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Hello everyone in Theme Park Review Land!


This is the place where you can introduce yourself, say hello and tell us a little bit about you so we can get to know our members a little bit better.


Simply click the "Post Reply" button you see there above and give us your info!


Maybe tell us where you're from, what your local park is how many coasters you've been on, and maybe something non-coaster related so we don't seem totally geeky!


BTW, I'm Robb....for those of you who live in a cave. I live down the street from SFMM. I've been on over 800 coasters. I make video games for a living. I have three "dingly danglys" on my cell phone.



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^Oh, well it still looks pretty cool. Just a question, I can't seem to be able to find the custom title option in my profile. Is it an admin-only option, or is it in a part of my profile I haven't found yet...?


Also, I'd recommend changing the order of the profile fields, it just doesn't seem to flow right. It would look better if it went something like:






Joined Date



...or something of that nature. If you don't know how to change it, you can switch the order in the /templates/subSilver/viewtopic.tpl file via ftp, the same way you add modifications to the forum.


-Paul "Just a suggestion!" Bleichert

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^^ Thanks for the suggestions Paul. You'll probably see minor little changes over the next couple of days as we're still tweaking things with the board.


The member titles are admin only, for the time being. That might be one of the things we change in the near future.

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I'm Dave Thomas, owner of the Wendy's corporation, and apparently posting this from the great beyond...it's cool how the great beyond has internet access, though it needs more diet coke machines. And porn. Well, every place needs more porn. What park will be the first to offer the first in-park adult bookstore? I'm placing bets on a Six Flags...



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I'm Brian and I'm from South Carolina, home of the worst CCI on earth (but one Robb doesn't have :o ). It's a pleasure to meet you. I represent 100% of the heterosexual coaster enthusiasts that post on coaster message boards from SC.


Now if THAT wasn't a bait, I don't know what is.


Brian, who battons down the hatches.

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BTW, I'm Robb....for those of you who live in a cave.


Its amazing what you can get in to caves these days !

How does your computer work (Does your hamster run on the wheel for the electricity ?)


Hello, I am Nick & I am from the UK


Nick “And I am going to bed now as it is almost 2300 way past my bedtime !” Collins

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Holy crap... who would have guessed that it would only have been a matter of time that since the main rated 'R' feature in this year's DVD that he would make a screename after it. :shock:


Hi, I'm Justin.. and im not wearing any socks right now


-Justin "who needs a good icon and signature really bad!"

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Hey, I'm Alyse. I live in Washington, DC. I used to lurk over at the WestCoaster board and posted a few times and I decided I'd start posting more regularly here now.

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Hi, I'm Jeff(16) from Rockford, Illinois. You will usually find me at SfGam(as it is my homepark and I'm proud of it.) or at my local waterpark, Magic Waters.(Home of the Splashblaster water coaster.) I also visit many other parks periodically.


If you have any questions(specifically about SfGam) I would also be happy to answer them.


I'm just glad that I am able to join a forum right when it starts so I don't get the feeling that I have to catch up. Thanks Robb and Elissa!

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Hi Everybody... I'm Shari.... I live near Cincinnati, Ohio, and about 5 minutes from those (depending upon your point of view) awesome wooden structures known as The Beast and The Son of Beast (aka the spinal relocation device). I stumbled across Robb and Elissa's (God, I hope I just spelled her name correctly) website about a year and a half ago, and it's been on my favorite places list ever since.


Anyway, I have always loved amusement parks, coasters, Disney (the Alvey's wedding pictures made me green with jealousy!!). I have two stepdaughters, 19 + 17, and my hubby and I have a 6 year old. Parks I have visited in the last decade (not counting PKI, which is home away from home) have been CP, Dollywood and Magic Kingdom and MGM at WDW. Favorite coaster is the Beast. Favorite ride of all, ToT at Disney World.



Shari "Thanks for sharing your adventures with me " Shoufler

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I'm Wes. I'm a New York socialite, part of the media elite, and the heir to the Westin Hotel Chain. I was born in a Volcano and my parent's are bird people. One time I had to find a minotaur to steal his key so that my village would not be destroyed by fire breathing dolphins. I am secret assasin hired by Google to kill competitor's search engines.

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I'm pretty sure most of you know me from WC...but I'll say hi anyway. I live in California (duh) in the middle of 3 amusement parks(PGA, SFMW, and SCBB)...wait a sec...4 amusement parks (I forgot Bonfante) and 4 water parks (Raging Waters, Waterworld Concord & Sacramento, and this small waterpark Shadow Cliffs), 2 of the amusement parks are about 30-45 minutes away depending on bay area traffic and a nice sea side park about an hour from here. 8)

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A new member, after an email from Robb..


I'm Arco van den Broek, from The Netherlands. I'm 21 years old and a big rollercoaster/themepark fan! From April till October, i do a lot of themeparks, 50 á 60 in 1 year. October 2004, it was the first time in USA, 17 days Orlando. It was a great time, USA is GREAT!! :shock:


This year, the first 2 weeks of August, I go to Ohio/New York. All the rollercoaster parks there, I'm going to visit. I can't wait to do Kingda Ka!! 8)


In Europe, I did a lot of themeparks, only Italy in June and Scandinavia maybe in October and then I did al the big themeparks in Europe. Hopely we can meet in Europa this summer, if a group from Themepark Review coming to Europe.


Greetz Arco. (And in Dutch: Groetjes Arco)

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