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  1. in regards to the TURKEY LEG INCIDENT - I Worked in the park in the early 80's for 4 years - never once saw anything like this - And this is the reason I will not attend a park that is within 20 mi of my house. Too old and crotchety to put up with what amounts to a huge babysitting/child drop off center. SfSL is barely a "family" park anymore. Get a better experience finding a parking lot Fair and riding the "wacky worm" Disregard me - I am falling out of this demographic - sorry. BP
  2. we probably will get one of these at some point.... as soon as they become second hand and they can be shipped in. (Ala boomerang) just give it 6-7 years.. my two cents Kevin
  3. ^^^ that is awesome and at 50000 hours once installed they should last the life of the park nearly... only 7 watts too. here's hoping.....
  4. I agree I would not like industrial lighting or anything that detracts, but there should be even a temp solution that would look good. maybe even kerosene type lamps retrofitted with LEDs - on the buildings.... it just a shame that you can't see the place in the dark when it is not christmas. they need something
  5. I was at the park during moonlight madness and it is rather strange that there is very little theme lighting for the non christmas season in the park. I know this is due to the park closing most days and weeks before night actually falls, so a lot of lighting is not really needed. it is rather jarring though. It's like walking in a neighborhood at night where everyone has porch lights on. The buildings and signage are not really lit. In comparison with other parks, it's virtually a near blackout situation. It's a shame because the park is so beautiful and would be even more so with lighting on more buildings and attractions and scenery. I am sure with a little trial and error SDC could come up with a period style of lighting that would look good yet not be too modern for the park. my two cents Kevin
  6. well other than being in St Louis for as long as it has, I am not sure what other draws they can push for the anniversary. Most local folks that want to go have season passes anyway (who could afford it otherwise). I think its middling level attendance is very stable and what would bring out new blood to the park? it would take a HUGE thing to bring folks from too far away that would not have come otherwise. Kevin
  7. I completely agree. that's why all the yearly speculation of some new large-scale coaster being put in the park makes me smile. kevin
  8. SFSL is the red-headed stepchild to the chain. ( no offense to red-heads or stepchildren) SFSL is the last picked for the kickball game. SFSL has been friend zoned by the chain. probably all bad examples..... but they do explain things a bit. Kevin
  9. my feelings on alcohol in the park are mixed. I don't think there is a problem with a glass of beer with your BBQ or maybe some wine with your funnel cake. I feel it should be restricted to those two items (though in several varieties for you beer wine snobs). I think it should be in the restaurants only and not permitted free range. An amusement park is not a bar. If you really need to wander around with an alcoholic beverage to have a good time at the park; maybe the park sucks or you do. wtf do I know I am just a crabby old bastard - my two cents.. Full disclosure I am a former bartender and was a security/bouncer supervisor at a 24 hour nightclub for 5 years - I do not drink. BP
  10. I'm sort of confused as to why they didn't just convert one of the already existing bars, especially since the space this one is in won't be available next Fright Fest. eh this is not a major build or reconstruct - a few tables, props, and portable bar - always better to fill an empty space even for an event than have a gaping hole with nothing. easier and cheaper than trying to remod an existing bar and then return it to normal use after the season. just pack it up and then put your new ride down. easy peasy.. BP
  11. gotta be a better use of most everyone's time for $10.00 an hour. so look at the numbers. ONE - 300 dollar prize and even if everyone there completes this event the park is out absolutely only $300. and some prop coffins that in reality are virtually useless. everything else is things that will cost the park nothing in reality. a HELL of a lot of publicity for a measly 300 dollars. well played SF now what it says about the state of the economy, that so many have time and desire to do this for virtually nothing, is a whole other discussion. K
  12. Well, no show passes were for sale on the two most recent days I attended the park - Wed and Thurs this week. No reason was given; but I really did not search one out as the older couple trying to buy "Branson Belle" tickets took about 20 minutes to select their seats and buy their tickets, by that time I had lost my will to live. It turns out the wait times for the shows were not too horrible. The weather was very warm, so no hot wassail for me. Got my cider from the apple butter shop as usual. One thing is for sure, it is definitely rider season at the park. I got down to Outlaw run about 10:45 am and the queue timer said 0 min wait I saw a train with 2 people on it and no one in line. I bet I saw no more than 150 people under the age of 45 all day long. Over 50 years old, I bet the ridership drops pretty quickly. The exception is the Train it was mostly full every trip I saw. Good relaxing trip. Overall my 3 trips down to the park this year were very good. If you are going more than two days a year to the park the seasons pass is a true bargain. My six days at the park this year were only $17.72 per day. A pretty good deal. Kevin
  13. oh, I am not either - its just a pet peeve of mine - if you want to throw your back out with a giant pack full of stuff be my guest. if you need to bring kids stuff to the park do so. I was just responding to a comment about security and standing in the heat and my suggestion for reducing those security-based wait times. I breeze through security because I am unencumbered by a lot of things that need to be inspected. I put all my belongings( keys phone camera wallet) in a clear ziplock bag place it on the little plastic bin and glide right through: after the family of four with 2 strollers, a cooler, 2 backpacks and 2 fanny packs. k
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