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  1. I'm skeptical of IB's wooden coasters with positive reviews, considering it's reasonably close to Holiday World. People in that area might just be used to jack hammering garbage.
  2. Front. You can hang over the inverted drop and the keyhole elements are more effective. If you ride it again, choose the back row to get whipped (kinda) through the back row.
  3. LOL Close, but I like most of the rides. It's just that Screamin' Eagle is usually my reason for driving an hour any time of the year that isn't Christmas.
  4. Damn. Sucks to hear the park is closed for the rest of the year.
  5. Breaking records for the first coaster to open with fully grown grass.
  6. I have a new position at work. Despite it involving weekends off, it also has the drawback of being on-call... indefinitely. A meetup won't be easy for me. As far as Orion, I think we've heard far less complaints about it this year than we did last. It's been getting a lot of praise. I'm convinced the full trains have something to do with it.
  7. Here's to hoping it's some kind of outdoor boardwalk/restaurant/patio/bar area. That seems like it would fit in well, considering the resort is only a few hundred feet away. I know people are hoping for a boardwalk GCI, but it seems like Cedar Point has more of an interest in opening up the beach area, rather than boxing it off. I'm sure Cedar Point could easily get another 30 people to man the area...
  8. Worst case scenario, drop line will still probably be open.
  9. ^ I don't know if it's how coasters are designed now, but I find front row rides keep getting better and better. Orion is a good example of this.
  10. Bro, I'm not trying to discourage you, but this isn't the year to go. Like it or love it, Pritzker is very strict on COVID mandates. A lot can happen between now and the end of the month. We're one surge away from another full lockdown, with little warning. I wouldn't distort your fond memories. Busch Gardens Tampa might be a better choice this year...
  11. ^God, I'll soon miss those days when parades and shows weren't our thing.
  12. It almost seems less embarrassing at this point to let Pantheon sit for a least a few more months before announcing its opening. Instead, guests get to see it completed, but SBNO, and wonder why they would wait until March to open it. I understand there's a market strategy and other unknown financial influences, but damn. I would want to save some face and just open the Ffffing thing, even if it meant staffing sacrifices elsewhere.
  13. Who's "we?" Maybe next time he won't do a TR at all, since you referred to it as exhausting to get through.
  14. I loved Knoebels, but I can see why people would like Holiday World better. This is because I don't see very many parallels between the two, which is why it would be easy to pick one over the other. They seem completely different to me.
  15. I didn't even think about the tower needing paint, but I guess it's not perfect. Being it's the centerpiece of the entrance and park, them making sure the paint is in great shape is just another reason why this park is amazing. Are there any plans for COVID restrictions in place? My vaccinated self will begrudgingly wear a mask for the Haunt. If there are other noticeable measures beyond that, I'll wait for this to pass for another few months at a time, before visiting again. I won't visit any parks ever again for another sanitized soaked train loaded every-other row. Miserable.
  16. It's a very standard element. It doesn't give you a feeling of nausea, or extreme tickle, if that's what you're worried about. Inverted drops on Wing Coasters and barrel roll drops on RMC coasters seem much more intimidating. The only inversions that I can genuinely say still scares me are pretzel loops on flyers. The tickle is so intense and uncontrollable for me. I know it's coming and there's nothing I can do about it. That, and the nausea of flyers is why I don't care for them.
  17. If your one and only goal is credit whoring, Worlds of Fun may be a "never again" park for the foreseeable future. ^This x100. My main guess is he's a young person whose main priority is riding as much as possible, like many of us started out. Also, I agree with everything Bill said about Holiday World. I call it "Thunderbird Park." I've had nothing but seriously painful rides on Legend, and I can't comprehend how anyone over the age of 15 would want to tolerate it more than once, let alone like it. Voyage has a great layout, but it sucks. The only time I was ever able to truly appreciate it was after pounded two 4 lokos in the parking lot. I can't comprehend why people love the mediocracy of Liberty Launch. I had one good ride on Raven. Ever. Why has nothing been done about Pilgrim's Plunge yet, instead of building water coasters elsewhere??? There are the most redneck clientele I've ever seen, but they don't sell beer. There aren't even any decent restaurants that sell beer nearby!! I don't want to swim in the same water as those people. Decent, and I do mean decent, hotels are not close. Even the log flume sucks, because it's so mediocre. Why the hell do people call the Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall delicious? Their family Thanksgivings must have blown. It's 'not bad,' but the lunch lady does not make delicious meals, unless you're talking about square pizza. HW is less than three hours from us and we never go. I enjoy telling this to people who drive across the country for it. I like Thunderbird and the Turkey Shooting (yes) Dark Ride. I'll drive six hours to KI and four hours to KK all day long, before going to HW. As a matter of fact, we pass HW for both. Suck it. The biggest tragedy is I will have to go back for our daughter, when she's old enough.
  18. It's in the middle of the pack in deaths since the pandemic, but luckily none of this has been political.
  19. The chances of our 'one flat package' falling through is greater than any two flat package scenario ever playing out. I wouldn't get excited over any markers.
  20. I'm late to the game, but you might be right about this being the modern day boomerang... I don't have a problem with this addition, but I bet people aren't complaining about a wing ridger now.
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