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  1. Love the compilation videos!! This one brings back memories of our honeymoon. So much fun!
  2. Rodeo and Harley Quinn were both removed from the park map. Wonder if this is an indicator about both of their long term statuses.
  3. A couple years ago I was in practically the exact same boat - went to SA for work, hotel was right by Sea World, and needed to use Uber/Lyft. Only difference was I had a full day Saturday so I was able to squeeze both parks in. I agree with Bert - stick to Sea World. SFFT was fantastic but it's 15-20 minutes away (depending on traffic, which can be brutal at times in SA), and I needed a larger time window to enjoy it, and that was pre-Wonder Woman (I missed its opening weekend by one week - grr) and with re-rides on only Iron Rattler. I was able to use Lyft to Sea World with no issues (they dropped me off practically right by the park entrance in the parking lot and managed to fit everything with multiple re-rides on my favorites into a roughly 3-4 hour window (pre-Sting Ray, but should still be doable). Follow Bert's advice to get the Quick Queue so you can make the most of the visit. You'll have a blast!
  4. It's pretty minor news, but Harry over at GreatAdventureHistory is able to confirm the Liberty Square Gazebo, a longtime park structure, is being removed this offseason with a new seating pavilion next to Johnny Rockets coming in its place. It's held a lot of shows over the years but it's honestly outlived its purpose at this point and removing it is the right call.
  5. What I appreciate is the park highlighting each of the little additions / improvements they're planning on implementing. Oftentimes in the past, these would be just done in the background with very little attention or promotion, leading to them getting overlooked by most people.
  6. I was gonna suggest Shenandoah if you enjoy caves and natural wonders like that. Really beautiful.
  7. Never understood the restraint thing, either. Even at my skinniest, with plenty of room to spare anytime I rode Possessed, I wasn't even close when I tried to ride Wicked Twister. I'm sure it was a good ride to some, but after that it could die in a fire for all I cared.
  8. Should I see the original movie or read the book before I watch it in order to really appreciate it, or does it stand well enough on its own? Thought about putting it on over the weekend since its on HBO Max.
  9. ^ Is that really the road you wanna walk down with your thread? Just feels like dangerous, troublesome waters...
  10. It wasn't gone right away, it sat dormant after new owners decided to close off the dry side of the park in 2012. It was then sold in 2013 to Wonderla in India.
  11. My knees are in rough shape at this point and crack every time I stand up, but RailBlazer didn't bother me one bit after several re-rides. I know it's not JDC, but it's similar enough where I have to believe it's a personal / body type issue, rather than the seats themselves.
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