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  1. My only experience with the ride was in the fall of 2016, and it was a blast back then. That said, with how it's been modified since then, and considering the significant downtime, a nice high-speed cable lift will certainly suffice. Anything to get it more reliable.
  2. It’s definitely nice to see Six Flags give their original rides some love and updates (SFGAdv doing the same), but I think what hampers this announcement is that there aren’t any visual renderings.
  3. It’s the same crap with the rumored Vekoma Super Boomerang for SFGAdv. No excitement, all just about how the park doesn’t need another low capacity ride. I don’t know if I hate that phrase or “carnival ride” more by this point.
  4. Looks to be a great addition. Glad to see this park getting something new! Dumb little thing that probably only I appreciate, but I like how they figured out a layout to take more advantage of the weird little path tangent they've had there for a few years where the flyers were just kind of stuck out in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Not to be Mr. Pessimism, but at the rate Six Flags is going, I'd say that, for 2024, every park is getting what they were told was new for 2023.
  6. Don't try to overwhelm yourself with doing too much. Stick to one region and enjoy a couple of the big parks. I agree with the Netherlands, my wife and I spent the first week of our honeymoon there, and we were able to enjoy Walibi Holland and Efteling. We also had no issues doing public transport to both parks from our AirBNB outside of Amsterdam. Staying closer to the Germany border would definitely expand options to Europa and Phantasialand, too, but I can't really speak as an expert on those. Just keep it relatively simple and don't bite off more than you can chew. Let it breeeeeeeathe.
  7. There officially was an EF-1 tornado in Jackson from the storms, touching down right by Exit 21 of 195. The sports bubble at Adventure Crossing sustained damage and collapsed, too. As far as Great Adventure, the following hasn't been confirmed yet, but reports online are indicating the following damage:
  8. So, uh... for us laymen coaster nerds who haven't really been following along with this much -- what am I supposed to be looking at here? What is this "spike"?
  9. Double post, but the announcement is out. Apparently it's replacing the recently-added Caribbean Cove complex, which is what's most likely showing up at White Water in GA. Really seems to be continuing the company-wide theme of focusing on rides for younger children. No doubt this will be popular. ---- Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey is bringing all new kids’ attractions and park enhancements this summer. This investment features a brand-new tree house play structure, fourteen new kids’ slides, added rental cabanas, increased shade and a revitalized outdoor dining option. With non-stop soaking wet thrills, Hurricane Harbor will be the perfect place to escape the summer heat. Splash Island Kids will delight in the brand-new tree house play structure. With over 50 play features, young families will love the mini slides and curtain waterfalls. But no treehouse is complete without that gigantic water bucket perched high above and always ready to soak the splash-seekers below. Brand New Slides Guests will also find seven brand new colorful slides meant for smaller riders. The addition of Cowabunga, Jellyfish Twist, RipCurl, Shark Attack, Splashin’ Seal and Stingray Racer bring the perfect amount of drops and twists for little ones seeking a gentle thrill.
  10. Biggest in two decades... any guesses? Expanded slide complex? Longer operating schedule?
  11. Here's what I could find, but mostly all just generic theme park words. Only thing that stuck out is "Family attraction". Not sure if anyone sees anything I'm overlooking, but there's really not a lot to go on here.
  12. If they take it down the same way SFOT took down theirs, there'd at least be a one-way topple tower good for one ride... any takers?
  13. I mean I'm sure it's hard to find replacement parts when you're the last of your ride type within North America lol. It made it 40 years, rides have life cycles. Would've been nice to have it had been announced ahead of time for last rides, but there also could've very well been circumstances preventing that.
  14. Aw man, that's a bummer. Skyline will be very different now. Glad I convinced my mother to ride it in one of the rare instances she was able to make it to the park with us. I was hoping it'd be around for at least a couple more years so my daughter could experience it, but what can ya do.
  15. Yea the physics are all over the place but the layout looks super fun. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing the ominous support-free lift hill in the background as you zoom through the elements adds to the overall experience.
  16. Bummer but expected. This was also one of my "wish I could've" coasters, but oh well.
  17. This is one of those “addition by subtraction” situations. It’s a win even IF we weren’t getting an RMCed Wildcat.
  18. Harry over at GreatAdventureHistory (who's always been a reliable source for inside info at the park) indicated that Nitro was actually due to be painted last year alongside Medusa and BTR, but the management shifts and subsequent budget cuts changed those plans. As far as the potential rename, I don't really care what happens but I don't really see the point in switching from one generic name to another.
  19. Agreed with the preferred parking. Dollywood's parking lot design practically makes it a necessity, especially with small children in tow. In a pinch, the tram system will work, but save yourself the hassle. (Side note, can totally relate on the child height front. Our daughter is about to be 13 months old, but she's in the 95% percentile for height and is already needing to wear mostly 18mo clothing as a result.) Hope you have fun! Also am looking forward to your trip report, Bert. Wife and I haven't been since 2016 and know a lot has changed since then, but we had a blast when we went.
  20. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention much recently, but that sprung up a lot faster than I expected.
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