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  1. I still prefer Diamondback and Mystic Timbers to Orion. Orion is still a great ride but it's hard to beat that floater airtime on Diamondback. Mystic Timbers is crazy in the dark.
  2. The top 2 are also reversed besides being upside down. They did maintenance on them and since then they have been messed up. I sent a message to the park about it but haven't heard anything back. I like looking at the Winterfest lights since we live in Arizona and can't attend.
  3. All the ride needs is something erected to block debris from hitting people in the queue.
  4. The FastLane wait time for SV depends on the worker at the merge point. We found it was usually 15-20 minutes on the 3 days we rode it back in early June.
  5. Fast Lane Plus works great at Kings Island as it dumps you in the station for all the big rides.
  6. Kings Island is by a major city so families do drop off their kids at the park while they work. We have friends that used to live about 2 miles from the park and they would drop their kids off during the day at least once a week while they worked. Cedar Point isn't by a major city so they seem to cater more to families in the summer. You do get quite a few school trips at the end of the school year. I noticed on the webcams on July 4th that the park was empty with walk-ons for Diamondback. It looked like almost all the rides were walk-ons.
  7. Cedar Creek Mine Ride was one of the first of its type. There isn't much terrain to work with except when it drops towards the water. Steel Vengeance needs to be ridden in the afternoon as we've found it to be slower in the morning and a much wilder ride later in the day. The midway at the front hasn't changed much since early '60s. It still has the charm of the skyride running down the middle that brings back many childhood memories.
  8. The 2 lines to the station seemed to balance out the 3 days we were there. Only issue was the left side had a slow person doing the wand the one time we went on.
  9. Pantheon was more intense than we thought it would be. We did 2 rides in a row and after the 2nd, I was feeling a little ill which doesn't usually happen to me. Alpengeist is super rough. We rode it once and that was it for us.
  10. We need a decent amusement park here in Phoenix. Summers are hot but the rest of the year is decent. I've been to Florida in the summer and the humidity makes it feel just as hot as Phoenix. Castles and Coasters doesn't have any more space unless they tear out some of the mini-golf courses. They have no room to expand.
  11. We rode row 17 a few weeks on the Beast and was amazed how smooth it was. Park looked dead yesterday.
  12. We were at the park a couple weeks ago. Steel Vengeance never sent any trains with empty rows during our whole stay. The person at the end of the long straight just needs to go down the line every couple minutes to ask if anyone has loose items and immediately get them to the lockers which is what occurred most of the times we rode. Most of them would have the people going to the lockers hit the left side and the other people going to the right side. It was best if all in a group went to the lockers. We did run into a couple operators at the metal detectors that were slow wanding people. The biggest hold up were the people who refused to put everything in their lockers so it would trigger the metal detectors. We thought it was running smooth though for us for the 4 days we were there.
  13. They will shut down all the rides if there is lightning in the area. Certain rides such as Gemini and Magnum will shutdown with light rain. It took forever for these Gemini to even test last week after a light rain. Some of the other rides like Millennium will still run in the rain. 40% chance of rain isn't a washout and sometimes these are the best days to go as it usually keeps the crowds away.
  14. It was a very disappointing Coastermania this year. Maverick was listed as a 90 minute wait but it was only 40 minutes since there was no fast lane to slow it down. The Maverick crew was very fast. We decided to do a 2nd ride on Maverick after looking at the SV line. It was just 20 minutes for that one. SV was still not open at that point so we decided to ride Mine train and Gemini. Gemini had no trims for our ride and was the fastest I ever remember it going. We were in the front row and were actually getting good air time. We were whipped into the helix at the end. We were pissed about the Millennium Force ERT as it was almost 30 minutes late starting because some idiot had their cell phone out on the lift hill so the E Stopped the train. It took a bit to reset and then they had to clear out the queue of the daily riders. We were able to get 4 rides in and then someone vomited on the yellow train. Then it got stuck on the lift hill. We knew at that point it was going to be a bit before it ever was working again so we ran over to Valravn to get a ride before ERT closed. Coastermania 2018 we were able to get 12 rides in for ERT and that only took about an hour. The lines were less than half the length that year and got down to just a few trains worth of people by the end with us going right from the exit gate to the loading platform. They must have sold at least 2,000 ticket this year versus the 1,200 tickets in 2018. Our tickets were 1276 and 1277 for the Cruise and there were quite a few people in line behind us. Steal Vengeance was late starting because it took all night for repairs on the ride. Someone in line for Maverick was staying at Lighthouse Point and said they were working on it all night. In the Q&A they let us know that they are hiring 8 carpenters for that ride so they can get it opened earlier.
  15. We were able to get a night ride on The Beast last night and it was a major improvement from 4 years ago. Helix was smooth and fast. We are in the park again today and park operations on all the rides have been great. The longest wait we've had today has been 20 minutes which has really surprised us for being a holiday. We were able to ride the majority of the coasters by 2pm. Did 4 rides on Orion and a couple on Mystic Timbers. Crowds actually seem lighter than they were on the Tuesday after the holiday 4 years ago. Only complaint we have is the lack of shows. The shows seem to be starting later this year as well as not as many of them.
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