway Mountain. Runaway Mountain is sporting some impressive Christmas decor! There are Christmas trees all throughout the ride! Construction on Aquaman is coming along! First of it's kind in the US! Lots of equipment and personnel on site today.
  19. Tidal Wave's plot could easily be used for an RMC Raptor, or even a Zamperla Giant Discovery! I thought it would be a total waste to try and refurbish it with so many new rides available. Mack Power Splash anyone ?
  20. A big change to what? Land being cleared so that construction can begin on a shiny new RMC T-Rex Giga coaster? Or perhaps the long awaited RMC conversion of The Boss has officially begun, complete with cranes to begin removing the old wooden track? Please tell us.
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