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  1. I'm not sure if anyone can help here, but I've been messing with the lighting objects included with NL. I wanted to tweak the "Spot Light White" object so that I can have something a little more intense, and different colored lights. I'm a sucker for lighting and making things look dramatic at night. I'm not sure where to go with this but decided to do some digging. I opened the Spot Light White.nl2sco with Notepad and saw some values that can be modified such as color and intensity. I saved the nl2.sco file in my park folder (I saw that nothing should be changed within the main installation folder) but am not seeing that object when I try to add it to my park through the NL2 program. Am I even going at this the right way? Mean time, I'm going to continue messing with this.
  2. I'm in sort of a predicament here. Last night (11:30 PST) there was a brief moment where NL2 could be purchased. A handful of us including myself bought the game. I received license key but no download link. Fast forward to this morning, still nothing. I tried contacting No Limits (nolimits@nolimitscoaster.com and ol_l@nolimitscoaster.de , after doing some digging on the site) only to have the email bounce. So far, I'm not happy. Only means of communication seems to be through Facebook (which isn't happening too well/post is getting lost in the abyss of posts).
  3. Thanks for sharing! While I enjoyed watching this year's video, I think I may have preferred the previous formats. The idea of the different manufacturers answering 1 question strung together was a creative idea but I felt like something was missing. In the past, there would be an introduction to whoever was being interviewed. If I were just listening to the audio only of this year's format, I would most likely be lost as to who's answering the questions. While it flowed, to me it felt like it flowed a bit too much/a bit on the fast side. I felt like I got more out of the new hotness in the previous year's, and definitely felt like I got more out of the still images that were posted throughout the day today. I did like the Son of Beast comment, and again thanks for sharing the video and most definitely the photos!
  4. Further adding to it (now that I finally found the pic I was looking for last week)...here y'all go!
  5. Very late to the party, been busy all day but finally able to see what I also refer to as Xmas for coaster enthusiasts...that is, IAAPA! Some noteable highlights for me and what I saw so far: -GCI, 'nuff said! Switch track coaster, Viper, and that oh-so-cute Mini-Lennium Flyer car! I want a single (lead) car just to have sit in my room. It's small enough! -Mack Drop & Splash...reminds me of a pirate ship that could in fact be a credit, and water ride all in one! -Sexy trains from various manufacturers whether it be Lightning Run's, the RMC trains, or El Loco's Definitely can't wait to see more! GCI seems to be doing a lot of innovating as of lately. Last year we had the shuttle coaster concept. This year, switching track...soon (guessing and joking of course) we may very well see the world's first launched woodie! I also look forward to hear from Pro Slide as they always seem to have something new up their sleeve. Lastly, though I saw it coming since WCB, glad to hear that Calico Mine Ride is getting the Timber Mountain Log Ride treatment
  6. I also wonder the same. Not that I did not enjoy Ghost Rider (Another what was once highly ranked CCI in its early years) at Knott's but I know what I experienced is only a faint shadow of what the ride used to be. My first ride on it was April 2013. I'm not sure if it's the wood that's used (lesser quality, Southern Yellow Pine) plus lack of maintenance that's basically causing the ride to tear itself apart or what. Do PTC trains usually do heavy wear and tear to the track? It's actually a bit amazing how some of these older coasters (Dipper, and even SFMM's Colossus) are smoother than today's woodies. Not that I want to thread jack or take things off topic but Colossus was actually smoother than Apocalypse! I also hear that they are using a different type of wood (Douglas Fir, which I hear is a better grade wood). As we know, Apoc uses Southern Yellow Pine.
  7. What I'm wondering...will we be able to make complete circuit coasters that can launch forward and reverse? I guess the best coasters in the real world that portray this are the 2 Premier Rides coasters Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK) and Full Throttle (SFMM).
  8. Being as this came from SFMM ride ops, I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Though they'd know more than the Dip n Dots guy, I would be only *slightly* convinced. I tried looking things up last night but found nothing. In the end, we may be worrying ourselves over what could only be just a couple of rides getting seat belts. The words from the ride ops can also very well be something completely misinterpreted (classic game of Telephone scenario).
  9. Other concern...saying that this is a Six Flags policy (or if it was actually state wide) would be the Six Flags-owned Premier Launchers (YOLO, SUF). SUF has amazing dispatches because of its minimalist approach. First off, lockers are enforced and it's just a matter of sit, pull down bar, check, dispatch. I can see it double its dispatch times (or perhaps match YOLO's current dispatch times which are considerably slower than SUF). If YOLO got them, the already slower dispatch times would be even slower yet. Since SFMM does not quite enforce lockers, and the Skyrocket style trains are actually quite difficult to pass through let alone putting goods in the bins. Also agreed about our other gem up here, being Giant Dipper. It's been fine all these years, there's no reason to make changes now. I have a feeling it will not be altered but only time will really tell.
