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  1. At No Coaster Con, the park confirmed all 7 rows on both trains will be running backwards.
  2. The supports around the trench will be for the turn into the 4th inversion. The station will be on the far left of the webcam. Hope that helps!
  3. My guess is that you are at the Melbourne airport in hopes of visiting Dreamworld. http://www.melbourneairport.com.au/ The airport even has a McDonalds! http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/MELAPHI-Hilton-Melbourne-International-Airport/index.do The Hilton is right there are the airport! So convenient! http://www.dreamworld.com.au/Rides/Thrill-Rides/The-Tower-of-Terror-2.aspx?tileid=633941400668840000 There must be a Superman: Escape from Krypton photo to show that you are going to ride Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld? I think so!
  4. I'd have to wonder if Dark Knight was only closed briefly while you passed by because that thing would be the last to close for weather/crowds. Also, the meal deal you mentioned which was over $30 feeds a family of 4. That's why it seems so expensive. Glad you had a good time despite the rain!
  5. Make sure everyone tunes in to the Food Network show "Dinner Impossible" tonight at 10pm and 1am ET/9pm and 12 am CT! Tonight's show takes place at Six Flags Great America!
  6. ^^The cannons at Roaring Rapids and Buccaneer Battle aren't the same though. The ones at BB are more like "super soakers" that you crank with your hand and aim at your target. So we'll see how this plays out...haha.
  7. I'm not sure if it is confirmed or not that the on-shore "cannons" will be free or not. The "cannons" at Dollywood were free and the ones at Great America appear to be the same type. Since the "cannons" are hand cranked, I'm not sure if the park would go through the hassle to change them up too much. I guess we shall see.
  8. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gurnee-IL/Six-Flags-Great-AmericaHurricane-Harbor/10583866355#/album.php?page=1&aid=78146&id=10583866355 There was a photo update today of Buccaneer Battle on the park's facebook page! A lot of the theming is in along with water and the ships. It looks like testing will begin soon if it hasn't already!
  9. These track pieces have invert or flyer written all over them!! I think Magic Mountain can be ruled out as this is super early, the are currently constructing a coaster, and they pretty much have any of the types of B&Ms that these track pieces could be used for. Altons Towers can be ruled out because I am pretty sure we would know about it as it would need approval. Also, isn't there concept photos of a possible layout of their proposed coaster anyways?(Which btw show no indication of a B&M.) And to boot, they already have a flyer and invert. I'm really not sure where this coaster could be going, however, it could very well be a Cedar Fair ride. Maverick at CP arrived super early with construction starting early as well. CP or Cedar Fair could possibly be jumpstarting construction early. So my unofficial vote goes to a Cedar Point of Cedar Fair project.
  10. Hasn't Six Flags sued Intamin over the Superman: Tower of Power incident? If I was sueing someone, I wouldn't give them any of my money! Things change and people work things out, however, I wouldn't see any Intamins popping up in Six Flags parks in the near future.
  11. The Q-bot is amazing! When I have used the Gold at Raging Bull at Sfgam, I'd have my ride validated, then reserve it again. Once I got off the ride the first time, it was already time for my second ride. This is with a one hour line to boot. This system isn't something most visitors will buy. It is at a premium for a reason. They know people will buy it at this price. It's a perk. It's a ride vip tour without the guide. I support the system a lot. Give it a chance. I do agree that the prices are high and I probably wouldn't want to pay that much, but after a fun day at the park, I probably wouldn't say I "wasted" my money.
  12. Glad to see that they are continuing to add Wiggles Worlds. It was sad to see that The Great Escapes version only had two rides for the little ones and their families. SfGam, SfGadv, and SfNe have excellent sections with at least 5 rides! Can anyone confirm the possibility of the coaster to be a re-theme or completely new?
  13. From the sounds of things.... 1. Maurer Sohne spinning coaster. There isn't technically a back row on those things. Also, lots of German and Vertigo to go around there. 2. Maybe some type of new style of a lift for a new slide tower. Hmmm...I have no clue otherwise...
  14. If the testing video is any indication, Firefall will run the same program as King Chaos at Six Flags Great America. Weight is a huge reason why it appeared the gondola did not flip through the first part. King Chaos gets 4-5 flips during that part. The rest of the program as seen through that video is what should be expected.
  15. ^^The park has had enough staff to run all rides. It was the wind. NOT Staffing. I realize who runs the rides.
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