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  1. Has anyone ever Uber'd to Cedar Point from Cleveland airport (and back)? Is there a better/cheaper shuttle service that exists? Thinking about finally taking a solo trip to the park over a weekend in late August, I haven't been in 4 years. I plan on staying on-site at Breakers. Just wondering the best way to get to the park and back from the airport. Unless any rental car places will rent a car to a 22-year old for a decent price?
  2. Kumba this afternoon! Pushing 30 years old and running like a dream.
  3. Like others, my initial hunch was Cedar Point. But given that it is currently mid-July and no ground has been cleared or teasing happening anywhere, I don't think it's going to any CF park. Their "typical" schedule (I use quotes because I guess nothing is typical nowadays) is break ground and sometimes even place foundations over the summer, announce in the late summer, construct throughout fall and winter, and open in the spring. I now have a feeling this will be some random off-the-wall park, kinda like Fun Spot Atlanta's huge RMC that came out of nowhere.
  4. Say what you want about Cedar Point, but they really do try to hustle and fix issues like this as quickly as possible. Good for them.
  5. I would've bet money that this would be themed to the Joker, given its location and how Magic Mountain has yet to install a Joker ride. I guess the obvious options for yellow track are Wonder Woman or Flash - both of which they have flat rides themed after already (which can easily be rethemed I suppose, like Over Texas did with Harley Quinn). I guess this "officially" confirms it is happening! Yay! I am always skeptical with leaked plans, rumors, etc. but seeing the amount of ground clearing going on and track on site is about as confirmed as you can get without an announcement. Hopefully the park announces it soon. I wonder if they will return to a chain-wide video in August/Sept. or do their own announcement like SFFT plans on doing.
  6. ^GhostRider has three trains (silver, bronze, gold), but only ever runs 2 at a time. Single train ops is a little rare. Usually only on absolutely dead days, like weekdays in February or something, where 2 trains isn't even worth it. But there are exceptions to this - I have seen people report single train ops on busy days. I really love Knott's and am proud to call it my true home park having grown up in the area, but the capacity of the rides really doesn't support the attendance the park gets - especially Xcelerator, which I think is the worse line in the park when it's long. Silver Bullet is the only high capacity coaster in the park (Calico Mine Ride also eats people). Everything else ranges from mediocre to atrocious.
  7. They actually added the MCBR back sometime in 2018 or 2019. It doesn't grab the train, so you roll right through it and the ride hasn't changed. But the brake fins are there. Even on the original GhostRider, they almost never dispatched a train while the other was finishing the course - it still stacked. I think the decrease in train capacity from 28 to 24 riders actually makes quite the difference. If they removed the cubbies and mandated locker use, that would help significantly with the stacking. They can still dispatch a train before the train clears the final brake. It just can't drop off the lift until then (assuming the "new" MCBR is just a trim, though it looks like it can easily stop the train in the event of an E-stop). Ideally we would have three trains, no seat belts, and mandatory lockers. But that won't ever happen...
  8. Strange. My hunch is "routine maintenance" but that doesn't seem likely, given it's the middle of summer and the park just came out of a 14-month closure. Literally a zillion rides around the country have broken/derailed/got stuck/etc. the last couple weeks so I guess HangTime was feeling left out.
  9. This coaster looks insane. A bent jojo roll with spinning cars probably disorients you like no other. The launch up the tower in the front car and drop off in the back car also seems wild. Tons of freaky elements on this ride! There are SO many parks that could use a coaster like this. 2021 is a great year for Belgium! This and Kondaa? Ya'll are lucky!
  10. I swear I read somewhere recently (and saw a photo) of a Congo Rapids boat full of riders somehow getting into the pump station/maintenance area (something like that?) and they had to evacuate. Looking through social media and Google and I can't find anything. Was that some fever dream? Anyone wanna confirm? Maybe I'm just crazy. Regardless, lots of weird roller coaster and flat ride incidents have happened in the last week or two! I remember back in 2013 when the NTG incident and a Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point) boat flipped over on the same day, which was also my birthday weirdly enough. This industry really keeps you on your toes.
  11. That's terrible. Fingers crossed everybody is OK. Parks this year are cursed. El Toro derailing, Skyrush cable breaking, Shivering Timbers bumping trains, GateKeeper's chain breaking, rapids at SFGAdv going off into a maintenance area, Griffon evacuating. All happened in, like, what - 2 weeks? Although this one could potentially lead to serious injury or death, unlike those ones I listed, so I'm really hoping all is well. These types of incidents are never good.
