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  1. ok... meeting my hubby wasn't all that interesting, but was interesting was how we got engaged. We were in St. Louis, in a hotel room at the Marriott. Don't get excited, it's not what you think. We were there because he was taking a training class for a "business opportunity" he was getting involved in. I guess between that, and knowing he was going to propose to me a few days later, he got violently sick to his stomach, and had to leave the class he was taking and go to our room. I totally freaked out because he had just been sick like 2 weeks before this, and here we were in a strange city, he'd spent all this money on this class, and because we had recently decided to move in together, I wondered if it was nerves. So in the middle of me freaking out, he gets up (moaning and groaning like all men do when they are sick) and says "Close your eyes". I am like "What???" Next thing I know, he's next to me holding my ring in it's box. I cried, said yes, and then he threw up in the ice bucket. Shari "Just like a romance novel" Shoufler
  2. I would have to assume the show they are themeing them after is "Danny Phantom" which is a cartoon about a teenage boy who is also a ghost, or something. I think he's a crime fighter, like Disney's Kim Possible. Shari "Nickelodeon plays at my house daily" Shoufler
  3. Thanks Elissa. There's my life, summed up in one sentence. Shari "Where the hell did the last 20 years go" Shoufler
  4. ^Guess you just need more Longhorns on here, Elissa! I would have to agree with Real that from northern or southern Ohio you can drive six hours or less in any direction and reach a multitude of theme parks (Six Flags in Chicago, St Louis, Kentucky, parks in PA, Dollywood in Tennessee, etc). I think in the southwest and through the Plains states things are pretty widespread. Shari "give me a US map" Shoufler
  5. Erik.... Well, I am the Ohio girl here, so I will tell you what I can about the parks around here. Basically, the two biggies are Paramounts Kings Island and Cedar Point. There is a third, Geauga Lake, that is lesser known, and that's a long story.... PKI is in southern Ohio and is my home park, literally home away from home each summer. They do not have as many rides as other parks, but they have a good selection, and boast two pretty famous wooden coasters, The Beast and Son of Beast. The Beast is my favorite, and I know it gets debated as to if it's really THAT good or not, but I have always loved it. Unlike a lot of parks who've built their coasters right out in their midways and parking lots, Beast goes back through the woods and is awesome at night. They also have a popular childrens area, which your little girl should love. Many of the attractions are themed around Nickelodeon characters, like Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys, and they also have the costumed Blue and Dora you mentioned having down there. There is also a waterpark area, included in your admission. They upgraded it last year, to an Australian theme (or at least what we Americans think is Aussie themed ha ha) and it is really nice. I recommend a weekday versus a weekend if you visit during the summer months, and you should be able to do the park in one full day if your daughter is the kind who can go and go and go (like mine). Cedar Point, you obviously know about, it's coaster paradise. But, let me also say, it is a pretty park. Right on Lake Erie, lots of shady areas to chill out in, nicer restaurants than PKI and some great amenities if you have a little one. They have a very user friendly parent swap policy by which you get a form at guest relations upon entering the park. All the major rides are listed on it, and there are two boxes by each attraction. When you wait in line, your wife or whomever can entertain your daughter and then wait at the exit for you to come off the ride. When you ride, you give the form to the attendant, and when you exit, your spouse or whoever didn't get to ride can go right up the exit ramp and board. That person can have one other person go with them as well. The ride attendant gives them the form back for the next attraction. It was a huge sanity saver for us, because so many of their coasters are 30 min to 1 hour wait. They have tons for kids there, also, and the nice thing is that all their kids rides are not lumped in one area, but scattered around the park. They also have a ton of flat rides that are minimum height 36", so there is a lot for little one to do. Geauga Lake is about an hour and a half east of Cedar Point on the outskirts of Cleveland. They were a small, family owned park for years, and a Sea World was on the opposite side of the lake. When Sea World decided to leave Ohio (a dark day for my family) Six Flags came in and bought the whole shebang, and from what I gathered, the place sucked. Last year, Cedar Fair, who owns Cedar Point, Knotts and others, bought the park and it looks like they are really trying to improve the park. There are also two other parks within three hours of Cincinnati. One is Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, which I have not heard good things about, and Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana, which I have heard wonderful things about. Finally, in my opinion, no trip to the states would be complete without a trip to a Disney park. I have been to WDW 9 times and am a huge Disney fanantic, so I am partial to Florida's Disney, but others may say Disneyland. Shari "have fun planning your trip" Shoufler
  6. Well, I am going to have to say Italian Job because A) as someone else said about another coaster, it's the one on that list that I am guaranteed to ride and also because B) I know there has been some debate as to whether or not PKI is up to the job of keeping the "special effects" operational for the long haul. This is something they've had a wee bit of trouble with in recent years (did anyone ride Drop Zone late last summer? the "ring" no longer rotates???) and I've read a lot of not very optomistic comments on another forum about this. Shari "I live five minutes away so it's a given" Shoufler
  7. How many words can I have??? I am thinking something along the lines of "Desperate Housewife who wants to live in this Castle". What do you think??? Shari "I really do want to live in the Castle" Shoufler
  8. A turtleneck and medical office scrub pants Shari "It's freakin' cold here in Ohio" Shoufler
  9. ^ Gotta go with Elissa on this one... for overall theme park experience, nobody touches Disney. Shari "I want Michael Eisner's job" Shoufler
