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  1. My last coaster was in the 2003 season, which was a nice semi-smooth ride on Zonga. I think my first coaster for 2005 if any could be the Giant Dipper, one of my fav woodies.
  2. The other night, all my friends came by and we all watched The Grudge. That movie was freaky w/ all the lights turned off. Unfortunately, some of us kept cracking jokes so we didn't fully understand the movie. Later that night, my cousin couldnt sleep because my friend came up to the door, immatated the kid's sounds and rattled the door. I found it funny as she was freaked out and couldnt sleep. A few days later, I watched Dickie Roberts. That movie was pretty good. My younger brother tried to say "Nucking Futs" as Dickie said in the movie but it came out as Nucking F**ks...It was funny.
  3. Blue jeans Gray Mario & Luigi shirt Gray hoodie Black shoes White socks
  4. Just a small update: I scrapped the fake revolution (I couldnt quite get it to complete it's circuit w/o dramatic changes, so I replaced it with a small Premier terrain rocket type coaster with a similar tophat as Kanonen's tophat. The rest somewhat rides along with the terrain dipping thru trenches and thru loops and all that great stuff. I can post a pov of it if I can get the size down to 4 mb or so from over 200 mb.. Lastly, some overviewage of the ride. All clear...ready for dispatch....enjoy your ride! Small, but it works...
  5. I know this is off topic, but it isn't at the same time. There is also a Cedar Point cam if you dont know already here: www.cleveland.com/cedarpointcam Be sure to check out the video when the park's open as you see a live video of everything going on from the front midway.
  6. That thing is still up on ebay?!? somebody posted that sometime last month on weeweeslap.com.
  7. I rode the Shoot the Chutes ride as it stalled on the lift on us. When the ride finally kicked back in, they gave us a free ride, so we rode it again immediately and then waited on the bridge for a drenching. Otherwise, I haven't done much more 'guinea pigging'.
  8. Mr. Obese will be sure to give me nightmares for the next few nights...that was just plain scary!
  9. The funniest things (well, to me) that happened @ DL were when I was with my cousin in line for the Haunted Mansion. Someone left a mustard packet in the queue...LANDMINE! Well, my cousin was wearing khaki colored pants that day and as we moved thru the line, I stepped on the landmine and a yellow streak traveled up his leg...The other thing was when were in line for Indiana Jones and my sister's husband was with her at the time. We just got into the temple building as my sister's husband decided he'd fart in the walkway. Everyone behind us had to suffer as the air conditioning was blowing air outward
  10. 8/10 Your dog looks like the type to be well behaved. Now, meet bonkers again, in kitten form! This is when she was a "he." The vet told us that Bonkers was a male kitten and I wake up several months later finding 'him' in season. She's a he!
  11. A red shirt Gray hoodie Blue jeans white shoes w/ a little bit of red and black white socks
  12. Just because it's small doesn't make it a bad coaster, although it didn't look all that appealing at first to me. After looking @ the pix of the tangled mess of track, this shorter ride looks like it would pack quite a punch. I wouldn't mind SFMW getting something like this...(They have height restrictions of 150 ft for those who don't know).
  13. I'm pretty sure most of you know me from WC...but I'll say hi anyway. I live in California (duh) in the middle of 3 amusement parks(PGA, SFMW, and SCBB)...wait a sec...4 amusement parks (I forgot Bonfante) and 4 water parks (Raging Waters, Waterworld Concord & Sacramento, and this small waterpark Shadow Cliffs), 2 of the amusement parks are about 30-45 minutes away depending on bay area traffic and a nice sea side park about an hour from here. 8)
  14. Last one for the nite: The little train that couldn't. This is that wannabe revolution I was talking about. The train stalls about half way as I type.
  15. Not trying to double post, but here's another screenie. Entry Plaza complete with anxious peeps.
  16. I've been working on a park within the past week and decided to show off some screens. As the title says, the park has no real name other than 'Six Flags over Hayward,' a fantasized Six Flags park in my hometown. Right now, I just completed the main park entrance and started the water park entrance. This park is an inspiration of PGA and SFMM, with a PGA style double decker carousel and am stuck on my wannabe revolution coaster. Comments and ideas are welcome! Some overviewage of the park's entrance with a carousel in the background. Behind that will be the wannabe revolution coaster.
  17. Simple concept: Post a pic of one of your pets and give a small description so we know who it is and the person below rates & gives comments if they want to and then they show off their pet to get rated... Here is my cat Bonkers. She is not angered in any way or scared. She was actualy in a playfull mood, getting ready to charge @ my hand. Airplane Ears!!!
  18. I was just wondering...Is the Coaster gaming section limited to uploads only or can we also post projects we have in the works? Also, I know this may be a dumb question but I noticed that .dat files (RCT3 saved parks) aren't listed. Can we still upload them as long as they're zipped?
  19. This looks better than Oblivion...I almost forgot that there was even an inversion in it!
  20. My collapsing bunkbed owns all drop rides!!! J/k...The only drop ride I've ridden (and almost died on) was Dropzone @ PGA. I'm anxious to try out Nor Cal's first ever S&S tower @ the boardwalk and am hoping it wont be too tame due to height and bird enthusiests.
  21. 3 words, a constipated superhero, and a generic name: Superman: The Escape...biggest overrate ever...where was the gforce and airtime? I felt like I was just on the freeway. That's just my opinion
  22. You actually got into editing your profile? I can't even get to edit mine. It brings me to the "Ask Alvey" section of the forum. EDIT: Nevermind..it's working now...
  23. Change mine to whatever comes to mind..I can't think of any good titles right now.
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