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  1. Flight of Fear loads and unloads at different stations, so I don't think you meant what you typed...but yeah, I agree with everything else. I've seen people at Firehawk stash bags on the platform that should have gone into lockerss, but that's certainly the exception more than the rule. Typically it seems like it's just a guest that got by the line attendant unnoticed, and by the time they make it to the station it's way tougher PR-wise to send them all the way back out, so they acquiesce. Flight of Fear seems to let some smaller bags/purses in, but I've always seen them taken on the ride,
  2. They did say that the game will have a snapping feature available, which should help somewhat: More broadly, as a Mac user, my excitement is a bit tempered with the lack of any plans for a Mac release, but that's okay. I'd much rather see them focus on making a high-quality product than worry about expanding the compatibility of a lackluster one.
  3. I was at Dollywood today for the first time in seven years, and the first time enjoying coasters. As such, pretty much everything was a new experience for me, and I approached it as a new park. Wild Eagle is, as others have said, a wonderful addition. It's fun and smooth and beautiful and pretty unique. It probably won't threaten any world-class rankings, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a ride or two. Wild Eagle is the first coaster where I've had some discomfort in the restraints (I was fine on Maverick, I-305), as the shoulder straps tightened against my clavicles awkwardly on both
  4. I've already forewarned my family that I'm taking a day trip here on our Virginia Beach vacation this summer, but I'm currently in the process of trying to turn it into a full family event. Verbolten is becoming excellent leverage for the kid in our family who just passed the 48" mark this winter. And for the thrill seeking cousins. And to a lesser extent, for the tamer, soak-in-the-atmosphere-and-charm parents. So basically, it's shaping up to be a winner in every sense. This thing looks so cool.
  5. I'm still baffled by the masses of people who feel that a Tumblr written by a sophomore in college is more empirically substantive, unbiasedly objective or factually supported than the main video in question (although I'm not suggesting that's what was being done in this thread). I've seen many people link to it as a sort of "IC sucks, see? He says so. Check, and mate!" type of thing. I appreciate as a sort of "reality check" on Invisible Children, but I think more and more lemmings are using it as blindly as the original video. As I see it, it's advocating more complete awareness on the issue
  6. I went to X-Fest last Sunday, a radio station-sponsored rock festival. Downplay, Emphatic, Black Stone Cherry, Kopek, Adelitas Way, Skillet, Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Deadman, and Staind. The first two were pretty good, I missed Kopek (what I overheard was meh), BSC and Adelitas Way. Skillet (my favorite band) killed, although after watching their full set with pyros and everything in June, it wasn't mind-blowing for me (my friends held other opinions fortunately and couldn't stop saying how impressed they were). Alter Bridge is way too talented at their instruments, t
  7. I'm a fan of all four. Especially live, they all put on great shows. I never got into dubstep, but that was in part because my introduction to dubstep was several friends of mine "discovering the awesomeness of SKRILLEX" on Facebook and linking to that bombastic "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" song. Since then I've discovered some other stuff that's not bad. Typically I'm drawn to the more melodic variations of the genre instead of the stuff that's almost exclusively Transformer diarrhea. I'm not knowledgeable enough know who I'm "supposed" to like and who it's cool to hate, but Mt. Eden
  8. ^At the very least, their main banner on the homepage has a link to information on the new "Fast Lane" passes: http://tickets.visitkingsisland.com/shop/shopping_corporate_partners_list.cfm Fast Lane appears to be available for select hours of the day (12.00-7.00), although the number of uses is unlimited, and for 5 coasters and 5 other rides: Diamondback, Beast, Flight of Fear, Firehawk, Back Lot Stunt Coaster Drop Tower, Delerium, Windseeker, Boo Blasters, Log Flume
  9. ^It took me two tries to get there, but I definitely agree. I saw a midnight screening and left a bit disappointed, because I found myself constantly comparing it to the book and even anticipating what was about to happen because of the book ("oh man, xxx is about to yyy...wait, what? No, that's not how it happened..."). I saw it again tonight (IMAX 3D is alright) and enjoyed it much more. I wasn't worried about what *didn't* happen this time, so I could enjoy what they *did* make happen. And that made a huge difference. There were a couple spots I could've used a bit more coverage or atte
  10. Given its namesake, is anyone *actually* surprised that the ride now featured/features a rattle? In other news, I'm liking the favorable reviews of Windseeker. I wasn't expecting any blown-away reactions, so hearing the news that's being reported is perfectly fine for me. And the killer lighting package just sweetens the deal.
  11. ^Hey, I was there too! That was indeed a really fun set. Most all acts I saw that weekend were great.
  12. ^^That park's in Sweden, where people aren't idiots. Regarding Wildcat, I wouldn't mind either way if it gets removed for a future project. It's never a must-ride for me on my visits, but it never makes me wish they were doing something more productive with its land, unlike the northern tip of the park. It just sits there quietly in its corner, plodding away.
  13. This report is fascinating! I've always been impressed with how meticulous Disney is with thinking out...well, everything, but this is really hammering that home. Also, I think this is what they were going for in Norway...? I believe this fits all the parameters the book laid out And the original to compare
  14. Yeah, I don't see where it confirms this is opening this year either. And with the stuff parks like BGW and Hershey are doing this year for their 2012 additions, I wouldn't be too surprised if this is KI getting a jump on their own big 40th Anniversary project. Of course, I have no insider info on the project, so it could open this year. I just haven't seen anything definite either way. Fortunately, I don't have long to wait
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