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  1. Food operations are a bust at all parks right now. Sounds like you can have a 'Six Flags Day' anywhere you go. Two parks for the price of one.
  2. You'd be able to see every tourist trap for miles!
  3. This was the best TR I've read in as long as I can remember. I enjoyed your honest thorough review, without completely trashing the place. Thanks for sharing.
  4. A few years ago I thought Six Flags parks were shitholes, and Cedar Fair was a much better company. Now, I think Six Flags parks are shitholes, and Cedar Fair needs to get their shit together.
  5. I think the simplicity of it fits with the nostalgia charm the park is going for.
  6. I'm willing to bet after a crowded day at Cedar Point, your experience at Kings Island will be a breath of fresh air. Maybe... just maybe your group will decide after waiting so long in lines at Cedar Point they'll want to do a cheaper (selling point) FL+ option. You'll get a true FL+ experience that way. Regardless, I'm sure you'll have fun. Enjoy! (no biting wit)
  7. How long does that repair typically take? I'd bet the cost and availability of that chain and material/ability to manufacture it are going to make replacement more difficult.
  8. These fights are happening everywhere. It isn't isolated to Worlds of Fun. This is actually a much smaller scale event than what happened recently at Kings Island. It's even smaller than the turkey leg snatch-and-grab brawl at Six Flags Saint Louis. By absolutely no means am I advocating for violence, but I want people to be less apprehensive about going to parks when I say there are always two sides to the story during juvenile incidents, like this. Juvenile fights are the worst to investigate. I can assure you there's always some form of provocation or prior physical incident that took
  9. I thought I was just paying $100 for a cool wristband souvenir.
  10. For the love of God, let's hope that crane worked its magic so we can avoid any future debates about Wild Eagle being rough or not.
  11. I sold my Seaworld (SEAS) stock, which made 333%, then put it into NIO (Chinese Luxury EV's), which made 30% in a week.
  12. Hard telling this year. If Pantheon were open, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, we have had good luck on summer weekdays. We bought it once and regretted it. Although, if you happen to think Le Scoot is the best ride in the park and you want to get on it whenever you damn well please, buy the QQ. Otherwise, you're in for at least a half hour of close switchbacks in a crowded lumber mill-ish building.
  13. So what has been the excuse every year prior to this one?
  14. So she dies of a heart attack and they show pictures of Holiday World's food in the video... That didn't seem well thought out...
  15. Reminds me of an over-the-top pro hockey game intro song from that era. It wasn't good enough to make the radio, but the franchise could buy the copyright for pennies on the dollar and play it in front of crowds consisting dads and college kids four pregame Bud Light beers deep. Synched with highlights of your team "crushing" other teams into the boards it would definitely pass for 'ok.' That guitar toss though... That's a perfect reminder of why we have loose article policies. That definitely wouldn't happen on Steel Vengeance.
  16. CP, June 2019, is a better park than KI, 2021. I just think KI is a better one-day park, because of the 'bang for the buck' factor. You can ride everything as many times as you want with FL+ and it doesn't take a half hour to walk from one side of the park to the other. Since I'm not a marathoner, I need at least 2 days at CP, including Breakers, to feel like I got my fill of everything, going at our casual pace. There are more personal factors for us as to why it's our favorite one-day park. KI is a 5.5 hour drive and CP is an 8.5 hour drive. We stay at Hyatt's for free. 12am closing wee
  17. That's the shit I deal with on a daily basis. Welcome to my world. Damned good turkey legs, though.
  18. They'll just shut down 5 or 6 rides for wind in order to staff it.
  19. The only thing worse than the painful ejector air on GAdv's mine train is the station packed with obnoxious children and teenagers.
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