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  1. ^^ I did see the Nemo one! Like I said, with them pinned and stuck to the board, it was impossible to know which ones were "hers" and which were (the paltry few!) the other kids have gotten. Just kidding. Seriously, I consider it great luck that I happened upon TPR several years ago because I have always just been such a huge theme park buff and to take that interest and have it evolve into belonging to such a cool "community" is really awesome. Sam will never know any different, because the internet has always been a part of her life, but can you only imagine how much more difficult this project would have been when we were kids?? Sam did make a list of missing states, so here we go: Kansas, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia and Minnesota. Everybody have a great week!
  2. Since I had to pick Sammi up from the after-school program today, we headed up to her classroom so I could (finally!!) get some photos to share! I will apologize in advance for two things... #1) These photos were taken with my cell phone #2) The postcards are either taped and/or stapled down so it was impossible for me to read most of them. I knew who a few were from based on where the card was from or who I remembered saying "I sent one with.... on it". I can tell you that I am personally looking forward to reading all of them when the project ends in a few weeks. Thanks again!! Shari and Samantha Not sure if you can tell, but there's one here that pictures Balder! Thanks ZaneyMon! This is one of her personal favs because of the characters in their Halloween garb Sam is practically responsible for all the cards on the "International Board" I knew immediately this had to be from Chuck! Indiana=Holiday World!! The blue string connects the cards received to Sammi's homeroom, the green one's belong to the other class/team Alvey's representing the Golden State! This is the board where both classes from her "team" have their cards posted
  3. She is just beautful... I love every picture you post and can tell from them she has a great personality. As for the dress...welcome to the world of parenting a little girl. Friday night, Samantha had her first "social" at school. Basically, it was 600 5th grade girls and boys runnng amok at a carnival without their parents (although there were tons of parent volunteers). At 4:30 I pick her up from school and ask her what she is going to wear. She informs me that she thinks she will wear what she has on (a mismatched ensemble of a pale blue long sleeve waffle fabric -think long underwear-and a pair of summer shorts). I suggest perhaps jean-she decides she will wear the casual dress that she wore for school pictures. 15 minutes later we are in Kohls so I can pick up a dress I need for a wedding I was going to this weekend. She comes up to me with a black, sleeveless, satin pleated dress with gold sequin belt. I tell her that she doesn't need a dress like this right now because she has no where to wear it to. She informs me that she will wear it that night. I tell her it's a carnival not Homecoming or Prom. She gets pissed and pouts for 1/2 hour. Good times.
  4. Since neither her Dad or I have had the chance to actually get to her class to look at them (she WILL get them all to keep at the end of the project so I am looking forward to her bringing them home) but only the TPR folks have been sending them to school; friends and family have been sending them to our home. So, based on that, I would guess at least 40 so far...possibly more.
  5. Thanks Michael.. I forgot yours was Alabama.... I should have remembered that when you were talking about the space center place. I have some family in Huntsville but I don't think they got word of this project, so I am glad you've got it covered. Shari
  6. ^Yeah.. don't worry about the list... I agree with Robb, it's a good thought, but not everyone will re-read and at this point, as I said, we are just shooting to finish out the continential US. According to Sam, they are only missing about 15!! but, naturally, she only remembers 4 of them (of course, she can remember all the coasters she has ever ridden, so you can respect that she has priorities!! Oh, sorry, she just said "coasters are easier to remember than states"!) The four she knows are missing are Connecticut, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. But. if you are in the continental 50 and want to represent, go for it! Shari and Sam
  7. Hey Everybody!! Shari (Mom) here... I got home from work last night and Samantha said "Mom...guess how many post cards I got today? 22!!!" She got 22 postcards-all international-in just one day! Her teacher told her to just read one fact off of each to the class to save time LOL!!! Thank you all so much! They are still lacking in cards from the Continental US, so for those of you who are reading this thread for the first time, or who maybe thought about sending one but you were too late, please go ahead and send one. I am going to email her teacher to see if she can tell me what states they still need. If I can get a list of which states are still needed I will post it later today. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN.... TPR MEMBERS ROCK Shari and Sammi ps. Here are the details once again: My daughter, Samantha (the second of the "s"es in Disneygurlz2s) has a favor to ask of you...thanks in advance for those who would like to help her out! Dear TPR friends, Hi! This is Sammi. In class we are doing a thing called The Great State Race. I need as many postcards from each of your states so my class can win the contest. It needs to have 2 facts about your state or city (example: California is famous for movies and entertainment, the capital of California is Sacramento). It ends November 13. The sooner I get the postcard the better. Please send to: Samantha Shoufler Team Accomplish Room H273 Mason Intermediate School 6307 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason, OH 45040 THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
  8. How could you not have a good time with Lou, Chuck and Matt Damon there??? I love the Mickey face made out of the pumpkins/gourds. I have not been to WDW in October; hoping to next yearfor my birthday! Shari
  9. ^Thanks Big Mike.... Awesome job on Leno! Sammi received 4 more cards today, I think! I am going to try to stop at the school at the end of the week and see if I can get at least a picture of what they have hanging up.
  10. Hi Everybody... Reporting on behalf of Sammi.... She has received about 20 so far from TPRers!! Many of the international ones are starting to arrive now. Unfortunately, little "Dory" isn't very good at remembering who and where they are all from, but I will find time to stop by the school and take a look for myself real soon. I know she did get the one from Zaney (Tokyo DL!). I think that one stood out in her mind because it had the RODENTS on it! Robb is right...she has until the 13th of November to receive. They don't have to be a park or even any special attraction...all states, countries and cities are interesting (I am actually looking forward to when we get to bring them home to see and read all of them!) Have a great weekend everybody!
