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  1. Nice park dude=)!! i like the main street and the tram train area:)
  2. as of right now: 1. Smallville (following the show since day 1:D) 2. Supernatural 3. Daria (best MTV show ever) 4. Dexter Laboratory (ah the memories) 5. Friends 6. Seinfeld 7. The Simpsons (only for the 1st and 10th seasons now the show completely sucks) 8. South Park 9. Robot Chicken
  3. I can't wait for the christmas break it's been a longtime since i haven't seen my family and friends=D!! two weeks of pure awesomeness!!
  4. This is a pretty neat park makes me want to play RCT2 again=)!! and the last pic is great i love how the train is plunging into the tunnel:)
  5. hey guy's well i know it's kind of early but i was wondering what are you getting for christmas=)!! i already got my two gifts early one: A 32 inch LED HD TV which i love:D A PS3 Slim 160GB i got those two early because i'm going to visit my grandpa for christmas and it's way too big to put the TV in the car since i have 2 brothers and 1 sister:P + a dog:) but now i'm looking over @Amazon and i'm going to order (here's exactly what is in my shopping cart) - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PS3) - Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3) - The Orange Box (PS3) maybe - Bioshock (PS3) maybe - Skate III (PS3) maybe - Prototype (PS3) - Spider-Man Web Of Shadow's (PS3) maybe - Diablo Battle Chest (MAC) - Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (MAC) - Batman: Under The Red Hood (Blu-Ray) - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (Blu-Ray) - Wonder Woman (DC Animated Movie) (Blu-Ray) - Justice League Season1 (Blu-Ray) - Superman II The Richard Donner Cut (which i heard it's EPIC) (Blu-Ray) also i already bought some games on the PS3:) (but this was a on the day that i bought the PS3) - God Of War III (PS3) - God Of War II & I (PS3) - Shaun White Snowboarding (PS3) - Skate I & II (PS3) - Little Big Planet (PS3) - Infamous (PS3) - Mirror's Edge (PS3) so what are you guy's getting for christmas:)!! oh and i'm going to buy some gifts to my mom and dad=)!!
  6. I got a brand new TV last weekend and i'm loving it and now i can watch blu-ray movies with the new tv:D!! and also i just joined the forums=)!! (i'm normally from the Atari forums which it's kind of silent there:P)
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