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  1. Wooden Warrior was one of the surprises of our big New England trip last month. I had heard great things about it, but I always try to temper my expectations when that happens. It did not disappoint, though. Incredible airtime all the way through. It was also the first time we had ridden on Timberliners and man they were comfy! Definitely hope to see more of these GG family woodies get built.
  2. ^^ It sounds like we basically had the same day as you last month hitting up Quassy, Compounce, and SFNE. I completely agree about Superman's restraints. The outside of my legs hurt pretty much the whole time I'm on the ride. The layout is absolutely incredible, though. If it had the T-bar restraints like every other lap bar Intamin hyper/giga I've been on, it immediately climbs near the top of my rankings. Got back to the park this summer for the 2nd time, and the first time since 2012, and man was Cyclone great! Knew it would be, but it still exceeded my expectations. The double down by the station was quite unexpected and really threw you around in the back seat. My son and I also had the weight disparity on Pandemonium and were spinning like crazy. We had a blast despite stumbling down the exit ramp.
  3. We went to Great Adventure last month while Jersey Devil was down, but we still tried out the test seat as we went back and looked at the ride. I have absolutely no doubt that it would have been one of the most uncomfortable rides I've been on as it was tough to just sit in the test seat. I've had bad hips since I was in high school playing football, and the way that your legs have to be apart while riding looked like it would have made me miserable while riding. Just trying to board in a semi-quick fashion would have been a chore, I think.
  4. Got on Twisted Timbers on Saturday after 2 rainouts this fall. What a ride!
  5. Lightning Rod! Got in 3 rides a couple weeks ago, including a night ride! I will say that the most fun I had on a coaster, though, was taking my boy on Firechaser Express for his first real big coaster and him getting off and begging me to ride again. The last ride we had, he even put up his hands!
  6. First time posting in years, but wanted to pay tribute to the Dragons. I remember watching them as they were being built. They were just a beautiful sight to behold. And then when they opened, I marveled at the way that they twisted and interacted with each other. In my opinion, this ride was one of the absolute greatest feats of coaster engineering ever. The two unique layouts, speeding/slowing the lift hills to time everything up, calculating the close calls - as far as unique track layout, this ride has yet to be topped, in my opinion. Our marching band played at IOA in 2002, and I got to ride both Fire and Ice in all their dueling glory. My favorite part was the first near miss on fire. I still remember - knowing full well that it was coming - pulling my legs up as the ice trail flipped up underneath us. Had several non-enthusiast friends with me that week and they all had a blast on them. And the queue. That thing was great! Made the wait seem like it's own little ride. RIP Dueling Dragons. You will be missed!
  7. Like everyone is saying, they both look incredible! Personally, I am looking forward to Iron Rattler just a little bit more because of its incredible setting and its interaction with the cliff, something that is quite unique to this park.
  8. Simply breathtaking! The rides could be complete crap, and with a view like that, it wouldn't even matter. What a great location to put a park!
  9. Since Alec Guinness was from England, I'm going to guess Colossus at Thorpe Park because it broke the record for inversions and it is located in England.
  10. Another awesome DVD to add to the collection! I also really enjoyed the split screen on Steel Hawg/Mumbo Jumbo. I've always thought that the split screen would be a great idea for racing/dueling coasters, especially ones that have completely different layouts (like Dragon Challenge at IoA) so that you can see what both sides are doing at the same time. Great job on the videos, though. The Raw series continues to set the standard for coaster videos today. Keep up the excellent work!
  11. This was my best year for coasters. I actually got to follow through with some of my trip plans for the first time ever. My top 5 wooden coasters list received a serious facelift, with only 1 of the coasters from the beginning of the year reamaining at the years end. Highlights included: -Holiday World and the Voyage, my favorite wooden coaster -M*ch*gan's Adventure and Shivering Timbers -getting off of Millennium and walking right back on during CoasterMania ERT -planning a weeklong trip to Dorney Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Coney Island -specifically at those parks: Steel Foce, Thunderhawk, El Toro, Nitro, Kingda Ka, Cyclone, and two hot dogs from the original Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Stand Hopefully 2007 will bring even better highlights than 2006.
  12. My goals for 2007: -get coaster number 100, plus a lot more (currently on 96) -Mt. Olympus -Six Flags New England -Busch Gardens Africa, Disney parks in Florida -Six Flags St. Louis -Six Flags Magic Mountain/Knotts Berry Farm in SoCal -Dollywood
  13. I'm 3 hours or less from Cedar Point, Kennywood, Geauga Lake, and King's Island, but Cedar Point is my home park. I've been going since 1997 and it never gets old.
  14. My first coaster was the Screamin' Eagle at what was then Six Flags Over Mid-America, now Six Flags St. Louis when I was 8 years old.
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