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  1. Are we completely sure the park isn't in a holding pattern or were told by corporate that they had a good chance at getting what they wanted done to Hurler and so set up the separate reveal that happened yesterday, but were told at a late date that the Hurler mod was still not decided on or was a no-go this year? I'm not asking this because I'm suggesting it happened. Genuinely curious, as I don't know if it could happen that way.
  2. So if the new county fair area is around Carolina Cobra, what are they calling the old one now?
  3. ^^ When I was there on the 12th, it was a momentary power surge, and it took them hours to fix. However, it could be that a short cutout of power would cause all rides to need to be tested before reopening.
  4. Sounds like they may have had a power blip yet again! If so, that's 3 times already this year!
  5. Be hilarious if they surprise us all and it ends up being another enclosed wild mouse, but this time to Batman AND Superman. One thing's for sure. It'd be funny to come back here and read the angry comments for months...
  6. Rides now testing and reopening. All ticket stubs for this day good for another day until July 31. Good deal.
  7. Weird. Here at Carowinds right now and literally every ride is now closed. Every ride went down at once, but everything else is open. Weather is sunny, so it's not that. Never had this happen before while at a park.
  8. Also, Carowinds needed a lot of work. Kings Dominion, not as much. I'd assume that in a few years Carowinds people will be complaining like some KD people are now. KD got what it needed this year; a new flat ride replacing an out of date coaster from a company that no longer exists.
  9. You know that if they ever get SeaWorld to "get rid of their whales", whatever that means (all ways lead to the orca's death, which they'll undoubtedly blame on SeaWorld), they'll go after the dolphins next. Then the polar bears. The final goal of these people is to get rid of all zoos, circuses, and aquariums.
  10. Didn't the park buy the land of the old shopping center right there a few years ago? They could always demolish it and put the stuff there...
  11. Or something's going there and something else will be put elsewhere...
  12. I have to agree. The airtime on the return trip is great. The first half is all about speed, and besides the first drop hasn't a lick of airtime. It's a great ride.
  13. Well, as long as it isn't being cleared for bleachers and a stage for a night-time show like Cedar Point's...
  14. Yeah, I've ridden both. And I don't really rate coasters, so it's a moot point. Good coasters are good coasters. And they are both good coasters.
  15. I've been going to Carowinds since about 1993, usually at least once a year. I went yesterday for a full day, having not been the year before that. Really loved Fury 325. Nice floater air and some ejector air before the helix towards the end of the ride. I got to ride it twice. Once about an hour after the park opened, and once as the last ride of the night. The night ride was really great. Seemed faster, as night rides often do. However, that's about the only good thing I can say about my trip this time. Now, truly, Carowinds has never had the greatest employees for the most part. But they were never this slow on any previous trip I've taken there. Dispatches on Carolina Cyclone took about 3 minutes. On Intimidator, about the same. Carolina Cobra, about 5. Nighthawk, over 5, but that's not unusual. Vortex, about 5 or 6. Now, it was obvious that the people actually operating the coaster from the booth were trying to get people to hustle. The thing was, they were pushing guests to be faster putting stuff in bins or getting out of their seats or fasting their belts. This tended to cause people to get flustered instead of quick. And the people checking restraints would have to unlock the restraints because people were in a hurry and sat on the seatbelts or put their stuff on the ground by the cubbies instead of in them, which is a no-no at some of the coasters now. (Others didn't care, but the Goldrusher crew did.) Besides the slow loading times, the employees for the most part were real sourpusses. I try to be nice to employees at parks, as I know their jobs can really suck what with the hot weather, entitled patrons, and low pay. It gets progressively hard to do that when they frown when you come up to their window to order a drink, they don't say you're welcome when you thank them, they ignore you, or they take out their anger on you because the person in front of you got on their nerves. The Fury crew would get really testy with those who didn't notice they had a seatbelt to buckle before they pulled down their lap belt. Understandable, but unprofessional in my opinion. I don't normally speak up, but did to the one guy who was berating the person in front of me (who had never been to the park before and didn't notice the belt). At least at the end of the night, one of the game workers asked how our day was and talked to us about it for like 5 minutes. The one cheerful employee I saw there all day. Wish I had gotten her name to commend her at guest services as we left, but it never crossed my mind. The waits weren't too bad for a Saturday. I rode Thunder Road twice, once on both sides. Silver side is still much smoother than the blue side. I