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  1. Mine is simply the plane that I flew in when coming back from Toronto. It made a stop in Charlotte, NC for a connection, so I just took the pic. And in case anyone's wondering, it's an Embraer (ERJ) 175.
  2. Name: Rebecca Age: 20 What is your roller coaster count? A very sad and low number, around 20 or so. What is your home park? Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa) What is the nearest big city? Tampa, FL What is your occupation? Student About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park) 3 or 4 About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? Probably just around once When you travel do you go primarily to amusement parks or do you also try and hit other sites? I like to stick to the places that have t
  3. Sometimes, it all really depends. Most of the time though, no. I DO laugh in The Hitcher (2007) though, but not in a bad way. I just think Ryder is awesome. Is there any serious movie that you just have to laugh at?
  4. Already a thread about airtime: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=503&highlight=coaster+gives+airtime
  5. There are a number of coasters that they could've shown instead of water parks and a place to sand board. My top favorite: Behemoth, Millennium Force, SheiKra or Griffon, etc. But really, a wave pool? Meh, at least they showed something local for me. Slingshot.
  6. - A Brock Lesnar "Death Clutch" UFC shirt (Walkout 100) - Arctic camo pants Yea, I'm a tom boy. I can't stand the girly crap.
  7. Love the werewolf themed scare zone they have planned! Not so much into the main theme itself with Ms. Vayne, but it's alright.
  8. Jurassic Park River Adventure - IOA (Never been to the one in Cali) I usually always try to get at least two rides on there if the line isn't too bad.
  9. Could you make me one of The Incredible Hulk, with possibly the track in the text, and one of the trains in the background?
  10. I was nervous about going on the xtreme skyflyer at Canada's Wonderland. That was until I found out they charged you extra for it, and I just walked away. Needed the money for the ride back to the hotel.
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