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  1. They've had such good luck with RMC that it's no wonder they hired them to do the track work on BF.
  2. Is there much for a toddler to do at City Museum? I haven't been in over ten years. Are they restricted to a certain area?
  3. My kid won't stop singing Humpty Dumpty.
  4. Any updates on the new roller coaster, or other park news?
  5. I heard it's going to Indiana Beach, opening in 2027.
  6. We get one small family coaster clone and daydreaming goes rampant.
  7. Preferred parking sounds pretty nice if you had a small child with a mandatory mid-day break for nap time.
  8. Every time we went in there, we were the only people there.
  9. It definitely wasn't a fair trade at our park... which maybe honestly was valued correctly at $50.
  10. Wasn't the point to pretty much turn people away? There could have been more of a compromise, but $50.00 passes for unlimited visits to any Six Flags park was a little insane. I could never figure out how that would be sustainable. It also brought in unsupervised teens in droves, leading the park to become a daycare. I suppose two grown childless adults should have been more tolerant, though.
  11. ^You're not the only one. People have been saying it for years. Honestly, I don't even think you'd have to have something longer than MT. That coaster would be a hit anywhere.
  12. ^Same. We're going to Branson for a week in the Summer, with two days at SDC. We'll take a small trip to HW, and maybe even KK. As much as I want to buy season passes, I'm wondering if we should do the same and just grab one day passes. You daughters will love SDC. Eve was two last year and had a blast. Flooded mine was her favorite, and first ever 'big girl' ride. It was fun for us, regardless of her probably never remembering any of it. lol
  13. Does anyone really think the hyper or retracking Ninja, while disregarding The Boss, would have even a remote possibility of happening? Look deep inside of yourself. Anyone? Like one person? If miracles are going to happen, the prior plan already completed on The Boss will be signed off on. Honorable mention less likely miracle: The carousel will open.
  14. This thread is getting mighty cohesive, so I just want to add a few things to spark some real arguments. Sea World tortures animals. The carousel will never be finished. We should get a Chick-Fil-A. Finally: Corporate hates our park. This should counter some of the good news and bring balance back to this thread.
  15. The ride has character and I love how it roars around the park. Honestly, keeping it backwards and SFoT keeping theirs launching facing forward actually makes them a little unique from each other. For the love of God, don't advocate for any additional ride removals, even if it comes with a replacement. It won't be as good or intense. Freeze is one that makes the dudes in RCT say, "Mr. Freeze looks too intense for me."
  16. It's a clone of two, man. The ride still kicks ass and is very special. How many Six Flags Saint Louis guests are going to go to Six Flags Over Texas?
  17. I would love for it to be turned back around. It was one of my favorite coasters prior to the change.
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