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  1. Hey Zach... Last Friday night... were you wearing a blue (about the color of the bar at the top here ^) and carring a big ass camera????
  2. Sammi and I are planning to be there bright and early! I'll wear my TPR shirt, so look for us and say hi! Shari
  3. Does anyone have any details on exactly what time the ride will begin operating for the public? 10?? 9 for Gold Pass??? or later because of all the bidders/special riders? I am scheduled to work at IKEA at 12 and had hoped that if we got over there at 8 we could be far enough up in the pack to get a ride in by 11 or so, but the last day or two I started to think I was kidding myself.... Meanwhile, I am going to try to find someone to switch shifts with me at IKEA
  4. I believe this is quite an accomplishment and Janice should be extremely proud of herself to beat out those young punkettes! I am going to put away those marshmallow Peeps and start working out in the hopes that Big Mike and I cross paths this year. If I am lucky, I might be standing up there next year with Big Mike and Janice as she finishes her reign and passes on her crown to Miss BMRS 2009! Congrats again Janice! Shari
  5. Well, we broke out the measuring tape last night and Sam is just slightly OVER 54" without shoes so pandelirium insued as we did the "I am now tall enough to ride EVERYTHING at the park" happy dance. Shari
  6. I was going to say that it's so when all of us are old and grey and in the TPR nursing home, we can look at our pictures and won't have to turn to each other and say (in a loud voice) "Where was that "Diamondback" coaster, anyways??" Just FYI... Sammi and I stopped to get our passes last night and I asked the employee who processed our passes if she knew what the height requirement was. She said she THOUGHT 54". Yikes. I told Sammi we need to measure her because I think that is going to be close, and I am really bumming because my best friend's daughter is maybe only about 50". Can anybody confirm or deny?? Also, said employee stated that the ride is awesome and VERY SMOOTH!! Shari
  7. ^^ I could not agree more! Two things I learned from this trip report: #1 I should not read Chuck's trip reports while sitting at my very public desk at work because captions such as "Hold on to your prosthetic limbs, folks!" cause me to laugh out loud. #2 I am REALLY missing the Sesame Street days. Now it's all Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron at my house. I think I liked it better when Elmo was considered a hottie. Elissa...can I borrow Kristen for a few days, please??? Thanks for sharing, Chuck... I enjoyed BG when I visited it back in the 80's and have always wanted to get back there some day. Shari
  8. Zach.... SERIOUSLY????? You would think the park would want the hype (assuming the employee didn't say it sucked). I am trying to figure out, did they have something else on Saturday night (late)? I swear I was hearing the fireworks around 11 pm which I thought was odd and random, but where else would they be shooting fireworks from? We are going to get our passes processed this afternoon. Our plan is to be at the park and ready to ride at opening on the 18th. What is the park closed for on the 19th anyway? Shari
  9. While I am extremely confused over the whole Tyler-Ty-Thai thing, what I really think we need to focus on is that carousel. Seriously. Is that a nipple?? I mean, I have seen rides, statues and things from some of the European parks that were a little risque, (and usually Terrance is in the picture doing something unspeakable) but in GEORGIA?? REALLY???? Shari
  10. I have NO CLUE where they are or why, although as a huge KT fan, I was concerned about her absence, however, I recall that Grandma and Grandpa White were headed west about a week ago, so I am going to assume that: A) It is a short trip and that Russ and Janice are watching the girl B) They are still in the US C) Guy's guesses might cause me to pee my pants and D) Chuck's "Where they aren't" reports are are as good as Robb's "Where we are" clues E) We all need to get a life give that there are already 17 pages to this thread! Shari
  11. Hey Everybody.... I live here in Mason and have visited GWL twice on the invite of local friends who stayed there and included my daughter as "add ons" (we got wristbands at the cost of $20 each that are good for the waterpark only). Both times I visited it was during the summer months which means people where doing other things (ie, going over to Kings Island) during the day, so the water park did not start to get very crowded until later in the day. The rooms are nice and are intended to hold an entire family. There really isn't anything spectacular about them other than some of the more expensive/larger rooms have fireplaces, bunk beds, etc. The waterpark is a lot of fun. There's something for all age groups, and lines, as I said, tend to be shortest during the opening hours. There is a snack bar in the waterpark as well as a beverage only bar. No outside food or drinks are permitted inside the waterpark area (although we carried in some bagged snacks in our swim bags/backpacks). The main restaurant is a buffet, and it PRICEY for adults (20+) but very reasonable for kids. I thought the food was wonderful and on-par with a Disney buffet, although not necessarily as large. There's also a pizza hut and ice cream parlor, a breakfast shop, Starbucks, etc. There are plenty of nearby sit down and fast food restaurants in the area. Hope this information helps, Shari
  12. Pull your head out of the gutter, Robb Alvey LOL! I would have to go with the whole Captain Jack, Will and the other guy (my brain is forgetful today) scene that takes place on the Island in Pirates 2.
