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  1. Spot on. Thank you. Staying home is an important part of fighting the virus, but it's not the entire strategy. I hear a lot of people talking like it's all over now, let's all get out of our houses like nothing ever happened. We're still very much in the middle of this, and we're going to have to work together for several more months to get through it. I know we all have the resilience to work together. I hope we choose to use it.
  2. Oh yeah, the old Wehrenberg Campbell 16... Let's just say I don't miss it. The mural is great though, glad Springfield has invested in public art over the years. Good luck in KC!
  3. From what I understand from the medical professionals, mid- to late-June is an appropriate, responsible time to reopen given the state of the curve and the new treatment options. Good to see Holiday World is doing this in a thoughtful manner, and I hope everything goes well for them.
  4. Great photos! Man, Cedar Point needs a log flume. That one they used to have looks really fun.
  5. Yeah it's not mean spirited at all, and pretty open minded too. I agree with every point you've made. Not sure quite where in MO you are, but right now Missouri has two Alamos, one in downtown KC on Main St. in the Power & Light district and the other in Springfield on South Campbell Ave. (Hwy 160, a couple miles south of Bass Pro). There's a third going into St. Louis in the City Foundry development that's supposed to open this year. It's near SLU close to Ikea. Great location, hope it does open this year. I've been to both Missouri Alamos are they're spectacular. It's service to
  6. Individual responsibility relies on people having the proper information to base their decisions on. The amount of misinformation around Covid, both intentional and unintentional, is such that at this time I would not expect anyone to be equipped to protect themselves.
  7. Oh wow, this is so far beyond my expectations for this ride. So many surprises! And that ending....
  8. Wow, that's quite a move. Eh, I hardly ever go to the AMC in town anyway. They used to be the nicest when they were new, but Alamo makes it hard for me to spend my money anywhere else on those few occasions I do get to go to a theatre.
  9. Yeah, it's significantly better. I was responding to Coasters & Lamps who mentioned the KI/CP combo ticket/pass/whatever (I have ZERO interest in arguing semantics), and was wondering why Six Flags didn't do the same thing with St. Louis and Great America. I brought up Six Flags' Gold Pass as a superior product at basically the same price point. Make sense?
  10. Yeah, all the coaster events are cancelling. I don't see a West Coast Bash happening this year.
  11. Em, the only pass you can buy that will get you into both Cedar Point and Kings Island is $200. No, that's not true. They sell a pass that is one day at CP and one day at KI for $65. https://cf-ki.secure-cdn.cf.accessoticketing.com/packageDetails/10057672/keyword/coastercombo?_cid=1592168972.1588206762
  12. This guy read the actual article. Overall, this looks like a reasonable outline that's based in the epidemiological science and not wishful thinking or a desire to make money as fast as possible. It's obviously not perfect, but it's a good start, and a refreshing counter-argument to the "plans" currently coming out of other governors' butts.
  13. Wow, that carousel looks pretty great. I've kind of tossed around the idea of adding this place on to a potential future Busch Gardens Williamsburg trip, and if all goes well financially and renovationally for this place, looks like it'll be worth a stop.
  14. SFSTL makes a small profit each year, enough that small investments each year make sense. We don't get giant new coasters, but we do get fun, small rides. And there is a combo ticket of sorts: Six Flags always pushes Gold season pass sales by saying Great America is included. Those typically go for $6/mo., or $72, which is about the same as the CP/KI combo pass anyway. Obviously none of us know the impact of Covid, but up to now SFSTL has been sustainable.
  15. Silver Dollar City is extending all 2020 season passes through June 1, 2021: https://www.silverdollarcity.com/Coronavirus-Update
  16. Silver Dollar City is extending all 2020 season passes through June 1, 2021: https://www.silverdollarcity.com/Coronavirus-Update
  17. Discretionary capital is actually a lot more comprehensive than that. It helps to understand mandatory capital expenditures, as they're a lot more straightforward. Mandatory capex is anything required to keep your assets at their current value; in other words, if you didn't pay it, you'd incur a loss. Discretionary capex is anything beyond that. It's going to be hard for us outside the company to say what is what, since depreciation means all of your rides are constantly falling in value, and therefore maybe you need to replace a ride to offset that. Your real estate value might be going
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