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  1. My apologies if this thread has already been done before. So out of all the inverts you have riden which is your fav? I realise that Nemesis is going to get alot of votes here Vekoma SLC are alright but I haven't been on many others
  2. Another pic This is the worlds biggest freefall- Giant Drop. The view from the top is awesome, you can see Queenslands best beaches from up the top, even though the park is a 25 minute drive to the beaches :shock: mmmm..... airtime!
  3. Oh yeah, well compared to something like SFMM it's pretty small.
  4. So out of the smaller parks you've been to, which would be your favourite? There's a park over here called Dreamworld, which isn't very big but it's still fun. They have an Intamin Reverse Freefall, a 120 metre freefall, an Arrow custom style coaster, a Gyro Swin, a Waikiki Wave Super Flip, a little mine ride and a couple of water rides. We also have a Movieworld and a Seaworld.
  5. ^ Same here, I just love the sensations they provide- all rides in fact.
  6. ^ I also remember on Rove there was one episode where he showed a German beer called Anus Licker. It's in this segment called What the....? where he shows funny junk.
  7. Back on topic now. I am not going to see Saw, horror movies just doesn't appeal to me. I guess I have a vivid fantasy, but really scary movies makes me see stuff for weeks! Agreed. Signs was the closest thing to a horror movie I have seen.
  8. Well for anything that doesn't actually exist I'd say Zombies Greatest natural fear for me. Apart from that, spiders.
  9. The only Disney park I've ever been to was Disneyland Paris and the worst ride there is any ride found in Fantasyland Apart from that, probably Star Tours because it was pretty boring. Still excellent theming though.
  10. Well I'd rather there weren't any more derailments. I've never really had that feeling before except on wooden wild mouses.
  11. I think he's guilty mainly because he isn't exactly normal as mentioned above. I hope the case doesn't take too long.
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