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  1. Rode it yesterday about 4 times. Not every effect is working yet, Today may have been the first day with everything on... Spoilers ahead! The actual ride is actually referred to as the Sim Track. Heavy use of Blacklight and brings a sort of Tron Vibe. Almost all traces of 98 Test Track are gone! (Exception of some Black and Yellow paints in Load/Unload areas and the Maintenance Bay) And the Semi-Truck gag is back but really well done. Lots of little references to EPCOT Center, World of Motion and even a Cars reference! Designing the car is very similar to Sum of All Thrill
  2. ^ I dont think that its unsafe at all because of the guest that went back there. You all know how the ride functions and know what to touch and what not to touch. It was merely an observation how a small park like that can treat its fans so nicely! Would Disney do that? No because of what could go wrong. So many safety measures put in place here... Sorry, a few runins with OHSA at Disney have put me in an interesting mindset... But this is a very indepth PTR. Nice use of rating system as well! I can wait to see more! Suscribed.
  3. Cool Photos! I like how you included the Train fail picture, because hats truly how 95% of the coaster photos turn out, well mine at least. I still cant believe that you got so close to an operating ride!! OHSA would have a field day over that..
  4. Like, Is it enjoyable? Are we Courteous? Are the Speilers good? Anything we can improve on? Just curious... so I can help out my other CM's.
  5. I would like to gain an honest opinion about you all, or Y'all's experience in the Parking Lot at DHS... Today is actually my last Day in the DHS Parking Lot crew (Transfered to Tower Of Terror), and I'm curious to hear what you all have to say...
  6. ^^ I agree. Living with the Land seems more along the lines of Backlot Tour at DHS or even Kilimanjaro Safari at DAK. Dark Rides (to me) are non Roller Coasters or Simulators, with heavy theme through out and a ride system on a track or flume, including animatronics. So at Magic Kingdom (where a lot of people think of dark rides) I would consider Peter Pan's flight, Splash Mountain, Small World, Pirates of The Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and even Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (due to the fact you are IN his universe). And now even the Jungle cruise even though its outside. Epco
  7. Quick tip for anyone attending Star Wars Weekends... Go in through the main auto plaza and do arrive early. Do NOT use the satellite entrance off of Buena Vista drive. It is worth the extra 3 mins on I-4, to take exit 64 for Hollywood Studios. In fact, there wont be an entrance off of Buena Vista Drive for very much longer. There will be a new off ramp off of Osceola Parkway that will feed into the Main Entrance plaza. Nick "Parking CM at Hollywood Studios" Wells
  8. Bad show. Thats why they are not Cast Members lol. But I am excited about Q-Bots in Florida!
  9. Gonna miss it a little bit. Not many rides like it left out there anymore... But this is a right step in the recovery from the coaster wars!
  10. I think this ride will be the proposed expansion to the Las Vegas Monorail....
  11. Went by there today, walked in there, saw that it was just a little dip that broke, not an entire track falling on the other track
  12. ... If you know the name of the show and roller coaster where that actually happened
  13. That just took this trip report to a whole other level! Question though, how was the clientele there? More locals? or More Tourists?
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