  11. The last time I went to Wet n Wild that tall slide was called "Der Stuker" or something like that. I refused to it after seeing girl after girl come up with major wedgies or worse... LOL I had to laugh at the picture of the "High Q" (tall hotel). Back in 1985 (same visit as Wet n Wild) I was on a business trip to the area and our hotel was a 3 or 4 story Quality Inn (the low Q). Each night as the shuttle bus dropped off they would ask who was going to the High Q and who was going to the Low Q. HHN looks very cool, even though I am not real fond of haunts.... Shari
  12. I believe she got 6 at school yesterday.... of course, she's like Dory in "Nemo" and can't remember where she got them from! UGH. Her dad usually has lunch with her once a week, so I am going to ask him to see if he can stop at the classroom and maybe get a little more info. For those who asked, yes, two handwritten facts ie: "Florida is known as the 'sunshine state'" "Florida is the home of Walt Disney World which takes up more area than the island of Manhattan in New York" or "Cincinnati is known as the "Queen City of the West" "Cincinnati is famous for it's special recipe chili which is made with a variety of spices and even cocoa" We'll keep you all posted! Shari and Sammi
  13. Hey Everyone!! Sammi has begun receiving postcards at school daily! So far, I think, she has received cards from Rhode Island, Utah, California (thanks Alvey Fam!) and a few others. I am sure that some of the "international" ones will begin arriving soon. Thanks to all of you it sounds like Sam is single-handedly accomplishing the class project (and we know they are going to kick the other classes butts! LOL!!) My plan is to take an afternoon off later this month and go to school to take some pictures for a little "TR" so I will keep you posted! Shari and Sammi
  14. 2 facts about your city, state, country is all that is needed. Of course, if you want to say something about who you are, what you do, etc. that would be cool, I think, since Sammi is hearing from all kinds of new friends from around the world! Shari (Mom, who is just as excited about this project as the girl is )
  15. Yes, please include two facts about your city, state, country etc! I can't wait to get home from work to find out how many she got today! Shari
  16. Sammi wanted me to report that she received her first post card at school today from John in Rhode Island!!! Thanks John!! She was the first in the class to receive/turn in a post card, so she earned a "chance card" (nowdays in school they bribe the children with "tickets" that they can win trinkets or penny candy prizes with...where was this when we were kids???) I emailed her teacher today to explain about TPR and why we would want to stop in and take some photos a time or two. She said "You've cleared a lot up. Sammi told me something about you didn't want to put her home address on the internet and rollercoasters. Now it all makes sense!" LOL Shari
  17. LOL!! Good one! We love seeing the pictures of her and I completely agree that little ones who are not as "schedule oriented" tend to do a lot better with travel and long days out at parks, etc than ones who are used to a very strict schedule. Shari
  18. Hey everybody... Shari, Sammi's mom, here.... I just want to say how AWESOME your response to this has been and how much Sammi is looking forward to having you all flood the school office with postcards from around the country and the world! It doesn't surprise me at all-TPR is an great online community of totally cool people! Just to answer a few questions/comments: Yes, international postcards are great! And I agree with Elissa, cards from different regions and parts of the same states would be cool! The kids are being encouraged to get one from each state, but with all the different attractions, geographic areas, man-made and natural landmarks, cultures, etc, I think it makes an awesome experience (plus, it make Sam look really well connected to be getting all these cards from everywhere!) to learn as much as they can about different places. You have all month (the end date is November 13th actually), so if you don't have one handy now but want to pick up one on your travels (or next trip to the mini-mart, whatever) that is fine! I have no idea if there is a "prize" for her class (besides bragging rights!), but I guarantee you that having an excited kid so in to this project because of all you is a prize in itself! And, yes, Samantha is the little girl we "pimped out" at Kings Island during the Midwest Trip last summer. It was so much fun spending time with many of you and we definitely plan to take a TPR trip sometime in the future! Thanks again, Shari and Sammi PS.. R&E... I just saw that you put this on the homepage...how awesome, thank you! You guys rock! Sammi pounds it with Ryan on Midwest Trop in '07
  19. YOU GUYS ROCK!! And, yes, we forgot to say in our original post that YES! there is a "bonus round" for international postcards so we would be THRILLED!! (PS.. Sammi is currently checking this thread every 30 minutes -actually, she wouldn't move from the computer if I didn't make her-so thanks for the quick replies) Thanks Elissa, Robb and KT for having this awesome group to help her out!! Shari and Sammi
  20. ^Sure...that would be INDIANA (and one of our favorite places, too!!)Sammi says not to forget two facts about the city or state, please!!
  21. Hi Everyone... My daughter, Samantha (the second of the "s"es in Disneygurlz2s) has a favor to ask of you...thanks in advance for those who would like to help her out! Dear TPR friends, Hi! This is Sammi. In class we are doing a thing called The Great State Race. I need a postcard from each of your states so my class can win the contest. It needs to have 2 facts about you state or city. It ends November 13. The sooner I get the postcard the better. Please send to: Samantha Shoufler Team Accomplish Room H273 Mason Intermediate School 6307 Mason-Montgomery Road Mason, OH 45040 Sincerely, Sammi Thanks for supporting my school project!!
  22. I have loved your TRs this summer. Yeah the big parks are cool, overseas travel is nice (sorry, Robb, Elissa and KT) but the two of you have really enjoyed some old-fashioned, all American fun! Shari "The little duckies are so cute" Shoufler
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