  12. In my opinion, Scream is the perfect candidate to get relocated to another Six Flags park. Riddler is the superior B&M looper, and Viper is the superior 7-inversion monster. Give it to St. Louis or Over Texas! Nice report and photos. As someone who grew up going to the park, I always forget how impressive and imposing it can be for first-time visitors.
  13. Wow, they're really saying F U to Twisted Cyclone...lol. Seriously though, this looks awesome based on that one element alone. (Let the record show that I still love Twisted Cyclone)
  14. As a hardcore Intamin fanboy, I totally get where you're coming from. But I think the reason I would prefer a B&M is the park could use another capacity monster. The only high capacity ride in the park is Silver Bullet. Intamins and Macks can usually have decent capacity depending on the train design, but none compare to a B&M Hyper that can run 2-3 trains. Plus, the west coast is severely lacking a fun, floaty, airtime-y ride that is a people eater, reliable, and just "fun." Given Knott's audience I think it would go over extremely well. But I would honestly lose my sh*t if the park announced literally any major coaster so I'm just splitting hairs here. lol
  15. Great report so far! Man, I miss Cedar Point. I went in 2012, 2014, and 2017 and never had a bad experience. I can't wait to go back!
  16. @IronWolfmanGreat review of everything. I share almost all of your opinions. Glad to see some love and appreciation for Viper. It's definitely the better of the two 7-loopers in the park, in my opinion. I am hoping to return to the park over the Holiday season, can't wait!
  17. Kraken was running perfectly smoothly a couple weeks ago when I rode. Got a front row ride and some random middle row edge seat and found it totally fine. I'm also used to the dumpster fire of a floorless called Scream, so my expectations for what is smooth may be shifted.
  18. Woah, that is interesting. I am definitely taking it with a grain of salt. For all we know, couldn't it be a part/component for Silver Bullet? The park did buy a third train for the ride a few years back, but this is dated very recently so... hmm. A mini-B&M Hyper at the park is my dream, but given that Cedar Fair said there will be no major capital investments in the near future, I'm skeptical. I would be genuinely shocked if they got a B&M in the next few years.
  19. Tatsu may win the contest for Six Flags' most faded coaster, but yeah, Nitro is pretty bad too.
  20. Velocicoaster on Friday! What an amazing, amazing ride. Probably my new favorite coaster ever.
  21. I went on Wednesday 6/9 and Thursday 6/10. They used the second station on Wednesday but not on Thursday. The line was pretty decent when they ran both stations and 4 trains. On Thursday when they ran one station and 3 trains, the line was abysmal and they double stacked the trains almost every dispatch. Perhaps we dodged a bullet on our two days. We had an excellent time, and every ride was open. Food service could've been better but it really wasn't too bad. We mostly just kept going back to the big grill right near Falcon's Fury (the name escapes me...) where there are multiple food options to choose from and a huge seating hall in the air conditioning. Reminded me of Harmony Hall at Carowinds. I plan on going back tomorrow or Wednesday. Crazy this is my new home park now.
  22. Is that larger than typical Ibox track? Or is it the size of the Free Spin rails? Or perhaps something in between? Very cool. I'm excited to see what this is!
  23. I made my first visit to Universal today and managed 3 rides on Velocicoaster. This coaster really lives up to all the hype. The barrel roll over the water is my favorite part, but there also isn't a single dead spot on this coaster. It's a blast from start to finish! Seriously, get to Orlando and ride this! It is also a capacity monster. The line average around an hour but was often 30-45 minutes too. With four-train operation and 50-second dispatches, the line moved very fast. It also had incredible uptime, and only went down (along with every other ride in the park) for about 2 hours mid-day when a rainstorm passed through. I also rode Hagrid, which impressed me quite a bit. It was faster and more intense than expected. I never rode Dueling Dragons, so I cannot comment on whether this was a worthy replacement, but it was more popular than VC all day, pulling 90+ minute waits. So the public seems to enjoy it. It's not quite the capacity monster like VC but it didn't go down once during my 90-minute queue time and consistently pumped out trains, so hopefully most kinks are worked out with this coaster by now. It's a great ride and I'm looking forward to riding on the bike since I rode in the sidecar this time. Hulk was also a HUGE surprise. It was glossy smooth (in the back left seat) and extremely intense and AWESOME. People seem to rave about Kumba but I honestly prefer Hulk. It's not only smoother but also has that sweet launch into the barrel roll and a more unique layout. This may be my favorite B&M looper in Florida - and there is some good competition in that category. Overall with VC, Hagrid, and Hulk, this park has an unmatchable one-two-three punch for the coaster people, aside from all the other incredible experiences that park offers. We did make it over to the studios park near the end of the day and snagged a ride on Escape from Gringotts (which was loads of fun), but I plan on riding Hollywood RRR and Mummy later this week. Can't wait!
