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  1. http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/Empire-Industries-Announces-9-Million-Contract-for-Amusement-Park-Ride-Upgrade-TSX-VENTURE-EIL-1413054.htm
  2. McNair likeness removed from HH. http://www.faniq.com/blog/Kings-Island-Halloween-Decoration-Featuring-Steve-McNair-and-Sahel-Kazemi-Causes-Uproar-Blog-29582
  3. I really think people are forming an opinion way too soon. Yeah, at first I was rather bothered by the McNair & Heath Ledger scenes. Then I found out that all the skeletons are part of a whole Grim Reaper scene that has a list of celebrities, and the one portrayed are crossed of the Reaper's list. So at this point, I'll wait to see how the whole thing looks before criticizing KI. But one thing, Ted Williams in the fridge looks HILARIOUS!
  4. http://www.anheuser-busch.com/Press/PressImages/FINAL%20PRESS%20RELEASE.pdf
  5. http://www.daytondailynews.com/hp/content/oh/story/news/local/2008/07/08/pjm070808kirideweb.html
  6. If you look here (again): http://wise.wisefoundation.com/index.php?sect=1a#5 Now that $50 has already been paid for, through the WISEprogram as you can see here: Notice it says for the account of the WISEprogram, and not by the participant.
  7. ^^^ I don't know where you got your information about the insurance deductable, but it is wrong. This is the WISE site, as well as what they provide: http://wise.wisefoundation.com/index.php?sect=1a#5 Not only did KI approve the apartments, but WISE did as well, as you can see with the WISE website Honestly, this should not have been an "I" team investigation into KI, but, an investigation into a slum lord. All those apartment finder sites make the facilities sound top notch. According to the information the apartment management has provided to apartment websites they have: It does not sound like that bad of a place with those amenities. And for $300/ month, which includes all utilities, that is not bad at all. Now if the management is misleading their tenants with all this stuff, and it's not true, then that should have been the focus of the investigation, and not KI. You have to remember that the KI internationals are not the only ones living there in these conditions, but a whole lot of people. Now, if some of the internationals housing fell through at the last minute, we really don't know what kind of hoops KI and WISE had to jump through to find adequate housing. Perhaps when reps from both KI and WISE went to see the West Chester apartments, the management showed them the nice ones, and then provided less than adequate housing for the kids. At this point, that is what it sounds like. Sure these kids are from a different country, and may have a difficult time adjusting to things. But WISE is an internet driven program as can be seen when you click on the link, and these kids have to be in some sort of schooling program. So it's not like they can't get around if necessary. While KI should shoulder some of the blame for not having closer contact with the 50 misplaced students, there is no way they are the only ones at fault. Both WISE, who agreed to the living conditions along with KI, and the apartment managers, who obviously have provided a ton of fluff about their amenities, should have been investigated and mentioned as much as KI. But that is what you get from an "I" team investigation that prides itself on sensualizing things.
  8. I really don't know who called the media. I *assume* it was one of the internationals since they were so forthcoming with other details. But from the report that they tried to contact the KI HR representantive with no luck, I find it intresting that they could have called WISE themselves. The "I" team failed to report that.
  9. While some of the story does seem disturbing, the first thing it reminded me of is living in a college dorm for the first 2 years before I got an apartment. This is the part that got me. If these kids had it so bad, and I'm not saying they don't, then how could they not speak up and say something? What would be the worst that happened? They get fired and have to go back home? All things considered, that may have been their best choice. The employees also stated that they were surprised that there was no furniture supplied to them and that there was no internet access. Yet, they were not to be supplied furniture and they do have internet access. So how can the students try and claim that they tried so hard to contact an HR person when other issues they brought up are false? I also find it hard to believe that these students, from another country, were able to get in touch with the local media so easily, but found difficulty in speaking with an HR representative that is located on the same property that they work. If I was in their position, and I felt slighted with my living conditions, I would have been beating doors down until the issues were resolved. If $300/ month includes all utilities (water, electric, garbage, maintenence, internet, cable, phone, fridge) they are getting a DEAL! I am going to guess that KI signed the lease for these students, since they are from another country. I am also going to guess that things like cable and phone were also taken care of by the park for the same reason. And after listening to the area that they are living, it does sound like it is not the nicest of areas. But according to these links it does not sound too bad: http://www.apartmentcities.com/Ohio/d/woodbridge_on_the_lake_OH.asp http://www.forrent.com/apartment-community-profile/1031895.php http://www.rentalguideapartments.com/Apartments/OH/City/West_Chester/ListingId/165809.html Read into the story a little bit. KI did admit that housing for these 50 internationals did fall through at the last minute, and they found these apartments at the last minute. From that link I found, it does not sound like that bad of a place to live. I'm not saying that it is a good place, but from the link, it does not sound bad. So is it really KI that should be investigated, or should it be the management group that operates the apartments? Because from the way it looks, if it is as bad as described, the management group is as guilty, or even more guilty, than what KI was blamed for. Is it's KI's fault that the apartments are like that, considering the glowing specs given through apartment search sites that I found; or is it the apartment managements' fault for letting people live like this and giving false descriptions of the living conditions? If you think about it, the amount of KI workers living there is a very small percentage to all the residents there. Why did the TV station make it look like a KI issue, and do an "I" team investigation, when it really was not a KI issue. What about the other internationals that are living somewhere else, do they have the same issues? From the WISE site provided on the TV station website: They were supposed to get only the basics, and were well aware of that. And everything that I found, took just a couple of clicks of a mouse button, KI had nothing to do with it. So far, it seems that what these kids have is what they were supposed to get according to the WISE website. It's just that, they expected more. And if they were one of the 50 where housing fell through, and got stuck in a place that was not as nice as where the other internationals are staying, they are feeling slighted and feel the need to go to the media and complain about it, instead of doing the stand-up thing and dealing with KI directly. Now if KI did not meet the standards for shuttling these kids back and forth to the park, then shame on them. But at this point, that appears to be KI's only fault, and they have since rectified the situation. This is the part I find very intresting: - So WISE also had to approve where these kids were living and what they are paying for, not just KI. Something the "I" team failed to mention. - They get affordable health insurance, with no deductable. Now I can see where some of the $3000 is being spent. - They have use of a Emergency, Toll Free 24-hour Assistance telephone number. But called the media instead? That is intresting. - They get full support from WISE, and just do not rely on KI. So did WISE just forget about these kids? Or did these kids just expect too much? Because, at this point, that is the direction it appears to be going. - They get a detailed handbook of things to do in the area. And according to the apartment description, there is public transportation for the complex.
  10. Of course it looks different with a line. SoB is actually operating consistantly this year.
  11. Well apparently, those in the SFKK PR department know more about maintaining the rides than do their own ride maintenance manager: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080415/NEWS0101/804150408/1008/NEWS01
  12. ^ A little more detail: http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080413/NEWS01/304230002/1008/NEWS01
  13. So the qualifications should be if the coasters operate or not? If so SFMM will never come close to the "record".
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