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  1. Six Flags / Cedar Fair is small potatoes compared to what's currently on FTC's plate. The worst case scenario of them possibly selling off 1-2 parks is honestly something they're probably going to do anyway simply to optimize operational resources.
  2. Every time we get the cliche "kidz jus don wanna wurk anymorr" argument, I'll always link the post I made a while back outlining all of the statistics about WHY kids aren't working anymore. From the article in the post: If anything, in the years since that post was made, it's only become MORE difficult for kids as the cost of college continues to skyrocket. There were lazy kids back then (I worked along side plenty of them), and there are lazy kids now. But you gotta look at the macro level and step away from the personal anecdotes when trying to assess contributing factors to large-scale issues.
  3. I'm fine with it if it means SFGAdv can go back to being called just "Great Adventure" like every true-blooded New Jerseyite does.
  4. Definitely rare nowadays to see any park add coasters in back-to-back-to-back years like this. Glad to see the family focus.
  5. My only experience with the ride was in the fall of 2016, and it was a blast back then. That said, with how it's been modified since then, and considering the significant downtime, a nice high-speed cable lift will certainly suffice. Anything to get it more reliable.
  6. It’s definitely nice to see Six Flags give their original rides some love and updates (SFGAdv doing the same), but I think what hampers this announcement is that there aren’t any visual renderings.
  7. It’s the same crap with the rumored Vekoma Super Boomerang for SFGAdv. No excitement, all just about how the park doesn’t need another low capacity ride. I don’t know if I hate that phrase or “carnival ride” more by this point.
  8. Looks to be a great addition. Glad to see this park getting something new! Dumb little thing that probably only I appreciate, but I like how they figured out a layout to take more advantage of the weird little path tangent they've had there for a few years where the flyers were just kind of stuck out in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Not to be Mr. Pessimism, but at the rate Six Flags is going, I'd say that, for 2024, every park is getting what they were told was new for 2023.
  10. Don't try to overwhelm yourself with doing too much. Stick to one region and enjoy a couple of the big parks. I agree with the Netherlands, my wife and I spent the first week of our honeymoon there, and we were able to enjoy Walibi Holland and Efteling. We also had no issues doing public transport to both parks from our AirBNB outside of Amsterdam. Staying closer to the Germany border would definitely expand options to Europa and Phantasialand, too, but I can't really speak as an expert on those. Just keep it relatively simple and don't bite off more than you can chew. Let it breeeeeeeathe.
  11. There officially was an EF-1 tornado in Jackson from the storms, touching down right by Exit 21 of 195. The sports bubble at Adventure Crossing sustained damage and collapsed, too. As far as Great Adventure, the following hasn't been confirmed yet, but reports online are indicating the following damage:
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