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  1. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to use the standby queue and experience the ride with your friend instead of strangers. It's a thing.
  2. Looks like a missed opportunity for WoF to market it as a new attraction.
  3. So. I say skip all that and go to SFSTL. I see you're going to SDC. If I had my choice between WoF and SFSTL, I would pick the latter. We have everything you'd ever want, except for a hyper and a Merry-Go-Round. It's hard to tell which of those we're more likely to get first.
  4. This thread has helped a lot. At least I'm prepared for a total shit show for our trip in a couple weeks.
  5. This. Then, you can go in whatever the hell order your heart desires.
  6. That's a terrible way to live. You'll absolutely never convince me that someone who works in a ride operator capacity is exposed to anything but mild stress. I can only imagine what would happen if an actual emergency took place. That's who is in charge of your safety. Busy stress? Sure. Mild. Real fight or flight stress? Nah. My mind goes to the Intamin Drop Tower incident where instead of hitting the emergency stop button, the ride operators ran away. How would someone who can't deal with the stress of an obnoxious guest trying to leave the spinning horses react when guests are in physical danger? This is a real concern. This is the opposite of a "thanks for keeping us safe" situation.
  7. Everything is fine, until you get to the last 3rd or so of the ride. It's just the typical RMC different angled airtime thrashing/bucking, but with mini hills that try to rip your legs off. It feels like the train is trying to throw you out, not in a good way. I would imagine it would be like bull riding if you were strapped to the bull. I saw go hard and make T3 your 250th. Joking, but not joking.
  8. Trying to figure out what was so 'well done' about the situation. It all sounded like something unnecessarily blown out of proportion. Fifteen minutes of sitting on a fiberglass horse and essentially being entertained by... almost nothing. Sounds annoying as hell. Meanwhile, the ride operator in charge of your safety can't handle the minimal amount of situational stress and has to be removed from operations. Unreal how fragile and easily shaken people are in 2022.
  9. Just be glad he was using his vocal chords and not trying to text it, like other kids.
  10. ^Six Flags may take that idea and run with it, considering their new premium experience. Although people will absolutely lose it if they take away the 'all-season-long boot pass.'
  11. One day will be plenty. KK is not a two day park. Not even if you include the water park. Get there at the opening. Ride Lightning Run a couple times. Go clockwise, finishing with Storm Chaser. It's in such an isolated part of the park I've never had anything but a station wait. Remember that you're an adult and skip the kiddie coaster, as to not weird out parents. (me) Go back for whatever flats you want. When you realize it's a great park, but there's not much else you want to ride, go to the water park and enjoy a beer. Hit the road for HW the following morning. Be prepared for headaches and whiplash on 75% of the coasters. Try to lie to yourself and pretend they were good rides. Reride Turkey Shooters and Thunderbird as much as possible. Eat a cafeteria quality Thanksgiving dinner and talk about how great it is. Wait in line shirtless for an hour for the water coasters. Think about how much better of a one-day park KK is. Don't drink the sunscreen. Edit: Also, don't forget to make fun of the clientele in your TR, because apparently it's the cool thing to do. Throw in a jab about Christianity and Trump voters.
  12. Not as much of a mystery as wooden horses going in a circle taking three years to refurbish.
  13. Painful. Like every day. Oh. I thought we were talking about the roller coasters.
  14. From what I recall, it's a nice looking park and well maintained. From memory, it would be a nice place to walk around and have a couple beers. But, there was no edginess to it and all of the rides left you wanting a lot more. I'm sure you'll have a good time and I definitely wouldn't pass it up. Take what I say with a grain of salt. I haven't been to Worlds of Fun since 2016. The new wave turn on Timer Wolf has been added since then, so I'm sure the park is much more exciting.
  15. It's taking forever. At this rate, it will only be open a couple years before SFSTL finishes their carrousel.
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