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  1. Are we completely sure the park isn't in a holding pattern or were told by corporate that they had a good chance at getting what they wanted done to Hurler and so set up the separate reveal that happened yesterday, but were told at a late date that the Hurler mod was still not decided on or was a no-go this year? I'm not asking this because I'm suggesting it happened. Genuinely curious, as I don't know if it could happen that way.
  2. So if the new county fair area is around Carolina Cobra, what are they calling the old one now?
  3. ^^ When I was there on the 12th, it was a momentary power surge, and it took them hours to fix. However, it could be that a short cutout of power would cause all rides to need to be tested before reopening.
  4. Sounds like they may have had a power blip yet again! If so, that's 3 times already this year!
  5. Be hilarious if they surprise us all and it ends up being another enclosed wild mouse, but this time to Batman AND Superman. One thing's for sure. It'd be funny to come back here and read the angry comments for months...
  6. Rides now testing and reopening. All ticket stubs for this day good for another day until July 31. Good deal.
  7. Weird. Here at Carowinds right now and literally every ride is now closed. Every ride went down at once, but everything else is open. Weather is sunny, so it's not that. Never had this happen before while at a park.
  8. Also, Carowinds needed a lot of work. Kings Dominion, not as much. I'd assume that in a few years Carowinds people will be complaining like some KD people are now. KD got what it needed this year; a new flat ride replacing an out of date coaster from a company that no longer exists.
  9. You know that if they ever get SeaWorld to "get rid of their whales", whatever that means (all ways lead to the orca's death, which they'll undoubtedly blame on SeaWorld), they'll go after the dolphins next. Then the polar bears. The final goal of these people is to get rid of all zoos, circuses, and aquariums.
  10. Didn't the park buy the land of the old shopping center right there a few years ago? They could always demolish it and put the stuff there...
  11. Or something's going there and something else will be put elsewhere...
  12. I have to agree. The airtime on the return trip is great. The first half is all about speed, and besides the first drop hasn't a lick of airtime. It's a great ride.
  13. Well, as long as it isn't being cleared for bleachers and a stage for a night-time show like Cedar Point's...
  14. Yeah, I've ridden both. And I don't really rate coasters, so it's a moot point. Good coasters are good coasters. And they are both good coasters.
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