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  1. Water pumps and other salvagable equipment has already been removed from Aquaman. It's possible those parts could be headed to SFSTL.
  2. They were a new type of water ride at the time. The idea of standing on a bridge and getting soaked was pretty new at the time also.
  3. ^You could be right, I'll have to do some research. I do remember the name G-Force being used for something.
  4. The one here at SFOT is already in the process of being deconstructed. Our train won't be running for the remainder of the season to make way for the cranes and other equipment coming in. My guess is yours is being removed too, possibly to be replaced by Green Lantern: First Flight from SFMM. SFOT already has an S&S 4D, so we won't be getting that.
  5. Congratulations to Six Flags Over Texas on your 1000th thread page here on Theme Park Review!!!
  6. ^Likely a Mack Power Splash. I knew de-construction on Aquaman would have to begin soon to make way for the new ride.
  7. I suppose it could be some type of lounge for Diamond Elite members. It's the one thing the park doesn't have.
  8. Looks like they've already begun pouring the foundation for the new building to replace the old Lone Star Theater. Concrete already poured
  9. ^ My friend Mike is undergoing treatment for bone spurs in his foot. The Flash Pass helps him avoid having to stand for too long. Especially on busy days.
  10. My Platinum Flash Pass is a part of my monthly membership, so I have it every time I visit the park. As for the theming, I've seen it many times.
  11. For a boy, "Roy", after Judge Roy Scream. For a girl, "Titania", after Titan.
  12. El Diablo testing, plus Lone Star Theater demolished. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. We don't really know what's going on with Gold River right now. It's possible that an updated version of the ride will open sometime in the future.
  14. Lone Star Theater has just been demolished. This photo was taken by Sarah Blair of Texas Thrillseekers. Apparently, the flood waters did a lot of damage to this as well. I have a lot of fond memories of the old Chevy Show in this building, more recently it's been used for storage. RIP Lone Star Theater
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