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Hey I'm James all the way from Connecticut.

I just happened to see the Napoleon Dynamite DVD hence my username.

Anyways Lake Compounce is my home park but I do manage to get up to Six Flags New England quite a bit.

You know SFNE... the park that has trouble securing its loose passengers.

You can find me elsewhere on Gadv.com and Westcoaster.net.

I enjoy the photos (and the captions) on TPR and the forums are a great idea. Keep up the good work guys!

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I'm from 10 - 24 June in Italy, in Mirabilandia, Gardaland and Moviestudios Italy. On the way to Italy, we go to Holidaypark and Europapark. 8)


Everywhere you go, I can go!! Maybe Walibi World, or Efteling, or Disney? I have for this parks a card for the whole year!!


What you can do also: go the parks in Spain, very beautiful. And don't forget Scandinavia and Holland!! Italy has also 2 cool themeparks.

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Hello to everyone.


I'm Bubba and live in NJ. My home park is Story Book Land. :shock: anyway Robb and Elissa it's great that you added a forum to you're site.Thanks to you're trip reports I have made more visits to new parks last summer (16) than the past 5 years. If anybody is headed to Kingda ka this summer Hollar, because I'm always up to meet new people.


Bubba " only 6 weeks to go for 2005 season" Z

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Hi I'm Matt... I'm in northern Colorado. Those of you that think you are poorly off just think at least you don't have potentially the worst vekoma boomerang on earth at the only park that adds rides anywhere near you.


Don't get me wrong I love CO but the coasters here aren't really worth writing about. Still we do have WaterWorld which has some rides no other waterpark can match. This area also has quite the variety of Microbrews (still don't know near enough about beers though)... Of course we also have the blasted Bud plant.

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Hello everyone, I'm Craig and I'm an alcoholic...Oops, wrong place.


I am 19 and I live in Connecticut and I go to college up in Maine (I'm majoring in Communications). I also post on Westcoaster as Token Yankee Guy and the SFNE.com forums under SkycoasterFreak. I've visited a few parks on the east coast but I hopefully will be heading out to California and Wisconsin areas this summer.


Thats all I can think of.

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Hey Ya'll! I'm Chuck. I live in northern Indiana (about 15 miles from Neutered Dame). I'm a stay-at-home dad with 3 teenagers and a soon to be 20 year old son that I've never seen (long, ugly story).


I'm originally from Huntington Beach, CA. I haven't been to a theme park in many years, so I tend to mostly lurk on forums.


I was a ride operator at Knott's back in 1981 (yeah, I'm an old fart). I was in the Coast Guard and I also served as a combat medic in the Army.


That's about all I can think of for now. I'm really glad that Robb and Elissa have started this forum because I've been following TPR for a while now and I love the irreverent and warped sense of humor that always flows from it.

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I'm Eric... 22.. been working at IOA at Dueling Dragons for about a year. Getting reemed out at the Grand Flo. before that.. Moving back to good old PA in a month and have an interview with HERCO, hopefully for a decent job.. but I gotta grow up and finish that last year of college too. So if youre at Hersheypark this summer or IOA in the next few weeks! Stop by!


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My name is Wouter and i'm from the Netherlands . I live close to Walibi World ( ) better known as SixFlags Holland. Fav. coaster is Stunt Fall located at Wbmwm.

And i dont have anything else interesting to say for now.

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