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  1. I loved Hammerhead, but I was devastated when they removed Tampico Tumbler. RIP Don't forget Gran Slammer! Love that ride too along with Hammerhead! Unfortunately Tampico Tumbler was removed before I was tall enough to ride it!
  2. I believe these are slide pieces for Hurricane Harbor. Pieces were also spotted near Scream recently. I was at the park on Thursday for the grand opening of The New Revolution, and there were also slide pieces located near Twisted Colossus (on the side facing the parking lot).
  3. I would recommend the Universal Classic Monsters Cafe in Universal Studios Florida. The atmosphere of the restaurant makes it worth it! While the food is decent, it's nothing over the top amazing in my opinion. But still, it's a very cool restaurant to see, especially if you're a horror fan! I ended up eating there twice while I was there just so I could enjoy the dining rooms! Also, it's quick service (as opposed to table service), so even if you choose not to actually eat there, you can still go in and walk around to check out the different rooms!
  4. You know, I hadn't even considered that might be an issue! That will be interesting for sure.
  5. Not gonna happen. San Diego is insane with their height restrictions. I know...that's why I'm not getting my hopes up! But it's nice to dream!
  6. That's the best news right there! Yeah, while I'm not getting my hopes up, I'd love it if SWSD could get something along the lines of Mako from SWO! It looks awesome!
  7. I still play, but I agree with the opinion that TinyCo has gotten too greedy (or at least that's a strong opinion expressed on other sites). I no longer aim to complete any events, because I know that it will be near impossible without buying clams. I do have 400+ clams saved up from the free ones I've received, but I'm saving them for that one premium character that I absolutely must have! So I just complete what I can with the events, but won't put forth big efforts anymore. For example, with the WrestleMania event, I was able to get the Main Event ring, but even that I was just barely able to get before the event ended (though this was partially due to my own laziness).
  8. People seem to love it or hate it based on their rides on it. I always recommend that you're in the front car as I believe it was designed for single car trains and not the trailered ones. I've always had really enjoyable rides on it in the front and I hate rough rides. You also could have caught a train that was about to go in for maintenance. Throw me in the category of those who loved it. Rode it about a dozen times during my stay there. Same here! Got to ride it for the first time this past October during HHN. Went on it several times, and really enjoyed it! Only negative thing I have to say about it is that most of the time the music wasn't working for me (as in it was silent for the whole ride- it didn't even play the default music). But if will definitely be on my "must ride" list the next time I get to visit!
  9. I saw somewhere that it's April 21st, but I can't find anything on SFMM's site to verify. On the site, it just says that it will open at a later date this spring.
  10. So happy about these! On the surveys I get from Six Flags each time I visit, when it gets to the section about merchandise, I've been asking them to release an official pin collection for 3+ years! And it looks like I wasn't the only one who was asking for them! Yes, I do realize that SFMM (and Six Flags in general) has released all kinds of pins over the years, but it's been a while since there has been a big collection like the new ones they just released. As a major pin collector (yep, I'm one of "those" people!), I always thought it weird that Six Flags was the only major SoCal park without a real pin program since pins seem to be pretty big with locals (thanks to Disney, no doubt!). Granted, pins don't seem anywhere near as popular at Universal, Knott's, or SeaWorld as they are at Disney, but given that new designs are released at all of these parks throughout the year, there must be at least some demand for them! At the very least, the ones released for Scary Farm and HHN seem to sell out each year. And to me it seemed like Six Flags was leaving money on the table by not selling them. So I'm happy that they're at least giving it a shot! Hoping it proves popular enough for them to continue to make more!
  11. Unfortunately I don't think there's any holiday merchandise left. I checked a few days after Holiday in the Park ended and didn't see anything. Of course, it probably doesn't help that Flags (the largest store in the park, and in fact, according the Six Flags, the largest store in the Six Flags chain) has been gutted and is being converted into Six Flags Emporium. As it is, the ornament that they did release for 2015, which was a Twisted Colossus bulb ornament, was very hard to find towards the end of the run. I went on one of the last days, and the only shop I found the ornament at was in the Cartoon Candy Kitchen, located near Apocalypse. Your best bet is probably to look in the Looney Tunes Super Store near the main gate- they might have some sort of ornament with Looney Tunes or DC Comics characters and the Six Flags logo, but finding something park-specific might be impossible outside of Holiday in the Park. Hope this helps! Maybe there's a possibility of an ornament being released early this year- SFMM is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, and I've heard that Six Flags Emporium will feature all-new merchandise when it reopens (though I don't know if it will reopen before March 5th).
  12. It's funny to me that this was announced today...literally just yesterday I was thinking about Epcot's Food & Wine, and it made me remember DCA's version, and I started thinking how it would be great for them to bring it back, especially given that other SoCal parks have similar events (Knott's with the Boysenberry Festival and SeaWorld San Diego with the Seven Seas Food Festival). So it was a huge coincidence that Disney had been planning its return and announced it! Really excited for this!
  13. This exactly! I often have to remind friends that this is why USH has so few attractions compared to UOR- USH is a working film studio and was not initially built to have a theme park attached to it, so as a result you're getting a tour of the studio (just as Warner Bros., Paramount, etc. offer tours of their lots- though Universal's is unique), plus a few theme park attractions. It's absolutely the crown jewel of USH, and a special experience that isn't offered at any other Universal properties! Though to be fair, USF did have a (short-lived) Studio Tour of their own when the park first opened.
  14. This does happen every so often and it annoys me when people complain about it. I've seen Space Mountain down a good portion of the day, and when it comes back up standby will be two hours and FP will be 30-40 minutes. My feeling is "well, first of all you should be happy that it re-opened and whatever problem it was having didn't mean it was down for the whole day, and at least you have a FP so your wait it line is still less then half of the stand-by, so QUIT YOUR BITCHING!!!!" But most idiot people don't see things this way... Exactly! Having worked a DL attraction with Fastpass (Splash), it was frustrating having to explain to guests that the purpose of Fastpass is simply to reduce your wait in line (which is how Disney phrases it to guests in publications, online, etc). No where in any of Disney's material does it say that a Fastpass is an automatic "skip the line" pass. Yes, I get that it sucks to still wait 30+ minutes even with a FP, but it's WAY better than waiting standby! And as long as you got on the ride in a shorter amount of time than what you would have waited in the standby line, then the FP still served its intended purpose!
  15. Is that a DLC joke? If so, I approve. Maybe they'll also make us download an installer/launcher thing to ride, even though no other rides will require it... And they'll probably have to connect to the ride to the internet as well, so that means if the internet is down the ride is down too! Based on my experience with EA, I'm going to guess that there will be issues with crashing...and then they'll release an untested update that will only make the problem worse!
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