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  1. Excellent! The DPRK is a topic that I find so fascinating but I'll probably never be able to indulge in due to being American and all that. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through these pictures!
  2. Ah! I was in the Tucson area a couple summers ago and I did indeed wonder what I was doing there, before visiting the BioSphere! My friend and I had a good laugh about it at the time, about how interesting a project it was that was just sitting there, largely (apparently) purposeless. Great TR, I found it really interesting (architecturally and engineeringly) and I enjoyed reliving it a bit. But not reliving Tucson. Definitely don't want to do that.
  3. Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while but I have a fun update. I was in Hong Kong last week and a helicopter ride took us right over Ocean Park. I didn't (unfortunately) have a chance to visit, but I did get some photos from the air of the park and specifically the new B&M, Hair Raiser. It looks to be coming along smashingly! Enjoy. Here's one. Another. Courtesy of my brother (the guy who's hogging the left half of the frame on the first two).
  4. I was not really a fan of the trains until I saw this video - now I think they look great. I'm also waiting for a certain Mr. Alvey to get out there to shoot us some very professional video of this monster!
  5. I think it's a cool idea - pretty much a rideable gyroscope. It's also important to note that the size of the model also gives gravity a larger impact on it, so it may be (slightly) less vomit-inducing if manufactured in actuality.
  6. "The first time is happenstance; second time is coincidence; third time is enemy action" Of course, I don't think there's any enemy action here, I just don't think it can be truly considered a Maurer problem rather than a rider problem until either an investigation is conducted or more incidents occur. That said, it is a very sad occurrence.
  7. ^Yes, it did. For all of the development the UAE has going on, it sure doesn't have the money available to put where its mouth is... in other words, this is not an anomaly in the slightest in the Emirates, just in the theme park industry.
  8. Funtown USA in Saco, Maine is a cool little park. Kind of like a glorified carnival with a Galaxi, S&S Tower and a woodie, but nice nonetheless.
  9. Oh, I didn't even see that was in Taiwan. Thanks for pointing that out, I should learn to read.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and say I like the tagline, but I don't like how it's presented. I think the font is rather plain and something just bothers me about the quotes around it... it reminds me of some local ad on TV. "Serving your area with a smile since 1955!" My inner graphic designer will shut up about the Gadzoox font, it's a classic.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong here but China hasn't appeared to have installed any floorless coasters yet. You're wrong here. In unrelated news, might anyone know if this beautiful piece of B&M will be open by April?
  12. ^ The best thing you can do is just write down synopses and a few lines, but somewhere like an idea journal or something, just to have them. It's not *too* much of an accomplishment, and it lets you throw all of your ideas in one place for good organization! My rant: Now that I'm into college, I would totally not mind another Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon/Snowmyf&%$inggod, whatever you wish to call it, to cut down on me sitting around for a few more months. So I can sit around at home.
  13. This seems like a fun thread to resurrect. I'll start with one. A man pulls up in front of a hotel and immediately knows he's bankrupt. How?
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