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  1. They don't have pizza rollers up North. They have to improvise.
  2. I'm always pretty patient about these things. Absolutely better for a coaster to be built right than quickly. But knowing the history of this one, y'all take as long as you need to fix it up safe.
  3. Branson's pretty far out for most people. Our population density really still is along the East Coast, so Dollywood is easier to reach for most Americans. Thus it has higher attendance than SDC. If you have more guests, you need and can afford more attractions. More attractions means more buzz on the Internet. All these things are related.
  4. Neither of the two I mentioned jerk you around and have the train bounce all over the place so you get a headache. It's not as simple as the train either; T3 has the new trains but it's the worst one of them all. Maybe more of a track thing? Really not sure. I just know that on the two with no square wheels, that layout is really fun.
  5. Bert, this one is one of two Vekoma SLCs in the US that don't suck, the other being the Great Nor'Easter at Morey's. Beats me how this dumpster fire of a park can take a dumpster fire of a coaster model and turn it into a really good, really fun ride, but they did!
  6. If they still can. Maybe we can get Conneaut's structural engineer to look at it once they're done with Blue Streak.
  7. You'll love St. Louis then. Looks like you'll have a bit there on Saturday night maybe? If so, 4 Hands and Urban Chestnut are great breweries in St. Louis, and both are open late Saturdays. You won't make it on Sunday if you stay at Six Flags until close. Melvin's open late every day, just do that one on Sunday.
  8. Ah, ok, yeah nobody this year has a normal schedule. Waldameer is worth backtracking for if you have to. Didn't realize you were ao close to Knoebels; I forget how close those eastern states are to each other. Out here, Adventureland, Frontier City, and Magic Springs are all in the next state over, and they're all 5-6 hours away. I get using the Six Flags pass while you have it. Are you going to be in the city at all? If so, check out the Hill (I-44 exit #286 Hampton Road). Great Italian, and unique since St. Louis uses a special cheese called Provel, which is similar to Provalone
  9. Are they finally tearing down that old tower? That thing's been SBNO almost as long as Hannibarrels.
  10. Hmm, interesting. Seconded on the museum though, that was absolutely great, as was the show with all of Dolly's family performing. It wouldn't be the same, but an SDC Tennessee wouldn't be bad either. Dolly's smart; if she does get out, she'll have a damn good reason for doing so.
  11. Besides the obvious folly of planning so many trips to so many parks when absolutely no one is going to have a normal schedule this year, there are several other things that don't make sense to me. 1. Why Kings Island on three separate trips? It's a great park, sure, but if you want three days there, why not just go there for three days? 2. You're combining Georgia and Missouri on one trip? You seem to be going in several different directions on this trip, and you're still including places you already will have been to. And if you're coming to Missouri, why are you going to Si
  12. Great little coaster, isn't it? Plus, since the place isn't too busy, you can ride it quite a lot.
  13. Last one for me is still Switchback Railway at ZDT's in 2019.
  14. As many of you many have gathered from my trip reports, I am a huge baseball fan. Being from Missouri, with plenty of family in St. Louis, the Cardinals have always been my team. My home ballpark is Hammons Field, home of the AA Springfield Cardinals, and it's a beautiful small park with not a bad seat in the house and some damn good ballpark food. If y'all come down here, try the Philly cheesesteak or the Springfield-style cashew chicken. Both are fantastic and go well with local brews from Mother's. The DH is anathema, and real pitchers hit, but if I have to go for a
  15. Keep in mind that DreamMore also gives out the 8-ride TimeSaver as a perk for their guests.
  16. Haven't we learned anything about consent? Don't force yourself on someone who has made it clear they don't want you there!
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