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  1. It seemed really apt right now. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. So it is about $50. Dude, you booked a $400/night hotel, and you're going to quibble over a $50 cancellation fee that (as multiple people have pointed out) you're probably going to get back because the park will probably not be open on those dates anyway? Chill. It's gonna be all right.
  3. Not to tell you how to live your life, but 14 seems a bit young to be getting married.
  4. Yesterday. When was the last time you did some form of exercise?
  5. Agreed, it really is a great view. Eh, we're holding up. I'm out of work like half the country is right now due to the virus, but we'll get by. Everyone's TR's are helping! Well, then you stayed at the wrong hotel. Seriously, all four of ours did, it was weird. And yeah, that whole area is all ripped up right now with the new interchange going in. It'll be nice when it's done. Like I said, Texas is eternally under construction but at least they build the roads right. Can't say the same abut Ohio.
  6. Texas 2019: Remember the Orcas! Day 0: Ooooooooooooooklahoma, Where They Don't Maintain the Roads at All 2019 was an incredibly busy year for us, and though we did get to squeeze in a vacation in May, I haven't really had a good chance to sit down and write. But hey, since we're all suddenly less busy now, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up. Thanks, Covid-19! This was the first time the kids had been to Texas, and the first that my wife and I had been together (though we had both been there separately before we met). What a good opportunity to re-visit one of the most fascina
  7. Whoever designed those Bloody Mary glasses is a sick f*ck. Park looks great though. Thanks for picking this back up! God, I gotta get on mine now.
  8. ^^ Oh yeah, I forgot that facts are politically divisive these days. ^ I mostly agree with you really, but seriously, do the research on your own. There's a good reason a lot of networks are refusing to carry those "briefings"--the mix of facts and misinformation is causing confusion. Something that unreliable is best avoided.
  9. I book far in advance, but I always, always book fully refundable rates. We had a trip to Central Florida booked for this summer which has been scrapped, and I got every penny back. When you book non-refundable, this is the risk you take.
  10. IHME is a good source. I've been looking at their numbers as well. You can go straight to the source. You don't need to have an interpreter who's told 12,000 lies in 3 years.
  11. ^ Why are you listening to the "briefing"? Those are 110% lies, with the remainder numbers he pulled out of his ass. Go find a reliable source.
  12. That actually sounds extremely fair. If the park is open, you can go on your trip. If the park isn't open then, you get a refund. Win-win!
  13. MoA is great. We've been twice, the first time being before the Nick Universe re-theme. That log flume is legit.
  14. Missouri isn't even going to peak until May. We'll most likely be in this until July. Memorial Day is not realistic.
  15. Yeah, with predictions in a lot of places now running into July-August, I can see places that are pretty much just Memorial Day to Labor Day calling the whole season a loss. Plenty of parks, though, even seasonal ones, now run into December, so plenty of opportunity there to draw guests back to the parks in 2020.
  16. Legoland New York is a brand new park though, it's in a little different situation than the seasonal parks that have been around but are just delaying this season's opening day.
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