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  1. Mary Mack (Based in Wisconsin, good humorist, look her up on Youtube) Alonzo Bodden (Another good comedian) Jim Gaffigan Craig Ferguson I used to like Dane Cook a long time ago, but now I cringe just thinking about him.
  2. Not a lot, but oh well. It's not what I get that counts. - $50 towards a new guitar (Possibly a ukulele) - iHome adapter (which I found out it wasn't the adapter that was out, it was the iHome) -Thermal Socks - Two books - The Office season 4 - Swedish Fish - Tim-Tams - a Flashlight - Headphones
  3. Football-Minnesota Vikings, no matter how many times they lose haha. Baseball-Minnesota Twins, see above. I hope they turn it around soon though. Hockey-I love college hockey, especially St. Cloud State and whoever plays the Minnesota Golden Goofers (I intentionally spelled it that way). Pro hockey is alright, I like the Wild as well as the Nashville Predators. However, I like college hockey (and high school hockey ) more because of the atmosphere and also seeing potential pro players develop. In short, I am a Minnesota sports fan, all this losing has prepared me for any heartbreak that comes my way.
  4. My list, not in order, but love them nonetheless... Five Guys Smashburger Burger King Firehouse Subs Arbys Chick-Fil-A Hardees Culvers Wendy's Little Caesars (Some may disagree about this, but it probably takes 3 minutes for me to get a hot Pizza there, and that's fast food in my book)
  5. I've been to... Minnesota (Home State) Wisconsin North Dakota South Dakota Montana Wyoming Illinois Indiana Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania Maryland Kentucky Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Florida Arizona And the Layover/Driving State Credits (Which may or may not count to you, but I count them anyways) Texas Georgia California
  6. Fairly Odd Coaster (Nickelodeon Universe)
  7. I'm loving the Doritos commercials this year. They seem to get better and better with every Super Bowl.
  8. I have a Fender Acoustic, nothing special; and I have been playing on and off (but more seriously over the past six months) for about four years. It's my baby, my big long necked wooden baby.
  9. Let's See. I got... -SCSU Hockey Jersey -The Office Season 2 -Two T-Shirts -$15 iTunes card -$50.00 -Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD (FINALLY! ) -$25 to Best Buy Not bad
  10. For me, pretty much games for the Wii, an SD card for my camera, and a SCSU Hockey Jersey. I want to start saving money towards an X-Box 360 though. While having a Wii is good, I want to actually use the online. GO HUSKIES!
  11. Consider those words eaten, and I needed more than Pepto to keep it down.
  12. Welcome back Randy Moss! At least we have someone good until Sidney Rice comes back.
  13. Just got the app, my username is Keithgraham91.
  14. I am a Social Work major and a Community Psychology minor at St. Cloud State University. It seems to be going well right now (at least for my second year) .
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