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  1. We visited the park back on July the 5th. It had been 11 years (my daughter was a baby) since we were last there and I could not get over how much they have added. Even though I had followed the addition of each ride through the website here, and from Dollywood, I still didn't realize they had added an entire new section of park over the years. This truly is an awesome park-much more "Disney-like" than your typical ride park. GREAT themeing everywhere. Exceptionally friendly park employees, who always strike up conversation. Fun, unique rides. Can't wait to go back again! Shari
  2. I feel like I am reliving Twin Peaks (which, for you young 'uns out there was many years ago and way cooler, IMO, than "Lost"). That's it. Elissa is the Log Lady. Now someone give me a piece of pie and aa damn fine cup of coffee.
  3. Ok.. and now a word about figure skating.... Like Greg said, I can remember as a kid the "evening" broadcast of the Olympics ended at 11 (eastern) and then they had the "recap" stuff after the 11o'clock news. I also remember (back in the good old days when ABC broadcast the Olympics and the moderator was Jim McKay-Jesus, I am getting OLD!) when major events like the figure skating competitions dominated the broadcast, with only short breakaways during warm ups. This constant juggling back and forth between different events, only to bring us one or two skaters at a time (that NBC thinks we WANT to see), with the final skaters in the 11 pm hour, really sucks! I have missed the pairs and men's top competitors because my ass has been asleep in the chair. I get up for work at 5:30 and the past two nights I have had to fight to stay awake past 10, only to wake up at about 11:15 to find out I have missed almost everyone I wanted to see!!
  4. Well, I decided to go for it regardless.... I booked us for July 3-7. My plan is to leave Cincinnati as early as 4 am on the 3rd, so that we get into the PF/Gatlinburg area before too many people are out and about for the day. If you have any other travel advice for the trip, please let me know!
  5. Wow!! I saw Elissa's post on FB about the fire it smelling like Rome in Spaceship Earth (LOL..great analogy, btw), but I had no idea that it was actually IN your complex until yesterday. It is more than a little scary that you were in the building. I haven't read all the pages of this thread... have they said the cause of the fire and has your complex sent out any "official statements" to the residents regarding the clubhouse?
  6. Interesting thought... I really like the idea of getting a chalet on Ski Mtn and being able to watch the fireworks from the deck of the chalet! Anyone out there done this???
  7. ^^Well, I had my suspicions, Erik. We honeymooned in Gatlinburg 15 years ago on Columbus Day weekend and it did take us a LONG time to get into Gatlinburg at dinner time on Sunday. But, my thought was to leave here (Cincinnati) as early as 5 am, so that I am getting into town by late morning..... Once we get there, I am good to either hang at the Chalet for the day or park and just walk all over for the day.
  8. Hi fellow TPRers.... seems like forever since I have posted on here, probably because it has been. Well, my presence on here, like everything else in my life, is hopefully getting somewhat back on track. Hopefully. Maybe. So... to that, I am putting out at request for opinions, suggestions, etc. Gatlinburg on the 4th of July: Patriotic Paradise or Kiss of Death??? We are planning some sort of trip the week of July 4. Gatlinburg seems like the forerunner right now, but my concern is that it will just be too packed. My thought would be to drive in on the morning of the 3rd, be there for the midnight parade, spend Sunday taking in Gatlinburg attractions, fireworks from the downtown streets or try to find a chalet with a guaranteed view of downtown. Dollywood on Monday or Tuesday and, potentially, a trip over to Cherokee to see a family member perform in an outdoor play there. However, if it's going to be nightmare to get into town on the morning of the 3rd, and everything is packed to the gills until Tuesday, then we may change travel dates or even locations. The parade and fireworks sound awesome, but not to the extent that it would be worth going and being miserable in the crowds! thanks, Shari
