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  1. They need to start requiring adult supervision for anyone under 21, clearly they can't behave. At least then maybe the adults can be arrested for their kid's actions. Ban them all to, and actually hire more guards and actual law enforcement to patrol more. If anyone should be getting more per hour it's the security teams.
  2. It looked really good actually, and it seemed fairly popular on Sunday. Glad they put money into it and the Pirate. They are two classic rides that also don't have huge height requirements. Hopefully they can put more money into sprucing up existing rides each year.
  3. Yes unfortunately, but the ops team was fairly efficient, we maybe waited 20-30 minutes and that was almost a full que, as far back as the first turn in the line. Tantrum which had a smaller looking line was actually worse.
  4. Visited today and saw some good and bad for the first visit back since 2019. The park looks like infrastructure was updated in some spots, buildings appeared painted, grounds were manicured better etc. Some major rides were closed which was somewhat expected being a special preview weekend (RoS, Boomerang, Motocoaster, Rolling Thunder, Bumper Cars, Pirate and Predator tried to open but was down just about all day). I thought the fact that they weren't spacing a ton on the rides was good, unlike Great Escape the flats used all available seats and spaces. The only times we saw spaci
  5. My family and I visited today and had a similar experience. Although ride opa weren't great they were adequate on most rides, this biggest issue we had was the constant stopping to clean rides and then run them empty. Also the reduced rise capacities didn't help many rides. Comet was running two trains so capacity wasn't too bad, and it seems to be running well. I did notice that the hill after the second turn around going up into the double dip drop seems to be more trimmed than in the past and killed the momentum until the final turn around. Otherwise it was solid as ever. Flashb
  6. Usually weekdays, even Fridays are not too bad, the only difference this year may be pent up demand causing larger crowds. I would actually start with Fahrenheit due to its low capacity and then either Storm Runner or Great Bear. Or if when you first get there and Candymonium has a short wait hit that first before lines build up. The rest shouldnt be too bad other than maybe Comet and/or Sooperdooper because they are closer to the front of the park.
  7. Nobody should be surprised by those wait times, any Saturday in Hershey is a nightmare. That's why I always make sure to visit on a weekday, it's night and day for crowds. And Springtime in the park tends to be busy due to everyone looking for stuff to do in the nice weather.
  8. I wouldn't really say they have bad coasters outside of Anaconda, but the rest are just sort of ..meh like middle of the road, nothing crazy but nothing amazing either. Avalanche is at least unique but not super thrilling, and the Racer feels generic along with the wild mouse clone. And I don't really count the kid coasters because they are what they are supposed to be. Even adding a 4D free spin wont really make this collection much better. That reminds me of Six Flags New England, they have 2 solid coasters and then fall off the map. Batman and Thunderbolt are the next tier
  9. As much as I like Kings Dominion, ever since removing Volcano they only have 3 real standouts now (i305, Dominator and Twisted Timbers), Outer Limits is good but its a clone technically and can be a little rough at times, the rest are mediocre at best, nothing real terrible (except maybe Anaconda) but nothing amazing, especially when Busch Gardens kills it down the road from them.
  10. https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2021/02/ny-amusement-parks-can-reopen-overnight-summer-camps-can-plan-to-cuomo-says.html New York is finally allowing amusement parks to re-open, they are capping them at 33% capacity which seems like what Disney was attempting. I for one am just glad they finally came to their senses and are allowing these outdoor businesses to return. Hopefully Six Flags Members will be able to select dates to reserve since they are requiring pre sold tickets as part of re-opening.
  11. I would love for them to get a Mack Mega coaster like Alpina Blitz at Nigloland, I know it would most likely never happen but something similar in place of Bobsled would be a good size fit for the park. Unfortunately the price would most likely be out of the Six Flags budget especially now. I did hear they may bring back the ride share program which maybe means they bring in a mid level ride from a bigger park to infuse a little excitement for a smaller park like Great Escape. I would be fine with that honestly, at least its something different,
  12. Well then i,m not sure why they have such trouble running it, seems like it is constantly down, I have been on it in years past but most of the time it seems like it breaks down. As much as I enjoy the ride i could still see it leaving, the only reason they wouldn't i could see would be its not a big plot of land that it sits on compared to the space removing the ferris wheel could open up
  13. If it isn't the Ferris Wheel being removed, my next guess would be the Condor Ride, It is always breaking down or never running to begin with. in 2019 I was on it and it got going, but before it could start going up it shut down. It is also a ride that i don't believe parts are made for anymore which can also make it expensive to operate. I don't see them removing the Bobsleds unless it was to be replaced with a new coaster as the park already only has 5 major coasters. Most other rides in the park seem safe as they are for the most part well maintained and ridden.
  14. I had that happen a couple of times, but they generally kept a space between so it wasn't an issue, I don't really mind anyways
  15. When I was there the week after the 4th they were doing every row, one party per row, same for Great Bear. Most others were seating every other row like Comet, Lightning Racer etc. Cupfusion was doing one party per car as well.
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