went to the park to get my last rides in, as it closes after next weekend. It was the only coaster at the park that had no line all day. Rode Intimidator once. The wait was about 15 minutes, mostly due to slow dispatches. The guy in the booth was trying to get both the patrons and his staff to hurry it up, giving them countdowns even, but the trains all stacked for at least 30 seconds as we waited in line. Vortex had about a 30 minute wait, and we only rode it once. It still isn't that enjoyable. Rode Afterburn once. It had a 20 minute wait, and they now no longer have preferred seating either, at least on weekends. Vortex didn't either. This was new to me on both of those coasters. Previously they had done that only on Nighthawk and Intimidator. I've noticed this creeping through a lot of parks lately, and I don't really like it, especially on older coasters. I understand it for newer ones. Hurler still completely sucks. I'd thought I'd heard they had taken the brake off from the first hill. Nope, still there at the bottom, making the ride completely devoid of the airtime it used to have. The coaster has absolutely no point anymore. Goldrusher had about a 15 minute line, and loading there has never been fast since they have to lock each train car individually and they have to explain to anyone over 5 1/2 feet tall to cross their ankles so the bar can come down. Didn't get to ride Ricochet or Carolina Cobra as the lines were too long and it rained/stormed for 2 hours closing everything outside. Cobra didn't even open until about 2 PM anyway. Ricochet was closed after the storm until about 8 PM, after which it had a good 40 minute line. I don't know why employees this year seemed to be so bad. Maybe I just got a really bad day? I'm not a huge fan of Cedar Fair's seat belt fixation even after having quite a few years to "get used to it". People still sit on them and it really does slow dispatches. (and having them on Carolina Cyclone is nonsensical.) On the plus side, all coasters were running 2 or more trains (except the ones that only COULD run one like the former Taxi Jam and Carolina Cobra), the park has nightly fireworks, and for the first time in a long time I noticed the park stayed open until 10 on weekdays! Still, despite the new coaster and new entrance, employees need a lot of improvement, as do dispatch times.
  16. I'll laugh if everyone's hopes are dashed and we get a small spinning coaster there. Which I wouldn't mind, actually. A Euro-Fighter or Gerstlauer or Mack spinner would fit excellently in Shock Wave's spot without removing anything else. And that's if it's even a coaster, which I'm really not totally convinced of. The park needs more flats, and I hope they go that route. A new indoor restaurant like Carowinds got last year would be great too.
  17. Doesn't really mean anything. Newsfeed shows stories both popular and it thinks may interest you personally by what you post etc. "The stories that show in your News Feed are influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook. This helps you to see more stories that interest you from friends you interact with the most. The number of comments and likes a post receives and what kind of story it is (ex: photo, video, status update) can also make it more likely to appear in your News Feed." That's from facebook own site.
  18. They could keep going with the nostalgia thing and buy one of those brand new Huss Enterprises that were just announced. (The 2G-Plus version, hopefully.) Or maybe get Carowinds' enterprise and rename it Apple Turnover. (Then Carowinds could get the new version, which maybe fits with that Wright Bros/Kitty Hawk picture they put as a hint?) I could see a new restaurant joining a flat. They need a new one. I think the newest sit-down restaurant we ever got was Stan Mikita's back in 1994. The rest have just been rethemed. If they don't do another restaurant, maybe we get one the other Cedar Fair park's Monsters? I mean, I'd prefer some sort of frisbee-type ride, I always thought that spot was perfect for a giant frisbee, but do they still make that version? Maybe KI would give up theirs?
  19. Both trams I've taken here at Disney World today have been telling everyone boarding that they need to put their selfie sticks back in their cars, as they will not be allowed in from now on. Guess some didn't get that June 30th memo.
  20. Yeah, think of Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer. Took so long to get through all the complaints from the neighboring RV park or whatever, the permission to go over a road, environmental surveys... But we finally got one of the best wooden coasters out there... eventually.
  21. Everything that was in the mountain that Volcano is in now at Kings Dominion. Time Shaft/Smurf Mountain/Haunted River. Not coasters, but it does say coaster/ride, so... For coaster, Big Bad Wolf. Verbolten is cool, but I'd rather have kept Big Bad Wolf.
  22. They could put in a ride of nothing but Olaf singing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" through the whole thing, and it'd get a mega-line.
  23. Just so you know, the Ricochet are Carowinds is a different model than Kings Dominion's is. Both are Mack wild mouse coasters, but Carowinds has the "Small Park" model, and KD has the "Large Park" model. No big drop off the lift hill, different layout.
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