  9. Ok, well, those comments settled it for me...LOL!
  10. Hey everybody.... I am planning to take Sammi up to Cedar Point at the end of the month. Due to school/dance team commitments it's looking like it's going to be a drive up in the morning, spend the day, spend the night, head home the next day kind of trip. I am not sure there would be any advantage to staying at CP resort because I doubt we will get there before scheduled opening and probably won't go back the next day. I was eyeing the Quality Inn, which as I recall from years ago sits right at the end of the causeway and has a bowling alley, off track betting, and now, apparently, some indoor water activities. It's a good bit cheaper than Great Wolf or Castaway Bay, and I am wondering if anyone has stayed there and what their opinion is. Thanks, Shari
  11. I'll take the cinnamon bread with a side of Kristen. Love the pictures! Sam was a year old last time we were there. Must get back soon!
  12. Kristen, you are such a good little sport to put up with all the grown-up's foolishness Looks like so much fun.... wish we were there!
  13. Yes, Kristin is the second cutest little girl in the United States (and somedays, when Sammi is being evil, I would even give KT top spot!!). I loved that she is getting to ride all that stuff.... how I wish I were with you guys!! Loving the updates.... Shari
  14. Only the work of the great Dave Thomas and Chuck rivaled this trip report. Seriously, I was in tears. Shari
  15. Your pictures are awesome Zach... next time I see you at KI I want to check out your camera.... I would love something that could take that quality. We love HW, and I am sure that there are elements of the park that are less exciting when you are a guy your age, versus a little one like Sammi. She could ride the Revolution in 4th of July all day long! I didn't read everyone's comments, but I did want to address your comments about the safety aspect. Several years ago (as you may know) HW suffered a tragedy when an enthusiast attending an event allegedly released herself from her restraint and stood up on the Raven, causing her to fall to her death. Now you and I are used to the "corporate park" that Kings Island has become (you've probably never known it any other way). When something like that happens they make their media statement, call in their lawyers and pretend it never happened. HW, being the family-owned, know your guests by name kind of place that it is, took what happened very much to heart. I think this is why they are a notch or two more cautious than your "average" park. As a parent, I can appreciate that more than some, for sure. (Realize, as much as I LOVE Diamondback, I cannot go over those hills without the thought "What if these restraints failed???", especially when Sammi is sitting beside me.) I am anxious to make our 2009 visit... this will be our 5th year going to HW, and I am anxious to see how I like PP. Shari
  16. Sorry... I totally disagree, and here is why.... A few seasons back, they had the chick with the artificial leg. That beotch used her handicap to every advantage when it suited her, all why being every bit as capable as her fellow racers. The one thing you have NOT seen Margie and Luke do is play his disability for help or sympathy along the race. They have had to opt out of (potentially) easier challenges because he would have had a disadvantage because of his impairment. I have never seen them ask for assistance or ever even tell a travel agent, ticket agent, etc that he is hearing impaired. Granted, I think they may have all gotten a little out of hand, but the reality is that Margie and Luke have played a clean game. Meanwhile, you had Mike and Mark cheating as they went through, and Keisha and Jen pushing and shoving. Just my 2 cents! Shari
  17. Ok... I kept having to turn the volume down because I am here at work and Robb's screams were scaring my patients! LOL!!! Great video...can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from this Spanish Ghetto Fair! Shari
  18. Excellent trip report! I am hoping for my first Vegas vacation next year, but pretty much that is on my every growing list of things that are only going to happen in the alternate universe that exists in my mind....
  19. Ok.. seriously, that gave me goosebumps. What a wonderful career to have, and how touching it is to know that, unlike many corporate big-wigs, this man has never lost touch or where he came from and truly has an appreciation for what he was able to do in his career. Thanks for sharing! Shari
  20. lol... I thought that was you!! I think I saw you a couple of times, but it was when we were riding Racer that I thought I might get to speak to you, but then we got the train before you. I wanted to say Hi and introduce ourselves! I am sure we'll cross paths again. If it's not raining, we are going to try to go again tomorrow night. Last Friday was freaking awesome...it was like "Mason only night"
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