  13. Well, I feel like I have to respond to this, only because I was just sitting here thinking about it like two minutes ago.... I went to Halloween Haunt at KI with some friends of mine on a Friday night in October. Through a series of circumstances that I will not go into, I ended up on the Beast #1) Very pissed off at someone and #2) Slightly more than a little intoxicated (which could be noted by the fact that I rode near the rear of the train, something I haven't done since maybe the late '90's). Both of these conditions happened as a result of stupidity, lack of communication and, um, stupidity. Anyway, I digress. In addition to having a great ride on the coaster (amazing how the right level of beer in your system can eliminate your feeling of getting your ass kicked by a wooden coaster), I apparently spewed forth every four letter word I know in every combination I know how to put them in. Now mind you, I don't remember this, so I say ALLEGEDLY this happened.........
  14. Ok.. my laughing out loud at the FlowRider video brought Sam running from the other room. I had to start it over and then she started laughing.... Kudos to Janice for giving it a try. We have that wave thingy at KI and I refuse to do it for fear of A) looking stupid and B) monster wedgies. The cruise and port trips looked amazing... so jealous. Shari
  15. Having just watched the movie the other night, I can't help but be in awe of the fact that it is the same complete theatrical mask/makeup as Jim Carrey wears in the film. God I wish we were closer to you LA or Florida so that I could take Sammi to see that. You gonna take KT to play in the snow? Shari
  16. Isn't it a little too late to make the pie AFTER dinner? Or was the delay just an excuse to drink more beer? Shari
  17. I have lost and kept off close to 40 pounds in the past two years. I know exactly what you mean, Robb-you kick yourself mentally when you go and "pig out", even if it's for a good occasion. (To that, Congrats on the Anniversary.... can't believe I have been stalking your photo gallery for that many years....) The key is exactly what you are doing. Compensate for it over the next few days. Really, when you think about it, that's the premise behind Weight Watchers "point" system. Shari
  18. Disney gets busiest in the couple of weeks closest to Easter, and the week or two right after. I have been to WDW about mid-March (when Easter is in April) and it was a moderate crowd. I LOVED Mardi Gras... I went with a group of my best friends from my work, and we had the wildest time. It is definitely something I recommend everyone see at least once in their life, but it is definitely not for the prudish! I would go again in a heartbeat! Shari
  19. Everybody that wants to celebrate Mardi Gras will be in YOUR home state during that time (I had the pleasure myself this year and it was the time of my life!!). Anything between the first week of January and the end of March is usually good for Orlando. Shari "I have about 5 pounds of beads" Shoufler
  20. Hey Everyone! Sammi brought her postcards home today... anyone care to guess how many she received??? Give up? 93!!! So, just one more big thanks to everyone involved.. there were many of you whose names/screen names were familiar, from the Alveys to Catrina and Ted, to Nana White (Kidtum's Grandma) to Big Mike, Chuck, RapidsNerd, Zaneymon and Matteo (who we remembered from Holiday World in 07). And so many new friends-The Stein Girls who had Arizona and New Mexico covered, Tara and Dustin, "the Hulk" and several others who sent multiple postcards! Of course, it would be impossible to thank EVERYONE by name, and many of you remained anonymous, however we sat tonight and read and looked at each and every one and it was so cool!! Thank you again to Robb and Elissa for allowing me/us to post the request on Sammi's behalf. I think she was truly overwhelmed at how many she was receiving! There's a little gift for Kristen (if her Mommy doesn't steal it first) on it's way to you! Thanks again- The Shouflers (PS... If any of you make it to Kings Island next summer, Sammi will be happy to help you get your kiddie coaster credit for FREE....LOL!) Here's a close up of many...hope you see yours! Here she is with her 93 post cards! Thank you all!!
  21. ^^^ THANK YOU FOR ASKING!! Shari (aka Mom) here... The Great State Race is over, and in the competition between Ms. Walker's Homeroom (Sammi's class) and Ms. Burlew's Homeroom, both the National and International winners were (as if there could be any doubt) Ms Walker's Homeroom, which got 45 of the 50 states as well as the larger number of international cards (sorry, I don't have a number, yet)!! Samantha will be enjoying a cotton candy party (perfect for a theme park fan, don't you think?) with her classmates as their prize! As of today, they had not yet taken the cards down, but we are hopeful that they will do that tomorrow (it's an inservice day) and that we will get all of Sammi's cards at or before her teacher's conference next Wednesday. When we do, we will give you guys a final count of how many she personally received, etc. And now, a word from our grateful champion..... Thanks so much. I am so happy I could cry. All we needed was 5 more states and the other class needed 10. You guys are the best. Sammi
  22. Men have so much easier time doing this because their bodies will burn fat (and often they have less cravings) faster than women. The bad thing is that they gain it back faster too, once they "fall off the wagon" I have lost approximately 40 pounds in the past two years. My goal at the first of the year is to lose another 25 in 2009. Keep up the good work Robb! Shari
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