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  1. I know this thread has been dead for almost two years, but I figured there was some newer TPR college students that might be contemplating applying soon (myself included). I'm currently going into my junior year and I'm thinking about applying for the spring 2015, but I may wait to apply for the fall 2015. To past DCP students, would you suggest applying during your junior year, or waiting until your senior year?
  2. I don't know where Screamscape was getting their info from, but the Jazzland proposal has not yet been turned down. They were asked to submit more details as far as their project is concerned, and they have been waiting for the board to meet up again and give them a definite answer. They have a Facebook page titled "Jazzland Park" where they post all of the updates on the status of their proposal. I'll continue to update this thread whenever they post anything newsworthy.
  3. I'll be going to Six Flags Over Texas with a group of people in March and I was wondering if y'all had suggestions of which rides we should go to first?
  4. I'd say. They look to be like they would be pretty good with lines too, as there are four slides. They are saying one and half to two weeks until they open.
  5. They haven't specified which rides they are gonna keep if they keep any at all. I believe the Mega Zeph is the only one that they are really looking at.
  6. Another update. They stated on their Facebook page that it will probably be finished in two weeks if mother nature cooperates. Slides are almost finished, stairs are built, and all loops are up.
  7. @gisco, they've been investing in the park a lot over the past six years in both the water park and the amusement park.
  8. More updates. Nice view from the front. They've been doing ground work as you can see. Aerial shot of AquaLoops and construction site. They've also started building the stairs.
  9. The AquaLoop is facing the highway too which will attract more people. It'll be the first thing people see when they pass the park.
  10. Though I'm the only one posting, I'm gonna keep updating, lol. More progess. Red loop is up now too. It's looking good.
  11. Due to the weather we've been having, construction on the Aqua Loop has been delayed. The pieces are finally going up and it should be ready in about three weeks. The Travel Channel also came to Blue Bayou about two weeks ago to feature the water park in their series "Extreme Waterparks". The lazy river is finished and looks the best it has in years. Blue loop finally up! The new and improved lazy river. Look for Blue Bayou on Travel Channel's Extreme Waterparks! Airing in July. The college kids featured in the Extreme Waterparks piece on Blue Bayou.
  12. I'm not exactly sure what they're overlaying over the original lazy river. It was just cement, so maybe they're coating the cement with some type of softer material?
  13. More updates and less than a month before the park opens. I should be updating more often as their deadline gets closer and closer. Supports are starting to go up. Again The lazy river is starting to look good
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