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  1. Ha, great point. Long time reader, first time poster. I figured this was a good opportunity to showcase some of the improvements we have made to the park. We love enthusiasts! Also...would you expect anything else from this thread? Don't you have to take a shot each time I say Cuda Falls?
  2. Sara, thank you for your feedback. We met in 2017 when we invited local coaster enthusiasts to enjoy the park, eat lunch and discuss Fantasy Island’s future. Since our acquisition of Fantasy Island in 2016 we have invested millions in upgrades and repairs to the park's attractions and infrastructure. We are proud of the work completed and will continue investing to improve the park for our Guests. I am sorry to hear you are disappointed. All of our rides and water park attractions, with the exception of the Gondola Wheel, are open and running consistently. We are wrapping up an extensive 6-mon
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