  10. The B&M thing...I'm going to have to start using that acronym! Fortunately the B&Ms at my home park aren't B&M at all but are very forceful...Ok, one hurts but still I scored 80% only because the time ran out. I was multi tasking, helping somebody with something while quickly answering questions...it cut me off at 20 questions.
  11. Agreed...Seatbelts never really bothered me on rides other than crippling dispatch times. It's not like they degrade my actual ride experience. 3/4 of the time I forget it's even there! Even my #1 wood has them and it still delivers an amazing ride! The only instance I felt was ridiculous was CGA's Grizzly, which not only has rider seat belts, but lap bar has a buckle that fastens to the seat divider. As forceless as this ride is, it apparently needed the extra safety measure. And Grizzly has had dispatch times of up to 5 minutes. Combine additional useless seatbelts and a lethargic crew (to run a lethargic ride), and there you go! I'm wondering (since it was just a few ride ops that said this) if this is just chain wide and a response to the whole NTAG incident. I was actually very surprised to see the amount of rides at SFMM that did not have additional seatbelts when I went and often reached for them until I realized the rides weren't equipped with them (Viper, reached toward my crotch to fasten OTSR redundancy belt, reached to side on Colossus)...only ride down there I feel is ridiculous is Revolution. It is the only coaster I've seen and ridden that's outfitted with a standard lapbar and OTSR...
  12. While I have yet to ride a funfair Breakdance, there's a very fun Break Dance 4 in the area (Santa Cruz Boardwalk). Normally these are geared towards families (with CGA also having a No. 4 geared towards families), SCBB's offers quite a thrill and runs a slightly faster program than it's neighbor in the bay area.
  13. Boomerang: Knotts, 1998 Invertigo: CGA, 1999 SLC: Kong - SFDK, 1999
  14. Lightning run...looks awesome and far more exciting than the initial Morgan Hyper Lite design I saw. Wonder if we will see more of their designs in the near future.
  15. Nice! Loco is definitely the key word in the ride's name! A trimless first drop (though not vertical)...You know what this means!
  16. ^^^Man, that name sounds familiar...*thinks of the Eiffel Tower Extreme coaster from way back when...along with a bunch of other crazy coasters* Glad to hear that while the sim has some pretty complex features, it will still be user friendly for those of us who shy away from programming language. I don't have much knowledge in programming languages but that doesn't mean I won't tinker with things as I can get a general idea of what's going on. Also glad to hear that hand-building tracks will be smoother. I've always been a hand builder but have gotten some of those unavoidable pumpy misshapen curves. Anywho, I can't wait for the release! You know it's getting bad when your dream last night was that NL2 was already available for download and as I was getting ready to make my purchase and download, 'twas time to get up...
  17. I know, right? Once I got to playing with AI, I realized that "This is a lot like NL!" Even Photoshop's pen tool reminds me of it.
  18. Wow, definitely an interesting concept! Just wondering what happens in the event of a malfunction...and sitting in the middle of a dark, dank hole.
  19. Since there's not a whole lot to discuss the happenings at CGA, I thought I'd bring this up, found on the permit page. (Gotta be excited about something, right?) http://smartpermit.santaclaraca.gov/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusViewCase&shl_caseno=PLN2013-10112 Modifications to the picnic pavilion area near Flight Deck...wonder what this all involves and if this has any bearing on the site's future...
  20. I think that area behind Gold Striker's an emergency exit route and access point, probably why Gold Striker has that service road path running under it. That area leads to Patrick Henry Dr, where there's also a driveway/entry to the neighbor's parking lots.
  21. Something wannabe sweet and most likely gross (I have yet to try a deep fried Twinkie...I mean, Winkie...)
  22. Zipper...'nuff said! While these are fun, they are also equally terrifying! I finally rode one this past summer. All that's holding you in is your fellow rider and a cotter pin...not to mention this whole ride is held together with cotter pins for quick assembly. It also made scary noises too. Fun part of it was being oriented the right way as my cage went up and over the top...extreme airtime in a cage! You can also be inverted down at the bottom end of the oval and get extreme hangtime/headrush. Water ride-wise, any kid of speed slide or anything that involves a drop capsule. The slide itself isn't scary, it's that initial "HOLY SH**!!!" moment the floor drops from under you! Lastly...at the age of 5 or so, I was terrified by the Haunted Castle at SCBB...so terrified in fact that my parents who were waiting outside heard me screaming and crying inside! For a while, I was leery of any dark rides including SCBB's Cave Train.
  23. So, what offerings does the "Pro" version have that the standard one doesn't? I'm really curious. I cannot wait for this to get released, definitely on my "must purchase" list.
  24. Offseason will consist of visiting SFDK Well, park visiting will probably not be as frequent as it was during the summer so while I'm not at the parks, I will actually have a handful of video games to keep me busy including Pokemon X/Y, the upcoming Zelda title for the 3DS, and Mario 3D Land Wii U. I also have a Windwaker HD to pick back up on. And No Limits 2 and beta testing Theme Park Studio
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