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  1. And apparently had nothing else worthwhile going on over the last 18 months for a throwaway comment to live rent free in their heads like that...
  2. I like that these smaller model boomerangs have become more popular in recent years.
  3. Needs to be restated x1000 times, TBH. Maybe get a skywriter to circle above the park on clear days. I'm one of the "lucky" ones who got to experience this back in 2016, but I'm much more excited this coaster can actually manage some semblance of a normal operating cycle now.
  4. A little but nothing significant. The park shared some photos a while back on their social media pages.
  5. I'm just happy I'll hopefully never have to hear the stupid nickname ThighCrush ever again...
  6. We ended up renting a cabin a while back when we stayed in Pigeon Forge. Made it a lot more enjoyable. Wasn't significantly more than local hotels were, either. Another option to consider depending on how much time you're looking to spend in the area.
  7. I thought they actually did that already, didn't they? Or I might be thinking of Viper at SFMM.
  8. ^ Me too, especially as someone who's purposefully cut ties with nearly all social media. I totally get it, but it's depressing nonetheless. At this point I'm curious if Robb and Elissa keep it around simply because it's too painful to pull the plug.
  9. Six Flags / Cedar Fair is small potatoes compared to what's currently on FTC's plate. The worst case scenario of them possibly selling off 1-2 parks is honestly something they're probably going to do anyway simply to optimize operational resources.
  10. Every time we get the cliche "kidz jus don wanna wurk anymorr" argument, I'll always link the post I made a while back outlining all of the statistics about WHY kids aren't working anymore. From the article in the post: If anything, in the years since that post was made, it's only become MORE difficult for kids as the cost of college continues to skyrocket. There were lazy kids back then (I worked along side plenty of them), and there are lazy kids now. But you gotta look at the macro level and step away from the personal anecdotes when trying to assess contributing factors to large-scale issues.
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