  10. ^ True, and Delirium is a blast, but it all depends on your POV. My husband has done nothing but complain that we haven't gotten a hyper-coaster like Millenium or TTD, and even though they are touting Italian Job as a "family" coaster, it's going to have a 48" height requirement. PKI is definitely behind on the mega-coaster craze, and they seem to take pride in the "family park" moniker, but they keep removing "family rides" and put in either mediocre thrill rides, or worse, pay to play attractions. Shari "despite my complaints PKI is still home" Shoufler
  11. Another tip.... most of the US parks list their height requirements on their websites and brochures. It's great to research that in advance so that you aren't promising her she's going to get to ride this or that, only to get over here and find out she's too small. Shari
  12. Erik... My daughter made her first visit to Paramounts Kings Island at one month old, and rode her first rides (carousel and turnpike cars). By the age of 1 she was riding many "kiddie" rides, and at 16 months I took her on her first kiddie coaster, which, like your little one, she loved. By two she was riding things like swinging Viking ships, Scrambler, Trabant, Octopus, log flume, etc. She is 6 now, and this year was finally tall enough for a couple of our larger coasters here. Hubby and I have always made it our practice to encourage her to ride anything that she thought she wanted to, or to just say "let's go on this!" I NEVER would say anything like "don't be scared" or "this is going to be scary". If she didn't want to ride, we definitely didn't force it, because I have seen too many kids get forced on to something, they scream and cry the whole ride (fun for everyone around them) and then they are petrified to go on everything, even stuff they had ridden before. We are always respectful of height requirements (although we did find there were certain pairs of shoes that got her on rides, where others didn't, so those became her Kings Island shoes). Honestly, the biggest problems I have had were A) her being afraid of "dark rides". She would ride anything that went high, fast, whatever; but if it went into a dark building or tunnel, forget it. We had a tough time at Disney because of that and B) her getting upset and crying because she wasn't tall enough to ride something. My best advice is just to guide her towards rides you think he/she is ready for and don't force it. The last thing you want is a screaming, scared, or worse, sick, child... that would take the fun out of your day real fast! Shari
  13. Sure, Robb, bring up a touchy subject...... (just kidding) Yes, I am really sad to say, these ARE the flyers from PKI and I am pretty ticked (and so were a lot of other people from what I heard/read) about it. These were the original "flying scooters" that came to Kings Island from the original Coney Island park down by the Ohio River. They were a classic, and held a special place in my heart because they were one of the few rides left that I rode as a child with my late father, and that I now ride with my little girl. They removed the flyers along with the antique auto turnpike to make way for "Italian Job". There were a lot of ticked off people because these are two rides that almost anyone can ride, and they were "classics". The arguement was that there are plenty of places at PKI where the flyers could have been moved, in particular, the circle that has stood empty for years where Flight Commander was. (Rumor has it the autos will return to the Nickelodeon Central area in '06.) Shari "I miss the days before "Paramount" Shoufler
  14. I am going to have to vote with Justin on that one, ToT, Florida. However, despite my inital fear...I was left holding the "parent swap" pass at Cedar Point when the rest of the family chose the "going up" side of Power Tower. When my turn came I was basically petrified and kept asking if I couldn't just hop over the drop side, but I was glad I didn't. Getting blasted up the side of that tower, and at night with all the lights, was pretty cool! Shari
  15. Hi Everybody... I'm Shari.... I live near Cincinnati, Ohio, and about 5 minutes from those (depending upon your point of view) awesome wooden structures known as The Beast and The Son of Beast (aka the spinal relocation device). I stumbled across Robb and Elissa's (God, I hope I just spelled her name correctly) website about a year and a half ago, and it's been on my favorite places list ever since. Anyway, I have always loved amusement parks, coasters, Disney (the Alvey's wedding pictures made me green with jealousy!!). I have two stepdaughters, 19 + 17, and my hubby and I have a 6 year old. Parks I have visited in the last decade (not counting PKI, which is home away from home) have been CP, Dollywood and Magic Kingdom and MGM at WDW. Favorite coaster is the Beast. Favorite ride of all, ToT at Disney World. Shari "Thanks for sharing your adventures with me " Shoufler
  16. She would be happy to ride with you (and I would be happy to not have to ride....I nearly throw my hip out of it's socket getting on/off). PKI (for better and worse) is home for us. I grew up going there, my hubby and I have both worked part time jobs there for extra $, our daughter made her first of many, many visits when she was exactly one month old and rode her first coaster at 16 months. (Oh, and when you do get back to Cincy/PKI.... there's a Carrabba's about 10 minutes from the park.) Shari "Will be glad when the kid reaches 48" Shoufler
  17. Hi guys.... Love your website and I am really excited about this forum. I tried joining up with westcoaster, but a) I could never figure out what I was doing and b) I felt like an outsider trying to sneak into your club. Once upon a time (before marriage and debt) it was my dream to travel around to all the amusement parks. I have looked at every picture on your website, and it has definitely inspired me to try to plan some trips in the future. When I was little, I wanted to go to Santa Claus Land so badly (that's Holiday World to you) and this summer I am planning to take my little girl there. My question is: Will you be coming to PKI to ride 'Italian Job' this summer? If you do, I have a little kiddie coaster credit for you at a local mall (and a 6 year old who will accompany you on it if needed). Keep up the great work, have fun... Shari "Your website keeps me entertained at work" Shoufler
  18. Ahhh.... the answer to the question I have been asking myself for more than a year now. Shari "I wanna go to all these theme parks " Shoufler
  19. The Screaming Eagle at (the now defunct) Americana in Middletown, OH. Screaming is what you did-in PAIN
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