  24. Anyone wanna comment on the lines for Velocicoaster since opening day? Is it necessary to get to the park uber-early in the morning to guarantee a ride or are we seeing hour-ish, manageable lines throughout the day? We're heading to the park(s) for the first time tomorrow and Thursday.
  25. I had a wonderful first visit to the park today. It was everything I had hoped for and more. I am extremely excited to now call this my new home park as I move across the country from California to Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect. Clear skies all day and relatively manageable humidity, coming from someone who grew up in the dry desert out West. Even yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando was also perfect. We really lucked out with weather so far at these parks. BGT is interesting because there is no clear stand-out coaster (yet), and there is also not a single bad coaster. The lineup is solid and Iron Gwazi will only add to that. I was able to ride every coaster in the park, some multiple times, and we are going back for a second day tomorrow. Cheetah Hunt is awesome. It is glass smooth, has comfortable trains (I know some do not like those Intamin OTSRs, but since Cheetah Hunt isn't whippy and snappy like I305 or Maverick, they were perfectly fine for me), and features a totally unique and great layout. It doesn't produce any significant positive or negative G-forces, but it may be my current favorite coaster in the park for its re-rideability, length, and uniqueness. Kumba met my expectations, which were already quite high. I am not going to say it was perfectly smooth and comfortable, it definitely has some old-school grit and intensity which can lead to some shakiness, but that didn't take away from the ride for me. This coaster has put in WORK with year-round operations for over 28 years, so I am surprised it still runs so well. It hauls a$$ through the layout. I only got 2 rides on it today and I plan on riding it a few more times tomorrow (and of course, from here on out) since I now live here. This is a ride that I can see really growing on me, like Riddler at Magic Mountain did. I can see why it gets the hype, but I can also see how somebody may not like the ride. My brother said it was a one-and-done. I tend to enjoy coasters with bone-crushing intensity and grit (I actually miss Green Lantern at SFMM, I'm not kidding), so Kumba gets a thumbs up from me. SheiKra was my first dive coaster with "regular" restraints since the only other one I've ridden is Valravn. What a difference! Even with a simpler and less exciting layout, those drops are WONDERFUL when there isn't a vest crushing you. I have yet to ride in the front but the back row had great pull down both drops, and a sweet near-miss on the right side of the train when coming out of the immelmann. Montu, as expected, delivered. I am not sure where exactly it places in my list of favorite Inverts, but it is up there. I really, really like Banshee but also haven't ridden it since 2017. Montu feels very similar to Afterburn for me, just longer. The trenches are great and inversions are forceful. This one will also take a few more rides to get a better feel of it. Often I need multiple rides on coasters to get a good feel for them, but even my first impression of Montu is high. This and Kumba are a very strong one-two punch for those who love old school looping coasters that perfectly encompass some of B&M's best work. The rest of the lineup is also great. Tigris is good, but just like Electric Eel back home which I'm used to. Cobra's Curse was loads of fun and super unique and pumping out cars like nobody's business. Scorpion was solid and Sand Serpent was fine. The star of the show for me, honestly, was Falcon's Fury. I'm a sucker for drop towers but this one is on a whole new level. WOW! Perhaps my overall favorite ride in the park. Also got a chance to ride it at night thanks to the park's 10pm closing and it's just fantastic. There's really nothing else like it, except in Sweden I suppose. I'm stoked to make this my "new Supreme Scream", but infinitely better! I didn't take many photos since I spent so much of the day exploring and riding, but perhaps I'll try to take more photos tomorrow if the clear and sunny weather forecast holds. Overall LOVE this park! And once Iron Gwazi opens it will be even better.
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