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  1. It makes sense if the plumbing and such is in the area. From what I hear, this attraction was pretty run down. I think Tsunami Soaker will be a good addition to that spot and can appeal to everyone, and be higher capacity.
  2. ACME Water Works is now in the process of being dismantled. I'm going to take a guess here and say that this is where Tsunami Soaker is going. Image found on SFDK's Facebook page.
  3. At WCB, I could have ripped my shorts trying to get out of GL's seats...almost had the leg divider almost go up the.... Problem is that the seats are too deep and too high off the ground. Speaking on behalf on my neighbor, she messed up her tailbone getting off of SFDK's V2. Again, the seats are too high off the ground and you literally have to jump in and out of them. I wonder why the Intamins in which your legs hang don't use a retractable floor like how the B&Ms do...
  4. GG is a nonprofit organization and the park is just managed by Cedar Fair. I'm sure there's a pretty right budget they have to deal with.
  5. I would check with the park's FB page. I was able to use my CGA cup down at Knott's back in April, they're essentially the same cups with different stickers slapped on them.
  6. Fast Lane at GG? Seriously? Well the rides on the list are pretty low capacity but still doesn't seem worth having or doing in my opinion. My predictions now: even lower capacity! Thanks for the update!
  7. Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's, Xcelerator just before Sierra Sidewinder, during WCB ERT
  8. It doesn't seem like it will affect operation so at this point, it's just more walls going up I am curious what other 'upgrades' Gold Striker will get during the off season excluding the obvious queue defacing measures.
  9. Has been a while since we've looked at the permit page, and particularly Gold Striker. Get ready to take more half tunnels!
  10. My top coasters there: YOLOcoaster Tatsu Goliath Batman Riddler's Revenge
  11. The Q&A discussion about SFMM's 2014 kiddie coaster and a mention about YOLO Jr inspired me to make this today... Live Half Throttle!
  12. ^That's what I'm kind of feeling. At this point, I'm keeping the mentality of the fact that it will open when it opens. And when it does open, it will be running for a long time If we keep mentally setting up dates if when it will or could open, we will only disappoint ourselves. UT or not, I'm still looking forward to visiting the 'Walk next weekend...gotta reunite with my favorite flat rides!
  13. A few from SFMM/Knott's during WCB. (SFMM photos from iPhone, KBF from my DSLR)
  14. I actually had people at CGA (in line for Gold Striker I believe) standing in line but staying back...telling us to "go ahead of them because they're waiting for the rest of their group." I like people who think this way and consider others around them. Why can't more people be more like this? The thing about swinging La Revolucion...were riders with long enough legs able to push the pendulum and get it to begin rocking? I was close to riding LR but had just broke down. I hear the ride runs a lame program so I decided it wasn't worth waiting for it and headed towards the Hat Dance (which can get some insane spinning)...only downside is that main turntable takes forever to stop
  15. ^ This... And agreed about Kinzel and his visions (or lack thereof)...Praise be to Ouimet, and Raffi as well! Thinking back to my visit in 1998, one of the things I would have liked to check out again (but has been gone eversince Vertigo and now Screaming Swing occupied the spot) was the Haunted Shack. It was yet another thing to check out when wanting to take a break from rides. For those who don't remember, it was essentially a 'crooked house' with gravity/physics-defying illusions. I have a feeling Knott's is headed back in the right direction, as much as you can't really bring back what was removed...much like how I feel like my home park CGA is headed back in the right direction with Ouimet's visions.
  16. What made us feel good when riding the rides...Ride ops telling us that we were awesome. Typically in order to wear glasses/sunglasses on the more dynamic rides, you're required to have a secure strap. When it came time to check our restraints, they saw that we were prepared and they praised us for it I saw several of those LAPD kids line jumping when I looked over at the rest of my group and said "Us TPR folk would NEVER do that...would be an embarrassment to TPR" Speaking of line jumpers, I swear parents are teaching their young'uns that it's 100% ok. Why? A few of us are taking in our first ride of the day on TMLR when 2-3 kids (really young...young enough that they should be supervised by a parent) come running past us to the station. 30 seconds later, the dad comes in doing the same thing saying "Excuse me, I gotta go get my kids." Sure enough, he went right up to the station and off on his ride. Great way to use your kids so you can line jump!
  17. ^Agreed. I have to look at SFMM as a day of just riding, riding, and riding. I actually felt like I had a pretty solid day of riding even without ERT due to the lighter than anticipated crowds. I was concerned about the Knott's day when I saw herds and herds of LAPD folk dominating the place. At opening, Silver Bullet appeared to have a full queue (Headliner attraction). It seemed like just after lunch, the park turned a different direction and lines were minimal to non existent where our ride portion really picked up the pace. KBF felt like the whole combo meal for sure!
  18. Bullet looks like it would be another fun ride. I fell in love with Monte and there's something about these simple rides that really shine!
  19. I now dub this racoon the "YOLOcoon." Time to make him into a character! Still wishing I had seen this in person myself but my leeriness of racoons (they can be quite sketchy as cute as they look) kept me and the rest of the group away from that side of the queue. YOLO!
  20. Shoot...I'd be happy with just a normal KBF visit/picnic (or a Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner takeover) for Saturday, then Sunday be the full on WCB. I enjoyed myself at SFMM and loved the ERT but otherwise, it was just a typical visit at the Mountain (well at least they surprised us with a lite Q&A )...KBF really shined
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