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  1. I got to ride SheiKra back in October and I couldn't agree with Chuck more. The ride took me by surprise and it was loads of fun, so I couldn't be more excited for the idea of a large scale dive machine for CP. Though keeping B&M's ride catalog in mind, I'll probably be skeptical of it actually having a creative or cool layout. Even if it isn't, I'm sure it'll be a winner. Definitely looking forward to this hopefully happening.
  2. Well... Amy from RMC did mention this in the Q&A on Facebook: Busch Gardens seems like an even likelier candidate for conversion. Of course, it's still speculative at this point.
  3. Yeah, I agree with the above statements. I think a friendlier landscaping throughout the park would help diversify clientele and increase guest retention in a single day.
  4. Does it really matter what it's called? It's just a stall. Personally, those silly names are a byproduct of marketing the ride. WC's stall is nearly the same as Outlaw Run's, they're more fluid. Twisted Colossus is the most similar to Goliath, only that one ride has mirrored entrance and exits. They're going to be awesome anyway, and that's all that matters to me.
  5. Great and informative post, Sven. Very cool pictures, they serve good clarification.
  6. Very exciting news! I really liked what I saw in the video from IAAPA, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what comes of this. That track looks ridiculously strong.
  7. That drop alone is already better than three-quarters of the coasters in the State of California. Too stoked.
  8. Those aren't the actual colors, the contrast is turned way up on the image, same as an old one. I don't think I will ever understand the reason for doing so.
  9. Aside from a few unproductive comments, I actually don't think anybody is overreacting at all, just being critical and expressing disagreement. Also, if PR keep utilizing all caps on words like "bigger" and "better"and emphasize an "announcement" as a marketing technique, they are already inherently generating hype and attention at base.
  10. Couldn't agree with you more, thrillrider. I can't help but feel that their marketing has been unnecessarily esoteric.
  11. 18 moments of airtime and the ride has squandered potential? Seriously?
  12. Something I dont think many people here understand is cost. Ideally, businesses want to get the most for less. The designer drafts several layout ideas, and then they discuss the options with the client. What's the best, optimal solution? What's the most marketable? More likely than not, there probably were older drafts that took up the entire original layout. They were probably more expensive. Think Texas Giant - they cut out the helix, and no excitement was really lost from the ride.
  13. RMC airtime is incomparable to GCI. After having been on NTAG and Terminator/Apocalypse, both boast completely different sensations.
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