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  1. To go further on this, the restraints are amazing if you aren't stapled (which I was on my 2nd ride) and good to great if you are. One of the more comfortable train/restraint set ups I have ever been on!
  2. I just got back from the Steel Curtain media day event and wanted to write up a report for all the fine folks here at TPR. In summer 2018 I was lucky enough to win a spot on the first ride for Kennywood's latest coaster. After what seemed like an eternal wait, the day finally came to ride. First I wanted to give a shoutout to Kennywood: The weather here in Pittsburgh has been nothing but deluge rain the last few days with scattered large storms the last few weeks. It is nothing short of impressive that this event was able to go off without a hitch and the ride, queue and landscaping looked fully complete. Technical rehearsals scheduled Wednesday and Thursday had to be cancelled because of a lack of training and testing time. We were told to arrive at the park at 5:30 for check in with the first ride going off at 6:30am. Check in was quick and easy and we were riding almost exactly at the scheduled time. I was able to ride Steel Curtain twice today, one in the 3rd row one in the 8th. The ride starts with a slow, steep ascent up that feel much higher than it is due to the cliffside to the right of the ride. The first inversion has amazing hang time in the front and the first drop feels like it goes forever. In the back you pull through this inversion much faster and it isn't as much fun. The turn at the bottom of the drop has some surprising lateral forces and then you pull up into the banana roll. This inversion was a little disappointing as its taken so fast, there is no side hang time like people have been reporting on Maxx Force's dog tongue inversion. The airtime hill after the banana roll has much stronger negative g in the back than the front. After the Sea Serpent the ride comes alive. All the elements have amazing forces including the little cutback before the brake run. Most people I talked to agreed this may be the best element on the ride. The pacing is amazing with a time for your body to recompose itself after the quick transitions through the inversions. I avoid large B&M loopers because I feel motion sick after riding, but this ride is incredibly re-rideable. There is a bit of a rattle while riding, but it does not take away from how amazing this ride is. A totally minor disappointment with the ride: there is a tradition before every Steelers game the team plays Renegade by Styx. The park installed speakers along the lift that play the song and are timed where the "scream" that really kicks off the song should play as you go over the top of the lift. Unfortunately the lift catches are so loud you cannot hear the speakers on the ride. Hopefully they can turn up the volume. All in all, Kennywood has an absolute winner on their hands, and S&S should be proud of what they accomplished. S&S's president was there today talking with riders as they got off, and every good review you could see a little weight lifted off his shoulders. I genuinely can't wait to see what S&S will come up with in the next few years. Best news of the day, as I was walking out, they were testing Sky Rocket so hopefully that ride will be back online this weekend to complete the coaster lineup. Anyways, on to the Photos! Apologies for the low quality of these shots, they were taken on an iPhone and I'm not a photographer We were given Terrible Towels with Kennywood and Steel Curtain logos upon checking in. The sun came out later for what ended up being perfect weather for a day in the park. Congratulations to S&S and Kennywood on an amazing ride!! Shot of some Landscaping. They were still pruning and adjusting this morning Second Train of the morning heading up the incredibly steep lift hill All the stats we had to match for the 412 contest to be first riders. The Steelers Country sign matches the design of detail pieces at Heinz Field, the Steeler's home field. Neat Touch! I'm not a big fan of big inverting coasters (motion sickness) so I was feeling a little nervous this morning Grey skies are pretty typical for Pittsburgh, but luckily no rain today!! Looking back at the Media coming up for their first rides Coming out of the Banana Roll. This element was fairly forceless, no side hang time like has been reported on Maxx Force's dog tongue
  3. More truck loads of parts. Parts are being stowed away behind the old Kmart Building so I'm not sure if there are any other pieces back there. Track from a few days ago could not be seen from the street Steel Curtain Parts Steel Curtain Parts
  4. I was at Fright Nights the first weekend this year and the lines for the rides and even the haunts were incredibly short. Five minutes for Jack Rabbit, 10 minutes for Phantom, 15 for Thunderbolt. Haunts were about 30 minute waits. Have not been back since but seems that the locals have found other events to go to this year?
  5. I have got to think that building a new path is part of a larger plan to keep adding rides in the golden kingdom section of the park. By building the path down by Ka's entrance over to El Toro's entrance it would end two odd dead ends in the park. Then the area between the new path and the boardwalk can be filled with rides
  6. I am just going to leave this here. Not saying hyper, but B&M have done splashdowns on other types of rides besides dive coasters.
  7. Now Ryan will they be running Ka as such, or is that just for filming purposes/testing/fun? If so that could make the ride crazy, imagine Intamin airtime at 456 feet?
  8. With the new land this park will open up in the next year or two I could see one of two things happening; moving the water park to the new expansion area and using the boardwalk for a dry park expansion; or moving the rides behind the boardwalk to the new land and expanding the boardwalk to take over the land occupied by Wildcat, Lightning racer etc. I'm not sure Wildcat would survive if they chose to move the dry rides as its on some pretty unique land. I would be a little upset, but if it means Lightning racer gets to survive and not only that but thrive, I would be okay with that
  9. I'm supposed to be going to Great Adventure on Wednesday. How has Kingda-Ka been in terms of reliability. The last two years I have gone and the ride has been open sporadically or not at all, so I have never ridden it. Two years ago I went just after the lightening strike and it had a three hour line from 2 until I left. Last year there was a rollback mid-day and it didn't re-open from what I saw. Hoping that this year is the year the problems are sorted out and I can get a ride or two. Thanks!
  10. If I am not mistaken they are rolling the old trains, is that going to last the year?
  11. Storm Runner, but they're both great rides! If Storm Runner was just a bit longer, I would definitely consider it for my top 3 (Small coaster count though: Florida Disney Parks, SFGAdv, SFNE (when i was afraid of heights so no Superman -__-) and Hersheypark). The vertical lift is awesome, but I have only ridden at night, so I have no idea whether the sun changes that fact...
  12. Do they plan to go back and re-build more sections of the Cyclone in future years or is it a one year, one area fix?
  13. So 2012, anybody think that there will be additions? Seems like I haven't heard anything in a long time
  14. This is why I love GCI every coaster is unique and they take a ton of time to develop the product! Every time its better than the one before!
  15. Just left the park this afternoon, I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow, so my life is a little bit hectic right now. I will post the pictures eventually, didn't get too many of Skyrush, There wasn't too much more in terms of track seemed like a lot of supports though. I was amazed how close they were to the road! Full report soon!
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