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  1. Yep, we just got power back last night about 10 pm, and live in the vicinity of Kings Island. I have to defend the park in saying that I don't think anyone anticipated the "dry" windstorm that came up Sunday afternoon. Yes, there had been bad weather (more in the form of rain/thunderstorms which we never got) predicted for Sunday late afternoon/evening, but no one anticipated the hurricane force winds. Unfortunately, the local media (especially the radio media-which for those of us lucky enough to have battery powered radios/boom boxes) did not begin alerting the public to the conditions until most people were already out in it. It was right around the same time JZ mentions the park closing that any "official" high-wind warning went out. As of when I am writing this, there are still a quarter of a MILLION Duke Energy customers without power in the Greater Cincinnati area. Shari (Power out for 56 hours)
  2. I need to do some orgiastic screaming. Or go on a TPR trip. Or both. All you fun-having people tick me off! JK!! You all look like you are having a blast and I am sure I speak for many when I say "Wish I was there".
  3. You guys are freaking amazing and we are so jealous. Except for the part where you nearly died on the shuttle coaster. We could live without that. But the scenery and random wackiness.... wow!! We absolutely triple love the pics of KT with the little Chinese babies. We're sitting here just cracking up at the Gang Bang picture, and the one with the little Yul Brenner guy. Can't wait to see more! Shari and Sammi
  4. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Mardi Gras this past February. Although the central part of the city and French Quarter are back to business as usual, you were never far from the reality of what happened there three years ago. On the night before Mardi Gras (Lundi Gras-aka Fat Monday) my friend (who was, um, slightly intoxicated ) decided to head a different direction than our hotel. We ended up going several blocks before I was finally able to make a convincing enough case that we were not going the right way, and got us headed back in the right direction. A couple days later, as we were headed out of town, we passed the area we had walked that night. We were within a block or two of what has become a "tent city" underneath the I-10 bridge. It was shocking to see these fairly nice camping tents, couchs, etc, all lined up and this is where people are and have been living for the past 36 months. Some people even had their children's bicycles chained to the fence like you might do on your front porch. The five of us just sat there, our mouths hanging open. I hope for the sake of that beautiful, fun city and its residents that this doesn't have the catastrophic effects that some are predicting could happen. Shari
  5. What?? No smog masks? Obviously coaster enthusiasts are tougher than those wimpy Olympic Athletes Have a great trip! How many countries does this make for KidTums now?? Amazing! Shari
  6. As if we needed a reason to head down there again next summer.... WOW!! I think we should start the campaign now to let the first official rider be DAN!!!! Shari
  7. Just a little random story for you, Dave (just so you don't think you are alone in your quest to ride after eye surgery). As you might remember, I work at the Cincinnati Eye Institute. Several years ago, when I was working on our switchboard, I got a call from a lady who said she was sorry if this seemed silly, but that she had recently had retina surgery with one of our doctors and was, at that moment, standing in line for ToT at WDW!! It suddenly occurred to her that perhaps she should not ride. Well, I would have personally hunted her surgeon down had it been necessary, because anyone that was cool enough to be calling me from WDW to make sure they could go on a ride was going to get extra special patient care service. I did reach her docs staff, they said "Go for it" and I asked her to, as payment for my kindness, give the Mouse a hug for me when she saw him! Shari
  8. I soooo wish we were able to meet up with you all on this trip. Lots of familiar faces. Can't believe it's been a year since you all were here! Have a great time. Looking forward to more updates! Shari (and Sammi)
  9. Um.... I knew Wes was joking (has Wes ever posted more than 3 threads that could be taken seriously??), hence, I too, was kidding And, unless I am really misunderstanding, tomorrow's big announcement is open to the GP, passholders, fanboys, coaster porn geeks and horses and snakes, with or without lasers. Shari
  10. I just got an email from KI that specifically references "Letting the horse out of the barn" with regard to the unveiling on Wednesday............
  11. Well, I just got a KI email regarding Wednesday's announcement that specifically references "Letting the horse out of the barn". I didn't catch any references to lasers, snakes or fire, however. Sorry, Wes.
