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  1. So because there was a pandemic we're going to pretend that park planning wasn't ever on the same level as the Farmer's Almanac?
  2. Since the beginning of narcissism, which was somewhere between man creating fire and making things out of sticks.
  3. So is the area around Wicked Twister just a pile of dirt?
  4. The longest wooden roller coaster in the world gets an overhaul within a matter of months, but the carousel at SFSTL is going to take at least three years to complete.
  5. You beat me to it. It's cool that ours will take three years, which is somehow totally acceptable among our enthusiasts.
  6. Yeah. I was actually looking forward to my daughter watching it cycle, since she really seems to like watching the big rides, but you know... like the carousel, it was closed. I guess we can't even watch an existing ride cycle. Hopefully when the horsies are all painted and finished they'll be in operation for more than a season before going down for a couple more years. I wonder which ride will be next to be closed for a couple years. Maybe they're working on another Hannibarrel situation.
  7. It's about priorities. Spending this much time and effort on one of the few family attractions and leaving it down for years is dumb. I was pretty excited at first, but this is excessive. I'd rather they half-ass it to keep it open or pay the money to do it in an acceptable amount of time. The thing is going to be in shit shape again ten years from now, anyway. If you spend this amount of time, energy, and money on something like this, a guest had better damned well be able to pinpoint the carousel making a difference. And come on... How many people are really going to come for this? My wife and I were reading a book to our daughter, published by Knoebels. The story was about how the flood wrecked the park, and one of the highlights was about how damaged the carousel was... but it was fixed that season... As our daughter held her little Kozmo stuffed animal and I read the story, my wife and I laughed. The timing was perfect. LMFAO. It's like they're mocking the park. Kings Island crushing it, as usual. Just a phenomenal park.
  8. It's a fine park, but if you were to have it fall into one of three categories, poor, mediocre, or outstanding, which would it fall into? Consider Indiana Beach in its worst years as poor, and Cedar Point as outstanding. Where would SFSTL fall? Will it make you feel better if I say "average," instead of "mediocre?" Same thing here for roller coasters. Consider a SLC as poor, and Fury 325 as outstanding. Where does American Thunder and... The Boss... fall? Shit, Screaming Eagle is one of my favorite coasters, but it's still pretty mediocre by today's standards, and completely forgettable by anyone who visits from out of town. The point is... open the ride. Aim to please the masses, which is what Six Flags does best. I have no idea how a park filled with Takis adds and generic super hero themeing decided to put so much focus into something this insignificant to the masses, while neglecting other areas. It's a perfect example of not having your priorities straight.
  9. I get it. Trust me. It's going to be great. It's going to be the best fucking carousel across from a generic Super Woman flat that anyone has ever seen. People will drive for miles. Or at least maybe like 4 people. But... how many guests REALLY give a shit? I would bet heavily that the majority of guests would rather have a mediocre carousel open right now, especially guests with families, rather than waiting two years for one with hand crafted animals almost no one will care about. We have a mediocre park, with (mostly) mediocre roller coasters, and a mediocre atmosphere... with one hell of a carousel, until the guests tear it up again within a couple seasons. When I went to the park with a 33" kid, I had no Ferris Wheel, no carousel, and no antique cars. People notice that more than quality horses. Go back in time to two years ago poll families what they would rather have. Would they prefer a mediocre carousel they could ride with their families throughout the next two years, or one with really great horses that wouldn't be open for over two years? How would that turn out? I promise you the vast majority of people don't give a shit. My child has taken her first breath, learned to sit up, roll over, crawl, eat solid foods, walk, run, and say her ABC's. Meanwhile, the carousel hasn't been open. I'm not really butt hurt about it. It's just funny the amount of emphasis placed on something that will make almost no difference in the overall experience to the majority of guests. KI is, or was refurbishing their carousel. I'm sure it will take them two years to do it.
  10. Six Flags today. With a two-year-old. (almost) Antique cars: ate shit, right? Ferris Wheel: closed. great Carousel: Literally has been being refurbished since my child was within her mother. Shows? Nope. I had no idea the other kids rides had little to no height limits, as long you ride with an adult. At 33" tall we did the boat thing, the balloon thing, the rocket ship thing, the little train thing, and she did the small swings thing. We rode the "big train" she's obsessed with. She was pretty stoked when she yelled "Easter Bunny" and pointed to a statue. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was only Bugs Bunny, so I let her touch it as per her request. (All rabbits have graduated to the Easter Bunny title, in her book, since Easter.) I saw like.. some flowers for the spring thing they have going on. The chicken strips were just out of this world amazing the best chicken strips I've ever had. (Six Flag Corporate's big idea to turn the chain around.) Xcaliber was closed, which would have been cool for my kid to watch... cool. Antique cars and carousel tho... She had a blast, which is all that matters. But... only 3 more inches until it's worth going somewhere else... When we rode the train we saw Hurricane Harbor. Man, it just looks like it's in tip-top shape... They're going all out on the Six Flags New Orleans theming. Our daughter doesn't know the difference, which is all that matters. She rode the "big girl rides" in my book. She even rode the kiddie swings by herself, which was the first of three attempts since she's been on this planet. The most disappointing part of the trip was her wanting to ride Boomerang. As such, we had a blast... and we'll be back to "wide wides" later this year. As an adult, I'm looking forward to seeing the new Eagle area and ride. Although, I doubt we'll go alone anytime within the coming years to experience it. Seriously though... fix the fucking Merry-Go-Round. I'm sure it will be fantastic when the ride is finished, but it really is inexcusable at this point. Sincerely, Karen's Husband
  11. Maybe it will stay closed for refurbishment as long as SF Stl's Carousel. It's been being refurbished for literally the entire life of my child. She'll be two next month.
  12. So I paid the $50 or whatever it was over the Winter to renew our season passes. I got a confirmation of purchase, and nothing since then. So do we just keep using our current passes for admission? Also, I'm assuming our pass is only good for our park, now.
  13. Bro. It's April. The give-a-fux are blooming with the beautiful Spring freshness. They'll all be gone by late June. Obnoxious guests and butt sweat season will wipe away the charm, here and everywhere.
  14. No. No, not really. No, not really at all. No. Nah. No sir. The ride operator isn't responsible for understanding how the ride functions. The safety authority trained that as long as the green light was on, it's gud-tah-go. The green light was on. The harness was down to an extent. The ride also said "gud-tah-go." Hit the flashing green button, as trained. Keep those fingers a' point'n, though. As long as it makes you feel better. "SoMe One NeEdZ 2 gO 2 JaLe" Because that will fix everything. Hell, lock em' away right now am i rite?
  15. Since I haven't been on either of them, I'll be like most people and make my judgement based on YouTube. With that considered, the verdict is they both suck and The Goliath at Six Flags is better.
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