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  1. Yeah, I don't think some of the concerns in here are really fair. I don't really know the story with Celebration City, but Wild Adventures isn't a rollercoaster park. It is a water and animal park with some rollercoasters in kind of a no man's land between major population centers in Georgia and Florida. Cheetah closing is a bummer, but we don't know it isn't being RMC'd which would be pretty major for that park. And even if it isn't, I don't think the rollercoasters are all that important to a small park like that anyway. As for bringing up Darien Lake, that is ridiculous. Herschend managed t
  2. I get why my fellow enthusiasts are excited about this. Don't get me wrong it is definitely cool and I want to ride it, but I think this is actually a bad investment. Chimera does have a bit of a mythical reputation, but only among the most hardcore of enthusiasts so the marketing value of its time at La Feria is basically 0. If we take that away, they are left with an old and as it currently stands dangerous looping coaster from a defunct manufacturer. This thing is going to be extremely expensive to get up to code. It isn't like a woodie where you can just replace boards and beams. Even aft
  3. I can't imagine this would stop them from driving attendance if they really thought they could do it. That is the whole point.
  4. Man, reading through this thread was an eye opener for me. I have been in all these situations, but I have never cared and often end up having fun with strangers that I never see or hear from again after. I don't know why I would be bothered by physically bumping into someone or making small talk. I am glad I read this because now I can be conscious that other people might be feeling uncomfortable.
  5. Well, I would notice if it was gone and not really bat an eye. I don't even know if I bothered to get on it in the past five years. Maybe once. A lot of older ferris wheels will probably start to go across the world. I wonder if we will see some sort of modernization and revival of the ride in the next ten years and see some start to be built again, or if they will just go extinct over time.
  6. Is anyone else unable to really get much from POVs? I mean I can obviously tell what is happening and where I might feel what sensation, but every single POV I watch gives me the impression that the ride will be significantly slower and less impactful than I actually get. I am not a good candidate for them as a marketing tool, I guess.
  7. You're being pretty generous there. It is horrible. Well, I guess maybe not since it has been quite a while, but it certainly was horrible for a very long time. Would have gotten back this year if not for the pandemic, hoping for next but not holding my breath. Anyway, I expect Six Flags to just put a couple sections on in the worst valleys and see how much improvement it makes before diving in all the way for a somewhat questionable investment in financially difficult times. As for what I want in my dream world with this situation, it would be a complete retracking with minimal re
  8. I I saw this and I will potentially head down depending on what they open. We only live about two hours away and occasionally head that way for shopping anyway. I just don't see Cuomo letting major rides open up and attracting crowds at this point, as much as I'd love a Comet ride. I doubt it would move well in the cold anyway. The event also might be a bit cold for anyone in the area for Christmas. I mean Lake George/Queensbury are pretty balmy compared to areas north and closer to the high peaks, but the people that would travel to Lake George for Christmas and New Years are from the
  9. So Santa's Village, a small Christmas themed family park in Wilimington, NY (just outside of Lake Placid) has been cleared to reopen according to local news. I wonder if this could open the door for parks like SFDL or SFGE to do a holiday in the park in the unlikely event that they wanted to.
  10. They definitely seem to be teasing something more than a simple retracking that the GP wouldn't outwardly notice. Switching track types makes a lot of sense. RMC is gonna RMC an RMC. Man, the English language is weird.
  11. Last year we spent the longest day we have ever spent in a park doing the haunt at Universal. We got there at normal park open which was at like 8 AM if I remember right and then left around 1 AM, maybe a little after. I was pretty happy though as we got through every single haunted house without buying any sort of express pass which we were told would be impossible. Though I will say they definitely had diminishing returns as the night went on. The wife and kid stopped being scared after a couple. One thing that really hurts them is the never ending line. The other guests break the immers
  12. Well like I said, it was probably 2013, maybe 2014 last time I rode it. I'd be shocked that it was suddenly better, but also happy. One interesting approach might be using the GCI topper track competitor. It would be neat if their niche was taking old, rough woodies and instead of RMCing them, just completely retrack them with the new steel track to give the ride a new life. Same layout and everything. Maybe new trains for the new track. I'd love to see that. I wonder if layouts would have to be tweaked at all for pacing issues or anything like that. It seems like the train might move fas
  13. You could do like a 24 hour fast leading into your rides and then eat right after the coasters in question if you think you are going to cut it that close. Whenever we have fasted I always feel super slim because all the bloat is gone.
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