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  1. There is so much awesome there.... The cupcakes, Blaze Pizza, embroidered Vera AND macaroons!!!
  2. I had to have open heart surgery 3 1/2 years ago to correct a congenital heart defect. One of the first things I asked my surgeon was whether or not I would be able to ride coasters after surgery. Happy to report that following a February surgery, I was on the Beast and Diamondback on KI opening day 3 months later. I agree with all posting here-if the doctor thinks it's fine, then trust his advice! Hope your husband has a great summer!
  3. I love the smile on Kristin's face! PS, is that "MY" (ie Kings Island) Bat head?
  4. TPR's previous tour reports gave us enough of a tease that we visited City Museum during a St. Louis trip in '11. Like Robb says, you can't explain it-you just have to go there!! It's like Chuck E. Cheese on meth or something!
  5. I can't believe I am jumping in on all this speculation, especially after Chuck's answer which nearly made me pee my pants, but..... if you have followed the "clues" at the park and Twitter, there's that owl in the tree, the scarecrows and now the comb. Banshee it is!!!
  6. I asked the guy working Skycoaster yesterday and all he would tell me was "higher than Diamondback".
  7. Joey, here's the picture I was talking about! Elissa...be careful what you offer Actually, a nurse at our surgery center has a daughter who has been down there for several years now- she plays Ariel, Evil Stepsister, Jessie, etc and LOVES it. She was giving me some hints on what they look for, and talked like a strong dance background is a huge plus, so yea! Those tens of thousands of dollars won't be a waste after all, LOL!!
  8. Sammi and I have been looking at a lot of "Disney Princess" pictures and stuff since our Florida trip, and today I happened upon this image and laughed that it linked back here to TPR. I know this is an ancient thread, but I have to share something related to this.... Sammi went through a phase a few years ago where everytime I mentioned the characters she was all like "it's just a guy in a suit", but when we got to Magic Kingdom June 21st she was crazy into it (turning 15 that very week), especially the "human" characters. Now, I would have thought it was just my girl (she's not a jaded,
  9. Adam, I love all the pictures. We are giving serious consideration to doing the cruise/land trip next June to celebrate our 20th anniversary and Sammi's 16th birthday. My only question... the food looks way fancier than what we eat. I am pretty sure there are a lot more "regular folk" choices, but are those available in the nice restaurants, because I don't want to miss out on those experiences! Shari
  10. My daughter's first coaster (the coaster formerly known as "Taxi Jam" at KI) was at 16 months old. We just got on it, and from that point on, it was pretty much just like "you like coasters, you are big enough for this one and this one...." I NEVER, ever said anything like "Now, don't be scared" or "Oh....this looks scary". I want to punch parents that do that, because it just plants the seed. I can only think of a couple rides where she was particularly aprehensive or worried, and those were generally flat rides that were dark or scary (in fact, I had more trouble with her at WDW trying to ge
  11. ^^Ha ha, loved your response about the beach!! I knew you weren't gonna know that one! Yeah, we have gone back and forth on this. Originally we were going to try an RCCL cruise, but then Sammi and I started with the "and maybe we could spend a day or two in Orlando...." and pretty soon, doing the math, it was like, "Yikes!" and I concluded we could still sit on a beach for a couple days without a cruise. We are trying not to go crazy here, because next year we would like to go to Hawaii for Sammi's 16th birthday and our 20th anniversary. Also, flying and (the cost of) 3 airline tickets, pl
  12. Hi Friends, I am currently attempting to plot out an East Coast, Daytona Beach, Orlando trip for June. Have a couple questions for all my TPR/Central Florida friends. 1) What are Disney/Sea World charging for parking these days? 2) Any thoughts, comments regarding the Marriott World Compount in LBV? 3) Do you get parking refunded if you drive into the Magic Kingdom for dinner at one of the resorts and not go to the park? 4) Anyone have any firsthand knowledge or experience with the Shores Resort in Daytona Beach? Thanks, Shari
  13. I posted this in the "Cruising" thread, but welcome advice from any of you good people of the Orlando area!! Need a little advice..... We were supposed to take a Carnival Klassy Cruise out of Tampa in June with my daughter's dance team. Long story, short, it got cancelled by the dance studio leaving us really bummed. (Even though it was gonna be Carnival, we have never been on a cruise and due to a variety of personal crap have done very little traveling in the last 10 years.) I went to AAA the other day and looked into a Royal Caribbean cruise out of Port Canaveral the same week of June t
  14. Hi all.... Need a little advice..... We were supposed to take a Carnival Klassy Cruise out of Tampa in June with my daughter's dance team. Long story, short, it got cancelled by the dance studio leaving us all really bummed. We have wanted to cruise for a long time, so I went to AAA the other day and looked into a Royal Caribbean cruise out of Port Canaveral the same week next year. It would be a 4 night cruise, and we would like to fly into the Orlando area on the Friday before so that we can take in Magic Kingdom and Sea World, as Sammi has never been since they got rid of ours here in Ohio
  15. You guys are killing me.... We are tentatively slated to go on Carnival next June with the "Dancin at Sea" program with some of Sammi's team. And I actually thought that "ringy dingy" part was for real, so now I feel doubly stupid, LOL
  16. I'll always have those good(?) memories of riding it with Robb and Elissa back in 2007. I was pretty sure I killed Sammi. It was horrid!!
  17. Hi all... I got a great, new camera for Christmas and want to start downloading my new photos onto my computer. Up till now, I have had Microsoft Picture It on my PCs, but it seems that as time has gone on, with both Sammi and I downloading photos onto all the different computers in the house, we have photos everywhere, some loaded and saved multiple times in multiple places, some saved with a different program etc. I would really like some advice on just a basic, simple program that I can add to my pcs and start using. Keep in mind, I am not a "computer wiz"! Thanks! Shari
  18. Ok, I just spent like the last two hours reading this report even though Maureen warned me it was going to make me very, very hungry! I am not only very hungry, but also very jealous! What an awesome ship. I laughed my ass off at the Lady Gaga class, too. Wow.... that was freaking hillarious. Always fun viewing a trip through the eyes of the Alvey-White family! Shari
  19. Very cool!! Sounds like the kids knew more than the tour guide, LOL.
  20. Absolutely awesome Robb!! I loved reading your "review" of the process. I avoided such events my entire life because, frankly, the creep the hell out of me. Then, 3 years ago, a good friend talked me into going to KI and I had a blast, mostly because of the company of the friends I was with. And alcohol. Last year Sammi and I went alone and we were cautious to avoid as many scareactors as we could, although by the end of the night, we were both getting braver and not clinging to each other, LOL It definitely is a psychological experience. You know they are just park employees, but as you said,
  21. Gosh... those IKEA pictures actually made me miss working there. For about 30 seconds. Keep the pics coming... counting down to Wednesday! See ya'll then!!
  22. Bravo Mr. Alvey!!! Always impressed to see TPR make the national media!
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