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  1. Old school Enterprises were/are split seating, too. Usually you managed to avoid any awkward encounters with strangers, but when I was younger I was getting ready for a solo ride in a car on a busy day when the ride op asked if if this other young man (similar in age, if I had to guess) could ride with me, and before I could even mentally start calculating the ramifications, he was in the car in front of me and we started moving. I think he understood the awkwardness, too, and was trying to lean forward and pull himself towards the front of the car more during the ride. Still, definitely could
  2. If you want the Cincinnati chili experience but want to do something a little less "chain-y" like Skyline, go to Blue Ash Chili. Their Mason location is literally around the corner from Kings Island. We ate there last time we were through and were deeply satisfied. Recommendations: 6-Way, chili lasagna (trust me), and if they still have it, the Chili Philly (chili-covered Philly cheesesteak), but I didn't see it on the menu anymore just now.
  3. One underrated update that I'm LOVING is the new "Expand" option for quotes within posts. Gone are the days of having to scroll past huge quote dumps in order to get to the new comment. Makes it flow so much better! I'm really loving the updates!
  4. Still rocking an iPhone 7. Works just fine and accomplishes what I need on a daily basis, so no real reason to upgrade anytime soon.
  5. These are a boatload of fun and would be a perfect addition to Silverwood! Great news!
  6. I've always been more of a Nintendo guy, and am currently working my way through Super Mario Odyssey. It's a lot of fun, but I don't know if I'd put it on the same level as other 3D Marios like 64 or Galaxy. I'm also playing Overcooked 2 with the wife and am really digging it. It's cute, challenging in the right ways, and I really dig the multiplayer aspect. I'm trying to get my sister and brother hooked on it so we can all play together.
  7. ^If they do go that route, I doubt they'd go as far as retracking the entire ride a la Nor'Easter. If they even do anything, it's most likely they pull a SFNE and just give it a paint job and new trains.
  8. The new entrance was one of those "had to be done" things. I'm sure over time the new entrance will fill out a bit.
  9. I have lost track how many times I've ridden Zum and this has not once ever happened to me or anyone I've ridden with. I know its a possibly and they have signage everywhere but I think you just got unlucky. Same here, I don't think you need to be that worried about it.
  10. This park received Gatekeeper, Valravn, and Steel Vengeance all within the last seven years. Even if there wasn't a global pandemic simultaneously ravaging public health and the economy - chill ya biscuits.
  11. I mean I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder, but chalk me up in the group who'd prefer to see a classic, red-white-and-blue wooden coaster instead of a run-of-the-mill Vekoma Boomerang with a Nickelodeon complex.
  12. If you really didn't want to get political, you wouldn't constantly be making nudges and pop-shot references like "Emperor Insert-Governer-Here" in your posts as frequently as you do. Just own it at this point and maybe exercise a little more discipline in your posts.
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