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  1. Your memory and ability to recall as much detail as you do always amazes me. I can barely remember what I did yesterday! Can't wait to see the rest!! Eager to see your opinion of nighttime Beast rides.
  2. Just to build off of what Kim said above, I'm going to link to a post I made a while back on the subject. The comments are pre-COVID, but it's still speaks to her points: Short answer: more and more teenagers are focusing on their education, including an overall increase in college enrollment and an increase in students taking summer classes. As someone previously stated, the days of a bachelor's degree being enough to stand out in a job market are long gone (hell, I'm kicking myself for going straight to grad school and getting a generic MBA instead of waiting and choosing a more specific masters degree in my field to help my resume stand out more). Are there lazy kids out there? Absolutely, but that’s no new thing - I worked with plenty of other teenagers growing up who had questionable work ethic. It’s important to avoid the rose-tinted glasses when discussing this subject. I myself am one of those middle-class adults who tends to wax nostalgic about my summer job experience and used to have pretty strong opinions on "making sure my kids grow up right, know the value of a dollar, understand the meaning of hard work, blah blah BS BS yadda yadda". However, facts and statistics don't lie, and, once my kids are old enough, I'll need to consider what the culture, education environment, and job markets are like in order to figure out what's really best for their future before I choose to “gift” them working papers on their 14th birthday like my mom did to me. In fact, recent statistics are showing that there may be a reversal of that trend, with many teenagers opting for summer employment again. Teenage employment is currently at its lowest rate since 1953. Again, as with my post from a few years ago, there'll always be a group of kids one can point to in order to help support whatever pre-conceived notions we already have about "kids be lazy, man". Gotta look at the macro level, though.
  3. Don't forget about the accident at Dreamworld from a few years ago. Spooked the industry a bit then, too; it caused Canobie Lake Park to abandon its plans for their own rapids ride. Awful news, here's hoping the other kid in critical condition is able to pull through.
  4. To be fair, they DID add both the Breakers Edge water coaster and the Whitecap Racer tower since then.
  5. Agreed, I really dug that coaster when we went a couple years ago. Such an underrated ride.
  6. You can find it on Reddit if you search for "Dollywood Option B".
  7. Beats the s**t out of me. Fun for everyone, ages 8 to 80? I tried finding another article that details a new coaster for 2023, but this is the only one. Grabbed the picture from that article. Love that they actually have "glamping" as a designated area on the master plan.
  8. @Nrthwnd I love George Motz, few other people have a passion for burgers like him. I highly recommend his book Hamburger America: He also has been a main guest for the Burger Show on the First We Feast YouTube channel (Hot Ones). Many of his videos outline all of the regional burger specialties across the continent, including how to make them (which look to be the foundation for that other book you found). Truly a burger historian! Here are two of my favorites, but there are plenty more, including a cool tour of Texas spots:
  9. He killed 16 Czechoslovakians! Seriously though, love the little touches. Was waiting for this to finally get installed.
  10. Knoebels also benefits from the pay-per-ride model. People visiting can pay specifically for riding whatever's open, whereas buying a day ticket to any of these other parks when half the rides are closed for the day would no doubt create a customer service uproar. Knoebels' model, while not alleviating disappointment, at least means they don't have to factor that into a decision to close the whole park down.
  11. Has anyone ridden Zumanjaro yet while KK runs simultaneously? How does it change the experience?
  12. Great Adventure released a teaser this morning for the redone kiddie coaster.
  13. From what I'm reading in reports, it's assigned seating, but they try to accommodate seating requests.
  14. I also went in 2019 but didn't notice any line jumping at all. Must've been the school groups.
  15. https://themeparkreview.com/forum/topic/47267-yes-yes-you-should-plan-on-purchasing-flash-passfastlanetimesaverskip-the-line-etc-if-you-are-going-to-a-park-in-2021/
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