  12. I have really enjoyed your "sea side trip reports" this summer. Those places look like a ton of fun. I was especially excited to see a "Cuddle Up". That was one of my favorite childhood rides at (old) Coney Island and, later, here at Kings Island until they removed it in the late 70s. I had no idea there were any still in existence. Shari
  13. I have an amazing group of friends/coworkers who invited me to join them on a trip to Mardi Gras this past February. It was AWESOME, and seeing you pictures just made me grin from ear to ear. I would have loved (and since I intend to go back someday, will make it a point to visit) that Mardi Gras Museum. I can tell you firsthand the parades are INCREDIBLE and no man, woman or child goes home from a parade empty-handed unless they want to, as beads, plastic cups, frisbees, stuffed animals, etc are tossed by the ton! You took in a good bit more "culture" than we did although we definitely went for the "party" (one more reason to go back), and agree about the disco music, although during Mardi Gras it was more current pop and hip hop than 70's disco (I will forever associate Flo Rida's "Low" with Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras). And we stayed at the Crowne Plaza right alongside the Krystal, sp that brought a smile to my face as well. Thanks for sharing, Shari
  14. Terrance and the Trojan Horse............. ahhh the caption possibilities ARE endless. KidTums gets cuter in each picture. Shari
  15. Awesome pictures and it is so great to see some of the people we met here in OH last year (Hi Hanno!! Hi Terrance!! Hi Elissa's folks!!). Samantha (who has this obsession with France) was totally pissed to see the picture of Kristin at the Eiffel Tower. Love the Alvey family photo too! Looking forward to more- Shari and Sam
  16. I seriously think Dave and Chuck could go head to head in a "trip report that makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee my pants" throwdown. I will look forward to this as you are both on the European trip. Dave, I love your sense of humor and glad that guys had a great time. I agree that Dollywood (along with Holiday World) are a rare class of theme park outside of Disney. I look forward to going back as it has been 9 years since we were last there. Shari
  17. Ok Reon.... First, I have to ask... you are 21... why are your folks having such a hard time with it? Second, I will tell you from honest experience (last year and this year) it is tough to do the drive and the park all in one day from Cincy (but it is doable). To answer your questions... I would recommend you do the discounted evening admission and then buy your second day ticket while you are there. There is very little else to do in the SC area, unless you count mini golf. However, since you are 21, it would be fair to note that French Lick Resort and Casino is within 30 miles or so of HW, if that's your thing. There are cheaper hotels (Baymont, Comfort Inn, etc) throughout the area between Louisville and SC, IN. ALSO...there is some major construction between Louisville and and HW and I-64 is down to one lane for probably 20 miles? We lost about 1/2 hour in our travel time, but we were still there in time for park opening. Shari
  18. I absolutely LOVE her.... her stories (be it about her parents, Catholic upbringing, or celebs) are HILLARIOUS. I had the opportunity to see her live about a year and a half ago and it was awesome! Shari
  19. So we got Sammi a Nintendo DS for her birthday. She loves Animal Crossing, but we are currently having a MEGA CRISIS, because she has some groundhog, hedgehog, mole or other Elissa-friendly creature who will not leave.... The child is nearly hysterical, which does not bode well for her because the whining has been going on for an hour now and her Dad and I have just about had enough...... I told her that I thought for sure her TPR friends could help her with her problem..... Thanks, Shari and Sammi
  20. In reading over the past couple of pages of posts, there are quite a few points I would like to address-as a theme park enthusiast, a former park employee (PKI in the late 90s) and (most importantly) as a MOM! I have observed many times over the years, ride ops "do their thing" (check restraints, close gates, etc) and then push the button and go on about their business (which can include talking horsing around with coworkers). In many cases they are not watching the actual operation of the ride. The question I have is this... shouldn't that be a requirement? I have been in wave pools and lazy rivers in the same park's water areas and the lifeguards are required not to take their eyes off the water. Shouldn't it be the same for rides? To that, I agree with two points made in earlier posts #1...if every time a patron yelled "Stop the ride", nothing would operate. From punk kids horsing around, to scared girls dragged onto rides by friends or boyfriends, I have been in line for many rides where I have heard someone yell this out in jest... however #2, a loose cable hanging from a ride COMBINED with anyone yelling to stop the ride should have resulted in an immediate e-stop. A loose thing on ANY ride, in my opinion, is worthy of a stop and a call to maintainance. I cannot fathom that if the ride ops were paying attention to the rides ascent and saw the broken cable that there would not have been time to stop the ride and prevent this tragedy. On the subject of politicians futhering their career by pushing for the regulation of amusement parks, and the involvement of the Feds, I challenge whoever was offended by the mere suggestion to find me a politician who doesn't enjoy TV face time to get his or her cause du jour out to the media. Please! Have you not seen three people named Hillary, Obama and John?? Of course they have ideas and plans that would improve the lives of the general public, but they are also furthering their careers. Any congressman, senator or other public official who can put a family on tv such as the Lasiters and rally the GP around the cause will do it in a heartbeat. Sadly, the bottom line here, to me, is that there are probably far too many ride ops out there like the young people at SFKK who are either A) not paying attention or B) ill-prepared to react in an emergency, or both. It's a shame this happened, but unfortunately this is how accidents do happen. Shari
  21. It's these burning questions and topical banter that I missed over the past several months as I tried to figure my life out (in case anyone cares, I still haven't....). I am waiting anxiously for TPR to reveal the significance behind the new "catchphrase". Shari
  22. ^ I drove past the park on the way home from work tonight, and it looked to me like the ramp (yellowish color) was over on the side where the "bus parking" is. Shari
  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE PIE.... You are just the cutest thing! I know how much fun you made this year for your mom and dad, Grandma and Grandpa and all of us who had the chance to meet you! Happy First Birthday! Shari and Sammi
  24. What about "Drop Zone"... that was a movie title?? Eh, I will call them their old names anyway...just like I called "Cinergy Field" "Riverfront Stadium" until the day they imploded the place. Shari "I hate name changes" Shoufler
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