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  1. ^^Will we be watching if there's still a strike? Hell, I still don't know who won the Golden Globes? I have not seen Juno, but was watching something up on the waiting room tv today about it-maybe just a commercial? and thinking that I would like to see it. Now, I definitely will have to in support of a TPR member. OOH.. I feel like I am rubbing elbows with Hollywood types now..... Congrats DCody! Shari
  2. I concur with everyone else, this is a very easy itinerary to do and you can get a lot in in just a couple of days, however bear in mind that the drive between Holiday World and Louisville-Cincinnati can be long and boring and I DO NOT recommend it at the end of a long theme park visiting day (I nodded off several times on my drive home last August!). I would highly recommend heading to Holiday World first, spend the night (The Santa's Lodge is awesome, but there are other reasonably priced properties nearby), hit the park at opening and then head on to Kentucky Kingdom. *NOTE... you "lose" an hour heading to Louisville, so.. if you leave HW at 2:00 pm it is already 3:00 p.m. in Louisville. Plan accordingly! I would then spend the night in Louisville or just north of Louisville and head to Cincinnati the next morning! Have a great time! Shari
  3. Happy Birthday Robb! Have a great 2008!
  4. I am sitting here at work so I could not have it up full volume... going to have to watch it again tonight, but the ghostly faces of R&E were very "Blair Witch Project" and poor Kristen getting bounced on Daddy's lap. Very funny!
  5. First of all, let me congratulate you on the engagement!! I didn't know! Second, enjoyed your trip report and laughed out loud at the ghetto Small World ride. Definitely looking forward to the next installment. Shari
  6. Kristen's got such "kissy cheeks"-I can't believe how cute she is getting. What a fun Christmas you guys are going to have (Janice and Russ, too, I bet!) The party looked like a lot of fun... I think Kristen deserved the wafflemaker though. Shari
  7. For those of you who wondered what your money went towards (those of you, that is, who paid the little blond girl to ride Little Bill with you at KI), this is proof that you were really funding the fine arts! Samantha performed for the first time last Sunday as part of the Jr. Company competition team at her dance studio's production of "The Nutcracker". It was exhausting (for me, not her... all that hair and makeup!) but well worth it... she did an awesome job! Shari and Sammi Brought to life by Herr Drosselmeyer. In Act 1 she started out as a doll... Thanks for viewing and Merry Christmas! All those months of her cartwheeling in front of the TV paid off! In Act 2 she was a roly, poly Ponchinelle (no one knows what the *$ that is...) As you can see, this was an Elissa friendly production...
  8. OMG!! You guys.. she has grown so much and those pictures are awesome. I think that has to be the best "first picture with Santa" ever!! Shari
  9. I am so excited about the additions! The bumper boats are something we never even bothered with because the line was always so long! Kudos Will, Pat, Paula and gang for coming through for your guests! Shari
  10. You'll do fine... seriously, we have doctors who can do a cataract/lens replacement surgery in under 10 minutes. This has become a very common and considerably minor procedure, compared to years ago. Keep me posted.... Shari
  11. SERIOUSLY AWESOME DT!! Hey, since I make a living in the eye surgery biz, I gotta know what's going on with yours... and to also tell you that since I work for some of the top ophthalmologists in the country (Cincinnati Eye Institute), if you have any questions or anything, feel free to give me a "holler"! Shari
  12. Hey Robb! Best of luck, but I will share that fast weight loss (especially with men) is easy...keeping it off is hard. I have personally lost 30lbs in the past year with just cutting back, moving around a little more, etc. and have not gained back because I haven't deprived myself. I think it's great you are working on it.... hang in there and take it a day at a time! Shari
  13. Hey, Happy Birthday Casey!! From your favorite Kings Island coaster girl and her mom!! Shari and Sammi
  14. Awesome as always, Hanno!! Looks like a lot of fun! Shari
  15. OK, Zach... help me out here. I am being forcibly dragged to this on Friday night, and Samantha wants to go too, mostly because our friend's two daughters are going and they are not scared. I am scared. Never gone to one of these in my life because I'M FREAKING SCARED!!! And Samantha crawls in my lap watching CSI, so.... here are my questions: First of all, I am ignorant. What the hell is a slider? Robb mentions them too, so clearly this is one of those theme park words I should know but don't. How "touchy" do these people get? Are they allowed to touch you? What happens if Sammi just completely freaks out...will they back off or does that just give them more incentive to bother us? Is there any way to get to the rides without having to specifically walk through the scarier zones. I think we will be ok with just random monsters and creeps, but I am already getting nervous at the idea of walking through any of the things you described. Thanks, Shari
  16. I know a lot of people will probably be disappointed at this announcement, but I am thrilled. I love their waterpark area and have found that it tends to be the most crowded part of the park on our visits. I think this will just allow more room for everyone to spread out. I was hoping for a carousel, though..... Shari
  17. Congratulations Kristen, you cutie!!! That picture is going on the Shoufler refrigerator!! In no time at all now you, too, will be a coaster prostitot, making those dollars!! Your pals, Shari and Sam
  18. ^^ Lou: "When they told me I was going to get to ride something that was really long, this ISN'T what I had in mind!" (sorry, Lou ) I immediately wondered what was wrong with Dave, so I appreciate Robb clearing that up. Now he IS like the other Dave Thomas. Shari
  19. Awww, Erik, you're killing me!! I love WDW this time of year...in fact, it was 10 years ago this week that my dear mom and I were there. It was on that visit that I threw a coin in Cindy's fountain and wished that someday I would have a small, blond coaster prostitot that I could one day take to Magic Kingdom.... ah, but I digress. The picture of the Castle from the train station is awesome. I took a wonderful (but much sunnier) shot from up there when Sam and I were there August a year ago. Looks like you had a great time and I am also glad to see Bryan's mom. Does she realize the fury she caused???? Shari
  20. Ok, I am totally on board with RatDogs's idea.... I had thought it strange that they were no longer using that indoor theater, and that would be a perfect place to add a carousel. I am always looking for clues in Paula's blog though.... She's a punster that one! What stood out to me was the "let it slip" "leak out" and "tip our hand" Hmmmm.......
  21. ^^ Personally, we LOVE their waterpark, despite the fact no matter whether we go in June or August, it is always 100 degrees and packed to the gills. I think a water coaster would be an awesome addition, especially because it does appear that the waterpark is the bigger draw for the locals and is why from 12-4 the area is so crowded. Whatever it is, I am sure it will be awesome! Shari PS... The did not get best Waterpark, they got best new Waterpark ATTRACTION... just to clarify!
  22. OMG!! Where have you been, Wally?!?! I kept thinking I ought to ask.... I figured if it was anything too serious I would have heard about it! Good to see you! Shari
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