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  1. I got the Collector... Unlocked quite a bit more content. Game is on overload with another 2 phases still to unlock! You can now craft items from Zenith City.
  2. Yeah, that's what I meant. If deleting and downloading again didn't work, I'm not sure what else you could do.
  3. I had that problem, but hard closing the app and then restarting my phone fixed it.
  4. Loving the update so far! Loving Martin as Elsa even more.
  5. I also spent donuts last night...but I just keep thinking that they can push the update to kill this event at any moment, and I can't deal with that stress right now.
  6. I upgraded one of my castles so it should have been giving 25 nerds but it stayed at 20. :/ And I have noticed a lot of the same towns over and over again when I invade random towns. Chris, I just noticed one hot air balloon in my inventory.
  7. Haven't spent any donuts. I've just been playing every two hours or less. I'm on vacation. And I've had enough elixir to keep updating the castles as needed until I got to 10 at each one. Im waiting to see if the tasks ask me to upgrade further. As far as upgrading the characters it just seems like a joke, as that's what the dialogue insinuated. Upgrades for sale of upgrades. As long as you have the gold you can upgrade, it doesn't take any away. Doesn't seem to unlock any character features either. I've liked the update as it's always had a lot to do, but it is quite silly that not all of the prizes have been actual gifts. The hot air balloon requires donuts to buy. 55 donuts is a discount for something that gives 2% more money and xp, but I'm not sure that I'll buy it.
  8. Although I don't understand the locked items. I was able to build a couple for my castle recycle and now they're locked again. Seems like some things are only unlocked for certain tasks.
  9. Elissa, I noticed that if you try to build decorations it defaults to the premium items tab where everything is locked. If you hit the clash tab, there will be a few unlocked decorations that you buy with elixer.
  10. I figured out the Cheaters dice thing, I think. I have a task to use a Cheaters dice to attack another town, did that just fine. Another task to use a Cheaters dice to help defend my town against an attack. I think I've done that twice but the task isn't acknowledged or marked completed. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not. :/
  11. I don't understand what the cheaters thing does... I used one and nothing happened. I had another and it said I couldn't use it from inventory, which is what I did with the first one. Don't get it.
  12. Uhhhh, why did I think I had another week or two for this. I'm sad. I was totally going to buy my way through the rest of the stuff. Oh well...
  13. Yay! Robb visited my town! Also, I have some pending requests with some of you. Accept my Origin Friendship!
  14. I'm sick of getting decorations... I want buildings and characters! Gahhh. Robb, are you playing anymore? I definitely don't want to remove you if you'll start playing again!
  15. I got a $50 iTunes gift card from my bank yesterday. DONUT TIME! Bought the Cracker Factory.
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