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  1. Thank you. What worries me is some of the things that I have said about God in the past may be unforgivable. Months back, I got angry easily and started saying terrible things to God and I feel awful about that. I worry that I won't be forgiven for that. But what upsets me the most, is the thought that my dad could be suffering for all eternity. There's no way he'll ever believe in God, so I don't think there's any way out of it for him. I konw that there's nothing I can do to make them believe and I'm spending most of my life worrying about them.
  2. It really annoys me but I never have the guts to say "no".
  3. Thanks guys. The question concerning the wars. This is just my opinion, but I believe that God doesn't want wars. It's people that make wars. God wants this to be a peaceful world. But I respect your opinion, this is just my belief.
  4. I used to love NI, but when I went on it a few months ago I came off in agony. I thought I was having a heart attack. I really was scared. But I went on it again later and I was okay.
  5. Well it was a website I came accross which gave me all of this information about heaven and hell. So, if what I heard was correct, then anyone who is either an athiest or hasn't been Baptised will go to hell. Although I have accepted Jesus I don't understand why baptism is nessicary to get into heaven. I want to be baptised, but I will feel awful for my parents if they are condemned.
  6. Thanks. I'm more worried for my parents and fiends than myself. My dad's an Athiest and my mum disagree's with what I have read. So I'm worried as I don't like the thuoght of my family being condemned.
  7. No way. I wouldn't watch something like that. It'd upset me. I know he was an evil man and has been condemned to hell, but I still can't help feeling sorry for him.
  8. No way. I wouldn't watch something like that. It'd upset me. I know he was a terrible evil man and has been condemned to hell, but I still can't help feeling sorry for him.
  9. I've recently got into religion and have decided to be Baptised. According to the Bible and some other Christians I've been speaking to, the only way for somebody to go to heaven is if they accept Jesus as their saviour. I have been a bit worried about this as I have loads of Athiest friends and my Mum believes that simply being good will be enough to go to heaven. I'm really worried about my friends and family. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  10. I never knew that there was a more intense version. There was a lot of force when I rode so I must have been on the orange team. What exactly does the green team version do?
  11. I was really against Saddam being hanged. In my opinion, it was really wrong to kill him.
  12. http://www.southparks.org/site/features/insidetherides/pics/xnwo4.jpg X:/ No Way Out. It's a backwards rollercoaster that travels at 27mph in a darkish building and stops and starts and sprays you with water. Loads of people hate it but I love it.
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