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  1. Was hoping Harley would've been open when I went back in 2019, but it wasn't meant to be. Oh well. Cyborg was apparently back up and running this last weekend, so I think it may be safe (for now, at least).
  2. Yea, my thoughts exactly. Real "Prince Desmond" vibes here. I thought Fresh Development's plan sounded farfetched to begin with, and while their intentions are admirable, I think this shows the right bidder won. If you manage to screw up the basic act of raising money in time, then you would've probably continued to mismanage the park and run it into the ground like all the past owners.
  3. Thanks for that, just watched it. Wow, yea, that definitely changes things over there, and hard to really discern a reason for it.
  4. Are there any photos of the trees by TT? I've tried finding some online but haven't been able to see what others are talking about.
  5. This is admirable, but I'll put it in the "I'll believe it when I see it" category.
  6. Great Adventure responded to a question on social media a few weeks ago saying they didn't remove any attractions this year. I've a feeling Six Flags as a whole chose to revisit their initial plans and only removed a few throughout the chain. Guess we won't know for sure until the rest of the parks open up and we can see firsthand.
  7. I somehow totally missed this. Was that horseshoe element that bad maintenance-wise? I enjoyed it when I rode it, can't imagine it was reprofiled due to complaints.
  8. I don't have any real "regrets" - any of the coasters I missed out on are technically still open. I missed riding Wonder Woman at SFFT by a week, but that was just a timing issue with my work trip. I've missed out on a couple of rides because of a walk of shame. The only two I'm a bit bummed on missing are Colossus at Thorpe Park (only time I'd have been able to experience one of those 10-inversion Intamin models) and V2 at SFDK (because of its uniqueness and the fact that it was actually operating with NO wait during my trip there).
  9. It's the same connection on not just all Star Flyers, but almost all Wave Swings, too. I'm sure a closer, detailed picture would show how it's actually very secure with more than one connection point.
  10. Not to mention that you're looking at minimum a 90-120 minute commute both ways from where you live. It's unfortunate, but it just doesn't sound reasonable. Maybe try something closer.
  11. Wow, amazes me how this place continues to thread these new rides in amongst each other. Can't wait to see a POV of this!
  12. Getting a real "Squarespace" vibe. Feels like someone at Cedar Fair got their hands on a good promo code from whatever podcast they listen to and jumped on it.
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