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  1. Okay, that's good to hear. We're all going through a lot right now, and it's okay to talk about how it's affecting you. Lots of options for distance therapy. Just putting that out there.
  2. Are you okay? Do you need help? It's okay if you're not okay. Talk to someone.
  3. Nice! Good food, good theatre, good shopping...all the NY stuff! I had a friend who had a Virtual Boy. It was kinda cool I guess, the tennis game gave somewhat of a sense of depth, but really it was hard to play for any length of time. The monochrome red screen was just weird. Would love to visit that store, though, the museum type displays are super cool.
  4. This testing and contact tracing seems to be exactly the right thing to do, and Korea got on it immediately. In the US, we have had no such thing at all. A lot of state and local governments are doing a good job trying to get PPE and tests, but they're being undermined by the federal government that just wants it all to go away while at the same time being unwilling to do the actual work of fighting the outbreak. Instead, they've been waging a propaganda campaign to convince people that they should support the deaths of millions of Americans just so a few already wealthy people can continue ex
  5. That sounds encouraging. Hopefully we can learn enough about how this virus works to get an evidence-based plan to move on.
  6. What a cool interview! Thanks for sharing. I hope it's possible to get there this year.
  7. Busch Gardens always looks so good. Love the CD-ROM with instructions, too.
  8. With you there, Bert. It's most important to stay safe. Smart, skilled people are working on this.
  9. Quit misdirecting and answer my questions: In you opinion, what is an acceptable time to reopen the economy? What is an acceptable amount of people out of work?
  10. Nice job deflecting from the questions I asked. Oh I'm sorry, was that you asking the questions? Because they sound like they were verbatim from Fox News.
  11. It's really interesting that Covid has revealed who believes money serves people and who believes people serve money.
  12. So in other words, valuing money more than human life. As apparently do you. Got it.
  13. I agree, you need more than a couple hours to enjoy Knott's, but if all you have is a couple hours, then a couple hours at Knott's is better than a couple hours not at Knott's! Glad you got enough time for a good visit this time though.
  14. What? Texas hasn't even reached peak yet. This only makes sense if he values money more than human life.
  15. ^ IB totally has that vibe. You're kicking back at the lake. It's really informal.
  16. I'm not sure what your point is exactly, since Georgia is very much like a lot of states, with one major metro area and the rest of the state quite rural. Just off the top of my head, several states would fit that description: Alabama Alaska Arizona Colorado Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Dakota Oklahoma Oregon South Dakota Utah Washington Wisconsin
  17. Speaking of good things the Broadway community is doing, Lin-Manuel Miranda makes a kid's day with help from Mary Poppins Returns co-star Emily Blunt and several surprise guests (make sure you watch all the way to the end): [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. New Phoebe Bridgers, "Kyoto" [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  19. ^ I'm looking all through their website and I'm not seeing this. Do you have a link?
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