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  1. Mike, That is old news you are quoting from a couple days ago. Read today's article where Dr. Christ is telling the hospitals to 'fully activate' emergency plans: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-health/2020/06/08/arizona-hospitals-have-been-told-fully-activate-emergency-plans/5321075002/ Our hospitalization numbers have almost doubled the past week for Covid. As long as people don't wear masks, it is just going to continue to go up. We'll see what happens at the amusement parks. The numbers should be interesting in another month. Jim
  2. The numbers here in Arizona for positive Covid cases has skyrocketed in the past week. We've almost doubled are numbers in a little over a weeks time. The numbers of hospitalized has jumped dramatically with some of the hospitals hitting capacity. This is what happens when you open up and people don't wear face masks and act like the pandemic is over.
  3. I think the 80,000 deaths from the flu include Covid for 2019-2020. This is the highest number recorded in the past 40 years. Here are the numbers for 2018-2019: CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season. This burden was similar to estimated burden during the 2012–2013 influenza season1. The average deaths from the flu is between 12,000 and 62,000. So at 112,000 right now for Covid since February, this is no regular flu! We have only 2 million infected right now so the death rate is running over 5%. Some countries are running over 10% death rates. I'm in the age bracket that has a 13% death rate right now. That is sort of scary. I'm in Arizona and are new cases have skyrocketed this past week. People refuse to wear face masks going to restaurants, stores, bars, etc. At the rate we are going, they may have to close the state down again. Jim
  4. I'm doing a roller coaster vacation with my 25 year old son and 21 year old daughter. We are doing the following: Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Dollywood Kings Island Cedar Point - ending up with Coastermania Will probably hit Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain in December. Jim
  5. I've never seen rider operators at Cedar Fair parks on cell phones while operating rides. I have seen this though at Six Flag parks. We had to yell at a rider operator who was talking on a cell phone at Magic Mountain to stop the kiddie ride our kids were on. It had been going for over 5 minutes and the kids on the ride were all yelling to stop it. Haven't been back to Magic Mountain since that day. Jim
  6. We used to go in October when our kids were on fall break. We rode in the cab area of the Galloping Goose quite a few times. The engineer would tell the kids stories and all about the Goose. Kids loved it! Jim
  7. I gave Vortex a spin a few years ago after not riding it for many years. Through the first half I was thinking that this ride isn't too rough. Then I hit the 2nd half and remembered why I skipped it for so many years. That was the last time I rode it. BTW, I don't ride Cork Screw either. Jim
  8. I didn't realize how many miles I walked at Cedar Point until last year when I had my Garmin GPS watch on. We walked 10.5 miles on the Thursday the day before Coastermania. Walked 13.2 miles during Coastermania and we left slight early at the night ERT as it was getting windy and quite chilly. Jim
  9. We had one of those days about 5 years ago where it rained all day and then the rain cleared out a little after 8:00. We hit the park and everything was a walk on. It was Platinum Pass ERT on Millenium Force that night and there was maybe 4 loads worth of people. After about 3 or 4 times they opened the exit gate right into the station. It got down to just 2 trains worth of people. Had a dozen rides that night in an hour's time! Jim
  10. Check out Ghost Town. Many little details there that are easy to miss. We seem to find something new each time we go. The park has all sorts of things that you'll miss if you rush from ride to ride. So take your time!
  11. Golden Corral's are usually pretty good in the Phoenix area where I live. Definitely better than Midway Market. We still like to hit Midway Market as I have picky kids that like the food there. Jim
  12. I would put a travel day in between Cedar Point and Kings Island. It takes about 4 hours to get there. We usually will hit the park in the evening the day we get to Kings Island and then a full day the next day. Jim
  13. Delta and Air France have nonstop flights into Detroit Metro Airport (DTW). It's a 4 hour drive from their to Kings Island and 90 minutes to Cedar Point. We always fly into Detroit and then drive to Kings Island and then go to Cedar Point. Jim
  14. We were at the park at the very end of May and I thought the Racer was rough compared to prior years. I've been riding it since the 2nd year Kings Island opened. We used to marathon it back back when it just had the buzz bars. We also found Blue Streak rough this year at Cedar Point compared to how it was a couple years ago. Both parks need to give these woodies some extra attention as they are both great rides when smooth. We hit Kings Island and Cedar Point every other year as we live in Phoenix so we can really feel the ride differences from each visit. Jim
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