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  1. Yes. Forbes' valuation is based on his own estimates of his property's worth, which he has repeatedly overvalued and undervalued depending on what is advantageous to him in the moment. He inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and has lost it all by repeatedly paying way more than things are worth and then driving them into the ground--losses so great that it resulted in his not owing taxes for a number of years. He is a liar and a fraudster and only a fool would base anything on the things that come out of his mouth. Banks won't lend to him because he has repeatedly refused to pay them bac
  2. Come on, man, three weeks ago the unemployment rate was 3%. One tenth of the entire country lost their jobs in the last three weeks, and you have the nerve to say it's no big deal?
  3. ^^ Agreed, and I've always preferred both Sondheim and the Gershwins to ALW, but licensing rights and all that...Happy to have what we have in these times.
  4. Theme parks are just about the cheapest price per hour of entertainment available, and you don't have to go that many days to get to that point. We pay $100 a year per season pass and go about 20 days. If each visit is about 5 hours long (and I'd say that's about right; we don't spend all day), we've paid $1 an hour per person for entertainment. It's a ridiculous value. That said, in absolute terms it is expensive, at $500 per year for our family just for the tickets--and let's be honest, we probably drop another $500 on food and souvenirs each year too. It's cheap and expensive at the same ti
  5. Day 2: The IRS Photo Trip Report: Who'll Buy My Memories? A trip that's sprinkled with waters blue A few old photos I need to use Who'll buy my memories Of things that used to be There were the smiles before the fears Before Covid-19, in a better year. No? You want this for free? Ugh, fine, I guess. Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend was set aside for Hurricane Harbor. Unlike other Six Flags parks, this one is actually across the freeway from Six Flags over Texas. It is clearly a little older but it decently well-maintained, especially by Six Flags standards. We had a lot of fun i
  6. For anyone who is having a theatre withdrawal (or like me lives in an area with a dearth of live theatre), for the next few weeks some ALW musicals are going to be streaming for free on YouTube. Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat is up now (the version with the Osmonds from about 20 years ago), and Jesus Christ Superstar is up next. They release every Friday at 1 PM Central. https://www.slashfilm.com/the-shows-must-go-on/
  7. Oh man, that's great. Really cool to see some areas of the park that I recognize from a couple of years ago, but from a totally different era....Seriously, that baby in the beginning of the episode...is my age. And can I say how wonderful it is to see ads that aren't obnoxious...including the ads for New Slurm!!! A couple of them I remember too, specifically the ones for Frosted Mini Wheats and S'mores Crunch. Those apparently ran for a while. Loving the music too...even though this is technically before my time, this is definitely my music. I grew up in the grunge era, and all of tha
  8. You might be a tad early. This year opening day was supposed to be March 17.
  9. Ouch. That's some harsh criticism. My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday and wondering if the speed at which CEOs are leaving might indicate some issues on the board. This seems to be evidence that there could be. I don't know much about corporate politics, but I would take this letter seriously. People generally don't write things like this without good cause.
  10. That's $10.63 today...not bad for a starting job, and well above Ohio's minimum of $8.55. I would have taken that at 16.
  11. I can't guarantee it, but there is a non-zero chance of success there.
  12. Agreed, but they've also upgraded my membership to Diamond (after a year ago upgrading it for free to Platinum). I'm now paying $6/mo for the second highest tier they have and I feel like encouraging this behaviour.
  13. I've heard nothing but good things about that one. One of these days I'll get to Germany.
  14. Steel: Millennium Force. It's utter perfection, and always the one I want to ride most every time I'm in Ohio. Wood: Since 2013, it's been Outlaw Run. God, I miss that coaster. Would have visited two or three times by now on any other year....
  15. Nice bump, the last time this was current I hadn't been to Cedar Point at all. I'll rank them according to how many times I rode them the last time I was there, which I think speaks to how enthusiastic I am about them. 1. Millennium Force (8) 2. Maverick (7) 3. Steel Vengeance (6) 4. Valravn (5) 5. Raptor (4) 6. Gatekeeper (3) 7. Magnum/Blue Streak/Gemini (2) 8. Everything else except Iron Dragon and the two kiddie coasters (1)
  16. Yeah, this is a great move. It's really good customer service, and it benefits them as well. Win-win!
  17. Yeah, the 70s, man. OSHA was still pretty new, and when tens of thousands of factory workers were dying each year, they probably weren't paying attention to TV news yet.
  18. ^ Agreed. I for one plan to be down at my local Six Flags the weekend it opens.
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