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  1. There have been 19 posts on this thread in the past week, and 10 of them have been yours. You've literally posted more to this thread since you signed up than all other users combined.
  2. They're not wrong either. It's a bigger, shinier Diamondback. This is not a bad thing.
  3. Ah, the old intentionally confusing correlation for causation ruse...
  4. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to get down there and ride it when it reopens.
  5. Switchback is a great little coaster, and I'm all for more places getting one. Plus, both people from eastern PA who have been to Seguin, TX, can tell their friends all about it!
  6. I'd say that almost certainly the second hotel gets pushed back.
  7. Cedar Fair doesn't own Darien Lake. In all seriousness though, you're right. Six Flags will have to make cutbacks too, which will mean the planned 40th anniversary resurrection of 'Cuda Falls will be cancelled.
  8. Agreed,I'm a fan and I'm still enjoying the B.C. podcasts. I wish them well this year. Would love to come ride Cheetah Chase this year if it's safe to do so.
  9. Oooh, I really hope so. I first visited this place in 2016 expecting to just ride a couple of unique things and never go back. I fell in love with the place and will return as often as I can, even with it being two states away. It's like Knoebels West; it's hard to see on paper what makes it so great, but when you go, you feel it.
  10. Very nice! I tried to get my dad to take us there back in '99 or 2000...never happened. I'll be making up for that with my kids, but I know it's not the same. Thanks for sharing what I missed.
  11. Oh man, Shockwave and Runaway Mountain are both fantastic. No shame in raving about those. Freeze and Batman are also great fun, mirror images of the ones in St. Louis so we just rode each one time but that doesn't diminish them at all. Fiesta Texas will be coming up after Sea World. Love that park too...but I'll save the rest of my thoughts for when I get to that day.
  12. Yes, the splashdown pool for the slide is at the beginning of the tunnel, so you go through it pretty slowly with plenty of time to see the rays. There were a couple of lifeguards that would grab your raft and move it along, but you're definitely not blowing through it.
  13. Day 4: Just LIke Sister Ray Said It was so close, we could smell the salty sea air. Just a mile away from our hotel reside central Texas' most beautiful aquatic mammals--and it was time to get PUMPED! We had bought two-day passes with meal plan included, so we were going to take our time and enjoy every part of the best theme park in Texas. It's so beautiful. We began at Aquatica, with the idea of doing whatever we wanted to there and then migrating over to the main park whenever we were done. We actually enjoyed the waterpark so much that no one wanted to leave, so we ended up s
  14. Don't know yet. Hoping we can get to FL in '21. If I had to guess, though, just based on what my family have liked in other parks, probably Animal Kingdom.
  15. Well...had plans to go to Central Florida this year...but... you know ....
  16. Hmm, sounds promising. A buyer would definitely want to start operations this year to get some money rolling in.
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